I have two heroines on this তালিকা that are from a TV show, so I hope that's okay. Let's get on with the list!

10. Tziporah

Even though she's a side character, she has to be the most impressionable character in the whole film. Her capture scene was my favorite, because it's like she's the only sane one in the room, like capture her then আপনি want respect? Um, no, I absolutely প্রণয় the line "I am প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে আপনি all the respect আপনি deserve. None!" then she actually fights her way out, she's non compliant to any absurdity and can get her way out of any tough situation. I also especially like when she sees Moses again and simply plops him in the water like he did to her instead of getting super angry with him (like I know I would). She acknowledges that people can change and accepts the Prince of Egypt, her captor, to embrace her own culture. She's just a really cool character, even when Moses is babbling about some impossible journey to free the slaves of Egypt she's just thinks if her boo thinks he can, she's going to stick with him until the end. I can just really appreciate well-done and believable side characters such as herself

She's so lovely I cannot even

9. Jimena

This character has just enough screen time to win your heart, not the most ever, but still her personality still shines through. She's one of my পছন্দ because at first glance she does seem like the classic damsel in distress, just some প্রণয় interest, but she's much more. Even though she is saved at times, she's still a diplomat, and smart and cunning diplomat that doesn't back down when something wrong is being done. Even when she's captured she pretends to be clueless and drunk so she can slip away and try to escape. And while she is rather sly, she's definitely আরো classy and proper than the others in my শীর্ষ 10, but somehow, I don't mind how dainty and feminine she is, because she just being herself, and as elegant as she tries to be she's never a push-over nor complies to being quiet simple to retain her image, she isn't a good fighter (she's a better planner), she's a noble woman, and she doesn't need a sword and a thirst for defiance to be a boss. Even though she is আরো tactical and sweet she's still a kick গাধা heroine.

If আপনি think I will be that easily subservient, think again

8. Fuu

Fuu is from the জীবন্ত Samurai Champloo, which gives me just way আরো material to base an opinion off of. Fuu is one of my পছন্দ because, she's not a traditional main character, she has little to no talents অথবা skills, and has no grander purpose in life, (relatable, right) unlike your typical "chosen one" lead. She just has this one goal where wants to find herself, nothing groundbreaking like a revolution, but she ultimately sticks her neck out there for people who need her. I really just প্রণয় how this little ditsy girl just keeps on trying to make things go her way. And even though she tries her best she often has to be saved, she also makes things worse, but even so she cares about what she's doing, and the people around her, even if they don't really care about her. I admire her virtue আরো than anything else, if she can't sit down and think her way out, she'll force herself out kicking and screaming, and probably knocking something over. Fuu is confident, resourceful, crazy, and she cares a bunch about others, which is really all I প্রণয় in a person অথবা character. Her clumsiness and lack of skill is a weakness, and while her weaknesses aren't my পছন্দ they make her even আরো relatable, she's quirky, ungraceful and quick-tempered, and whilst I really don't like those attributes it just makes me see আরো of myself in her. Especially the bubbly yet cynical part where she says super judgmental things in an abscent-mindly nice way. I প্রণয় Fuu and all her extra (and believe me, it is extra).

Those aren't her boobs দ্বারা the way, they're firecracker bombs, like I ব্যক্ত she's a little weird, but smart

7. Mulan

মুলান is the original heroine, selfless putting her country and her family over herself even when both try to silence her in adversity. She's always trying to do what's right, but most of the things that are expected of her are not her strong suits, she's intelligent and resourceful, but still ultimately lazy and underperforming because she doesn't apply herself until it really starts to matter. I think I have her in this placement mostly due to her relatability and not necessarily her virtue like my other choices, the only thing that isn't relatable is that she actually succeeds in being a badass. And she's so humble about it too, though that could also be due to her tendency to be silent as a woman. I also appreciate how she's not particularly an extrovert অথবা an introvert, she just knows when to be upfront and bold and when to be subtle and blend into the background. I প্রণয় her ability to access and situation and do the best of her abilities under any circumstance. She's been one of my পছন্দ since I was little and she's still one now.

She bloomed in adversity all right

6. Moana

Moana has really been a breath of fresh air from the সাম্প্রতিক bubbly, extra, energy-wad heroines we've been getting a lot. Moana is still young and energetic without being annoying, and having both confident and insecure moments without being leaning one way অথবা the other personality-wise. A refreshing new heroine that's not particularly hyperactive yet still cheerful and funny whilst maintaining a serious and determined demeanor. She doesn't just want to go against the rules and change the status-quo, she actually wants to share her passion with her people and do what's best for the village. She has an ambition to have the best of both worlds, but will ultimately go through great sacrifice to help those who need her. She's confident in her resolve and even when doubt comes to her she trusts her grandmother and the ocean in her resolve.
She is also amazingly selfless, give up my passion for my people? Sure. Go on a dangerous mission where I could die? No problem. Maui's hook doesn't work? We'll get through it. Maui's abandoned me? I'll do it myself. She's constantly thrown obstacles and always gets around them through her own intellect and will-power. She's a force that will not be stopped! Yet somehow she's still graceful, optimistic and fun throughout the whole ordeal. Moana is so refreshing and an actually pretty realistic.

She always wants to do what feels right

5. Ty Lee

She's not a main character অথবা really all that developed, but I really like her. She's usually fun and bubbly, but she's only that way because she wants to stand out against the rest. I like how she doesn't really let anyone discourage her even though it's very easy to make her feel bad. she has a strong resolve, but she's আরো of a fun character than anything, but that doesn't mean she's completely basic. She actually has a pretty complex past, where she was forgotten so she's determined to make herself stand out, even if it makes her a freak. She's really loyal to her friends, which isn't the best attribute considering how terrible Azula is. But despite how cruel Azula might be, she values loyalty over anything else and when Mai goes against Azula, Ty Lee protects Mai and realizes Azula's extremes aren't good. Ty Lee doesn't have the best character development, but she does what she thinks is the best for the mood so everyone is happy. She strikes with a sense of confidence, loyalty and cheerfulness. I প্রণয় her traits and she's definitely my পছন্দ character in all of the অবতার universe

She's been through so much, kicks গাধা yet still is as bubbly as ever

4. Chel

Chel is just a remarkable character. I don't relate to her at all, but she's the kind of পছন্দ that I want to wife. She's everything I wish I was, even if it's not the traits I necessarily admire. Chel and I have a kind of forbidden প্রণয় thing going on. She's just sexy, sassy, witty, and won't let anything get in the way of what she's planning. Her lines are also some of my favorites, all of them have a flare to them that make her seem sarcastic and disinterested with everything that's going on. I প্রণয় her straight-forwardness, which I think all of my পছন্দ have, but I like how it's all clear what she wants. She's not necessarily a detailed planner to the point where you're impressed দ্বারা her intellect, but she's রাস্তা smart (she gives me আলাদীন vibes, but without the kind part) and I প্রণয় how perceptive she is. Chel isn't going to give up for anything অথবা anybody, and enjoys getting things done in the most convenient way. She wanted much আরো than her provincial life, but actually did something about it.

She knows what she wants and goes for it

3. Jasmine

Jasmine, for me, is the best ডিজনি Princess because she wouldn't let herself be pushed into marriage. She knew in her হৃদয় she wanted to wait for true প্রণয় so she did it. She was very cautious being around আলাদীন to make sure he didn't just want to marry her for her riches, which shows she has respect for herself. She is also very loving and forgiving because even after she found out আলাদীন was lying to her she accepted that he lied so he could be with her and because he loved her. She is a very strong and considerate princess which makes her the best in my eyes, because most of the other princesses lack that attribute. Now, this highly contracts my পূর্ববর্তি opinions on her, but I can't help but find her charming, she was my পছন্দ ডিজনি Princess once, so I've decided to make her my পছন্দ again. She isn't the most selfless, but she's kind. She isn't the smartest, but she's witty. She isn't rude, but she's sassy. She refuses to just be a sitting duck, she want's do do something with her life and she wants to be happy.

clever, passionate and strong-willed, she's not a prize to be won <3

2. Marina

marina is such an underrated character. She's not the atypical princess of the story that ট্যাগ along to an adventure she has no business being on, she actually represents a placement of power and respect. Being an ambassador she's cultured and intellectual beyond the normal boundaries of a cutesy heroine. I absolutely প্রণয় how she saves the sailors from the sirens, and how she speaks and conducts her conversations. She's the perfect feminist heroine, without being over-the-top অথবা stepping out of realm of realism. marina is another true heroine, she's actually heroic and dutiful, without being dull and stoic. She's so classy and elegant even when she is being strong, independent, and powerful. She's definitely the ultimate modern woman just with traditional values and strengths still. marina is the role model of the century in my eyes and I just can't believe she's not talked about nearly as much as she deserves to be.

Smart, cunning, witty, yet so humble and honest to a fault

1. Esmeralda

It's the gypsy Esmeralda! Now Esmeralda is my পছন্দ character pretty much of all time. She is brave, confident, kind-hearted, passionate, intelligent, cunning and has a strong sense of justice. Esmeralda is the role-model I want my kids to look up to and strive to be like. She doesn't judge anyone দ্বারা their cover and sees everyone as an equal person. In the song God Help the Outcast her virtues really shine through. She doesn't care about herself, she cares about all people who are unfortunate, she doesn't even care about what আপনি believe. She wants all people to be treated fairly, and will speak out what's right with confidence. I guess that may be my overly defined sense of morality though (not to be a SJW অথবা anything), but I can't begin to describe how much I like the way she conducts her fight for justice, rather that arguing with them making them prove themselves to be fools in front of everyone.
A পছন্দ Esmeralda quote of mine, "You mistreat this poor boy the same way আপনি mistreat my people. আপনি speak of justice yet আপনি are cruel to those most in need of your help!" "Silence!" "Justice!" That's my পছন্দ line of the whole movie. Justice will not be silenced, kind of like a "fight the man, man" vibe. It was actually Esmeralda that inspired tween me to learn আরো about my rights and actually focus in the injustices of history and in Government class. So she definitely made an impact on me.
I also প্রণয় that she can actually back up herself, and doesn't take anyone's crap, and even though she fights back, fighting is never her first response unless she's directly attacked, she cares about diplomacy and human decency. Esmeralda also values others above all, she helps those in need whenever she can, and she never conforms to something she knows is wrong, she speaks with clarity and assurance and she's quick to pick up on the things around her. She's confident in her ways, but not close-minded she keeps and open হৃদয় and an open mind. Esmeralda is my queen, clever outspoken, kind and loving to all.

A non-conformist with a strong sense of justice!