I've been planning to do this প্রবন্ধ for months and now I've finally gotten to do this. I'm not going to talk about this as much as I do most articles. I'm going to include all characters who are voiced দ্বারা the same person, except for one exception but we'll get to the reason for that later. I will also be giving a link to the character গান গাওয়া in case আপনি haven't seen the movie. Please মতামত on what আপনি think, enjoy.

15.Angel(Lady and The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure)
Susan Egan
I really do প্রণয় her voice, it's not as good as Scamp and Lady's voices in the movie but still really good. I প্রণয় that she has sort of an accent in her voice but her actress is an American. Her voice is unique and angelic. I didn't include Meg in here because I feel like she was trying too hard with Meg, she sounded good at time points but most of the time was too loud and emotionless. She was okay but not amazing. Also I have to say she was horrible as Belle, she was WAY TOO LOUD. The only song she was good at as Belle was Home. Anyway as অ্যাঞ্জেল she gave it her all without over doing it. She was so angelic sounding, স্যুইটস্‌ her because of the character's name. However she's not higher because I prefer আরো powerful voices.

14.Marina(The Pebble and The Penguin)
Annie Golden
First of all I wanna say the beginning chorus and instrumental for the song she sings is absolutely gorgeous. Her voice has this sort of opera style to it but not that overly over like Aurora. I actually like Sometimes Reprise better because she's গান গাওয়া it. She has such emotion and she prays that Hubie is save because she believes he's still alive. আপনি can tell what she's really feeling. She doesn't even cry but আপনি can tell that she's really sad and is trying hard not to cry. Obviously one of the best female animal singers. She's not higher because the others are আরো unique to me.

13.Dixie(The শিয়াল and The Hound 2)
Reba McEntire
First of all I've gotta say I প্রণয় that she's voiced দ্বারা Reba McEntire who I LOVE. I প্রণয় her প্রদর্শনী and her voice. I প্রণয় her country voice, it's unique since we hardly have any heroines with a country voice. I also প্রণয় her song Good Doggie No Bone. It shows what the real life world is for যশস্বী because it's not as glamorous অথবা easy as আপনি think. First they tell আপনি that your gonna be the পরবর্তি big thing, they give আপনি ফুলেরসাজি everytime আপনি sing, and আপনি try to do things your own way they call আপনি a diva. Just listen to the song later and you'll see it all. I also প্রণয় her in We're In Harmony, especially when they were rehersing. She can really hit those high notes. She has such emotion, especially with anger. The voice of an angel. She's not higher because at times she sounds আরো talksome.

12.Jessie(Toy Story 2)
Sarah Mclachlan
I প্রণয় her voice to death and her song is so beautiful and sad. It makes me regret that I actually gave away my toys, mostly the Toy Story toys. Her voice is so angelic and full of emotion. I can tell that while she sounded sad during the happy memories part of her sounded happy. I can tell that this was the most tragic thing that had happened to her just দ্বারা the emotion and beauty of her voice. How can আপনি not প্রণয় this voice? Her voice was really good for a cowgirl without having to sound all country. The reason she's not higher is because the others just had আরো of an impact on me with their beautiful voices.

11.Anastasia(The Secret of Anastasia)
Lisa DeSimone
I haven't known of this movie for too long, just a year. However this আনাস্তেসিয়াa has such an amazing voice. Plus I absolutely প্রণয় the song In The Sun, it's amazing. Her voice is so powerful and emotional. She's sad because she has a past she doesn't remember but knows she has a family somewhere and that one দিন they'll be together again. Mostly when she's গান গাওয়া this song when the Empress is near here she's the most emotional. She has আরো than just a powerful voice, it has emotion. Too bad she's not আরো well known.

Judy Kuhn
Of course I had to include Pocahontas in this list. I've been drifting from my liking of Pocahontas but now I remember how I প্রণয় her voice. Her voice is powerful and has some emotion. It's not the best at being emotional but still. I প্রণয় how powerful it is and how she can hold out those long notes. Her voice is truly powerful. However like I ব্যক্ত before she kind of lacks emotion. She has an amazing and powerful voice but it takes emotion. As Howard Ashmen once ব্যক্ত to Jodi Benson "The intensity is better than the sound". It takes আরো than power, you've gotta have emotion. Make us believe what you're গান গাওয়া is real.

9.Daria(The Princess and The Pea)
Amanda Waving
As many of আপনি know, I a অনুরাগী of this underatted movie and heroine. Her voice is amazing! It's opera kind of but isn't completely like Aurora's. She's subtle, powerful, sweet, and it shows this beautiful dream she has. She shows that she wants the world the way it should be and it is in her perfect and secret place. She tells how there's plenty warm homes and hot খাবার for everyone. Not only this but everyone is kind to each other and treats everyone equal. This girl is so kind she makes সিন্ড্রেলা look like the wicked step-mother and both of the ugly step-sisters. She's able to imagine and picture this all with her beautfiul voice and dream. Also how she wishes for someone to share all of this with her. I প্রণয় her voice so much! However the others I just প্রণয় them more.

8.Jasmine(Aladdin) and Mulan(Mulan)
Lea Salonga
I প্রণয় Lea's voice so much and no wonder she's considered one of disney's best singers. She not only has an amazing powerful voice but is also emotion. আপনি can tell she's excited as জুঁই when she's exploring the world but also see the sorrow when she's গান গাওয়া as Mulan. However I actually think Liz Calloway did a better job as জুঁই than she did, but still fabulous. I like her better as Mulan, she had so much আরো power and emotion. Plus I প্রণয় the extended version of Reflection and how she knows it deserved to be in the movie so she always sings that version when she sings it live. Anyway both are fabulous but the others I guess I just like more.
Jasmine: link
Mulan: link

ম্যান্ডি মোর
I know some people rag on her voice because it's breathy and পোস্ত but I প্রণয় it anyway. I প্রণয় how her voice is upbeat and peppy but can also প্রদর্শনী when she's sad and just wants something more. She's the best during the reprise. I প্রণয় that powerful final note to sings at the end of it. She has such emotion in her voice during the Healing Incantation, she shows emotion even with something that doesn't effect her. She's most emotional during the Healing Incantation reprise. আপনি can really tell she feels such a lose from losing Flynn and her voice doesn't crack at all. So believable! I প্রণয় that her voice is breathy at time, it shows emotion. She's not higher because it's not as powerful as the others and I just প্রণয় their voices more.

6.Madellaine(The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2) and Thumbelina(The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina)
জেনফার লোভে হেউইট
I প্রণয় her voice ever since I saw trailer for The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2. I can listen to I'm Gonna প্রণয় আপনি forever! Her voice is so beautiful! আপনি may hate the movie but আপনি can't deny that her voice is amazing. Some people actually ব্যক্ত before ট্যাঙ্গেল্ড came out that she should be the voice of Rapunzel instead of Mandy Moore, which I can't say I didn't think the same at the time. I know Madellaine didn't sing the song in the movie but I'm counting it anyway because Jennifer had intended it to be in the movie instead of the credits. I also প্রণয় her as Thumbelina. I can tell that she really suffers and believes she's on her own and that there's no once else like her. However the others just have আরো power and magic in their voices to me.
Madellaine: link
Thumbelina: link

5.Tiana(The Princess and The Frog)
Anika Nori Rose
First of all I've gotta say that I প্রণয় that we have a black heroine because a lot of the best singers are african american females. I প্রণয় the power she has in her voice. I also প্রণয় how she's imaginative she is with her voice, not just with the cartoon world she takes us, but with her voice আপনি can tell that she's telling আপনি I see it, I hear it, I feel it, I KNOW it. I প্রণয় the high note she plays during the end of the song. Plus her beautiful voice saved me from dying whenever I hear Naveen's AWFUL singing. She's not higher I guess because I just প্রণয় the others voices more.

4.Anastasia(Anastasia), Odette(The রাজহাঁস Princess), and Kiara(The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)
Liz Calloway
I've always loved Liz Calloway's voice, she actually did better as জুঁই than Lea Salonga herself. If she can do better than a ডিজনি legend than that proves that she's got talent. She's powerful, emotion, soothing to the ear, and doesn't over do things. She doesn't even have to try and whenever she's গান গাওয়া with other characters they just blend into the background when she sings. With আনাস্তেসিয়াa আপনি can tell she wants to find her past and her family. Also that she knows the palace from somewhere, somwhere hidden deep within her memories. With Odette আপনি can tell she loves Derek and that she believes that once দিন they'll be together again forever. She knows they're প্রণয় will last far longer than forever. Kiara knows that even though the odds are against her that her and Kovu's প্রণয় will concur all, she truly believe it. We see this not from their dialogue but from the emotion in their beautiful voices. I প্রণয় her the most as আনাস্তেসিয়াa because she has the most power. They're not higher because the শীর্ষ three are in my শীর্ষ five পছন্দ female singers of ALL TIME!
Anastasia: link
Odette: link
Kiara: link

মাইলে সাইরাস
I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this but I don't care, I প্রণয় Miley Cyrus and her beautiful voice. I think it's really unique and I প্রণয় that it has her Tenesse accent, it gives her that country sound. Her voice is emotional and powerful. I প্রণয় all of her songs! Her best ones are The Climb, When I Look At You, and Every Rose Has It's Thorn. The song she sings at the end credits is really good. It really fits the story and the relationship between Penny and Bolt. আপনি can tell Miley put her all in this song to প্রদর্শনী that it's Penny who sung this. Also I have to say Miley CAN sing live! She doesn't fake it like other pop stars such as Selena Gomez. Her voice is real, when she sings live it's the same as her CD's, only less static. At least I know pretty_angel92 will always be one of the people who will always stand দ্বারা me and Miley and say she CAN sing. To me she's the best ডিজনি Channel singer. She's not higher because she can't compare to my শীর্ষ two.
Song she sings in the movie:link
Proof she CAN sing live: link

2.Ariel(The Little Mermaid) and Thumbelina(Thumbelina)
Jodi Benson
WHAT? JODI BENSON NOT NUMBER ONE ON MY LIST? WHAT HAS HAPPENED আপনি MAY ASK? WELL SHUT UP AND I'LL TELL YA! Well I প্রণয় Jodi's voice but there's one better but we'll get to that. I প্রণয় that it's emotional and powerful. আপনি can tell when she's sad, happy, dreamy, determind, curious, and basically this isn't just Jodi's voice, it's Ariel. It's not just Ariel, it's also Thumbelina. আপনি can tell that Ariel really wants to be human, doesn't fit in her world, wants to find where she belongs, and believes that someday even though she doesn't know how that she'll be with Eric forever. Thumbelina shows us how she knows there must be someone who's just like here somewhere out there and they'll meet someday soon. These two প্রদর্শনী us who they are, what they're feeling, and what's in their hearts with their voices. Their voices are legendary and touch everyones hearts in some way. I can listen to their voices FOREVER! Voices like angels! They're not higher because there's one legend who's slightly better.
Ariel: link
Thumbelina: link

1.Mewsette(Gay Purr-ee)
Judy Garland

I have never seen this movie before and I didn't even know it even existed until yesturday. But when I found out it had a character voiced দ্বারা the AMAZING legendary Judy Garland, I knew I had to include Mewsette into my article. Judy Garland is the best singer EVER with the most AMAZING voice of ALL TIME! Her voice is the most unique there is. She had a voice like that even when she was only two years old, everyone knew even at that tender age that she would be one of the biggest stars of ALL TIME. Her voice has চার্মড্‌ us in The Wizard of Oz with her iconic song Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Such a shame hardly anyone knows her now a days. Yet they listen to all that rap GARBAGE! Her voice is like nothing I've heard before and I've heard it ever since I was a little boy. She dazzels everyone with her amazing voice with every role she's in and song she sings. She's a legend and even though she's now gone her voice lives and legacy lives on. No one can ever beat the amazing voice of Judy Garland.

Honerable Mentions, in no particular order: Esmeralda(The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Kayley from Quest For Camelot(Andrea Corr), Sasha from All সারমেয় Go To Heaven 2(Seena Easton), Jane from Return To Neverland(Jonatha Brooke), Fiona from Shrek(Renee Sands), Shanti from The Jungle Book(Darleen Carr), Penny from The Rescuers(Shelby Flint), Wendy from Peter Pan(Kathryn Beaumont), and Tzipporah(Michelle Pfeiffer)

Judy Garland and her ICONIC song: link