Ten মিনিট later অথবা something the door of the hearing room went open again. Isabel sighed irritated and looked up at the door. “I’m trying to work here”
“Well, আপনি can stop. They’ve dropped charges”
Isabel pursed her lips. “Well, isn’t that convenient for you?”
“I don’t understand. Can I go?” Cas asked confused.
“Yes, আপনি can go and I don’t want to see আপনি here again” Isabel said. Cas stood up and walked to the door.
When he came at the entrance hall of the station he saw one familiar face. He was a little surprised it wasn’t Meg.
Zoey walked towards him. “I talked to Daphne, made her see she was making a mistake”
“Thank you” Cas said.
“She’s ready to see আপনি now” Zoey said, expecting Cas to come with her to the hospital.
“I’m not ready to see her right now” Cas ব্যক্ত cold. “You’re saying she called the police?”
Zoey nodded. “Right before I visited. I should’ve known”
“It’s not your fault” Cas said.
“I’m going back to the hospital later, but maybe আপনি want to grab a coffee at Starbucks?” Zoey offered.
“That sounds like a good plan” Cas replied.