season 1;episode 15

<Piper> The only Halliwell that likes earthquakes.
<Prue> I don't like them, but I don't go running naked through the house screaming, "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE" either!!!!!
<Phoebe> Okay, that is such an exaggeration. I was wearing slippers!!

Season: 3 Episode: 22

(The চার্মড্‌ Ones are talking about "what next?" after their secret has been revealed)
<Piper> We're gonna do talk shows and book signings and then be taken দ্বারা the C.I.A. and be dissected.!!!

Season: 3 Episode: 14

<Victor> Leo, do আপনি know what a Whitelighter is?
<Victor> They're sneaky little bastards.
<Leo> Really? 'Cause Piper says that they're really, really good guys. আরো of, like, guardian angels.
<Victor> That's the party line, Leo, but don't believe it. আপনি can't trust 'em. They have this tendency to fall in প্রণয় with their charges. Before আপনি know it, they've stolen your wife.!!

Season: 4 Episode: 17

<Leo> Piper, this is completely illegal.
<Piper> Yeah? Well, so is marrying a dead guy, okay?

[She holds up his death certificate]
<Piper> Let's not get technical now!!!

Season: 7 Episode: 03

<Grams>[b] Victor, what are আপনি doing here?
And a big hello to আপনি too, Penny!!!!

Season: 8 Episode: 05

<A Guy> Tell me, was your dad a thief?
<Paige> No, why?

<A Guy> Cause he গাউন the stars and put them in your eyes!!!

Season: 8 Episode: 13

(Some demons kind of গাউন the চার্মড্‌ Ones' powers, the demons now are about to kill the চার্মড্‌ Ones...)
<Piper> Hey! hey, hang on a second, what are আপনি doing?! What?! You're gonna kill me with my own power? What are আপনি kidding me?! How insulting, let alone boring!
<Phoebe> Yeah, প্রদর্শনী some pride, আপনি know what I mean? Be original!
<Paige> You guys must suffer from some really low self esteem, near as I can figure!
<Phoebe> Which is clearly why they had to steal our powers...!!!

<Piper> That must be really humiliating...