“Put your clothes on” Dean said.
“Why? What are we going to do?” Cas asked suspicious.
“You shouldn’t spend your last দিন of freedom in a hospital room” Dean explained. He conjured his keys and waved them. “Let’s go for a ride”
“Now we’re talking” Cas smiled and he put on his clothes.
Five মিনিট later they were outside, with the Impala. Cas walked to the passenger seat.
“Hey, Cas” Dean called and Cas looked up. “Catch” Dean ব্যক্ত and he tossed the keys at Cas. Cas caught them with one hand and walked around the car. He got in and so did Dean, but before the latter could put on his seatbelt, the former started the engines and pushed the accelerator pedal down, causing Dean to bump his head against the windshield.
“Aahh!” he exclaimed and he touched his forehead. “Damn it, Cas. আপনি have to be careful”
Cas ignored Dean, but focused on the road.
“How long have you’ve been having these feelings for me?” he suddenly asked.
“Eh…I don’t know” Dean frowned.
“Was it before অথবা after Meg and I slept with each other?” Cas asked helpful.
“Before. Definitely before” Dean replied resolute. “When I heard আপনি and Meg had been together I got really…”
“Jealous?” Cas added.
“Yeah” Dean admitted ashamed.
“Does the fact that I’ve been sleeping with Meg and live in the same house as her make আপনি somewhat jealous?” Cas kept asking.
“Yeah” Dean answered, surprised দ্বারা his own honesty. “All those times I insulted her and ব্যক্ত আপনি couldn’t trust her, I think I was just jealous”
Cas paused for a few minutes, making Dean believe the strange interrogation was over. But then Cas rotated his head to him.
“Is that why আপনি killed my unborn child?” he asked in a normal voice, but with eyes cold as ice.
“What?” Dean stammered.
“You don’t have to lie অথবা deny it” Cas ব্যক্ত slowly and baleful. He pushed the accelerator pedal even further down as he kept his eyes straight on Dean. “I know what আপনি did”
“Cas, you…you have to keep your eyes on the road” Dean swallowed in fear. “And slow down, please”
“Why? Afraid your baby might get hurt? It’s just a car, Dean. আপনি killed a real baby. My baby” Cas continued raging. Before Dean could defend himself Cas grabbed his head and bashed it against the dash-board.