Well! This was pretty overdue. I wrote my পছন্দ ডিজনি Princesses তালিকা years পূর্বে (which I am now less than satisfied with, and may need to rewrite) but have done no প্রবন্ধ ranking any general animated girls. So this might be a bit long, but I hope আপনি enjoy!

Honorable mentions:Eilonwy, The Chipettes, The Three Good Fairies, Flora, Tecna, Raven, Misty, Jane Porter, Captain Amelia, Wendy Darling, Pocahontas, Katrina অগ্রদূত Tassel, Moana, Tiana, Lottie, Nakoma, Duchess and Marie, Marina, Miriam, Odette, Amalthea, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Jupiter, Sophie Hatter, Lorna, Honey Lemon, Aunt Cass, Bo Peep, Barbie, Nala, Crysta, পর্ণাঙ্গ Arable, Mrs. Brisby, Abbey Bominable, Twyla. (I'm sorry, I really love animated girls. Sue me.)

Traditionally, these lists have ten অথবা occasionally fifteen অথবা twenty rankings. But I প্রণয় these ones so much I had to incude them. The only reason they didn't make the special শীর্ষ 10 is because I just প্রণয় the others a bit more.

13. Widow Tweed: The Strong Heroine

This lady is the whole reason I expended the ranking. Tweed has some অবিশ্বাস্য strength. She realizes Tod's life is আরো important than her own loneliness, and while her absolute grief in letting him so is obvious, she does it anyway. Then there's standing down Amos Slade driving right towards her without even blinking and unhesitatingly firing his gun off and throws it back to him hard. SHE DESERVES আরো APPRECIATION. And all of her scenes with Tod are so touching. I can never resist characters that are gentle with animals, and clearly she loves all of hers. I'm incapable of not bawling during "Goodbye May Seem Forever" and can hardly write about it without tearing up. Old people crying always gets me, and I know too well what it's like to say goodbye to a pet আপনি really loved. One of the worst times of my life was being forced to watch my cat Zena get sick from whatever the cause was (we couldn't even afford doctors ourselves) until she passed away while we were out, and I'm still not over that. But at least Tweed seems to get a happy ending of sorts, with the hinted romance between her and the finally-chilled-out Amos. And she deserves it. আপনি don't see a lot of old lady characters প্রদত্ত much screen time অথবা respect but Tweed is awesome. I might need to সরানো her up sometime.

"Amos Slade, আপনি trigger-happy lunatic! GIVE ME THAT GUN!"

12. বেগুনী Parr: The Wallflower Heroine

I clicked so hard with বেগুনী when her movie came out. I was so much like her at that age- super introverted, saucy, didn't fit in at all with my classmates, turbulent relationship with my troublemaking little brother who even looked just like Dash, and even started wearing my hair in my face to be আরো like her. The only thing I don't really care for is how her character development is done. he goes from insecure, shy, and reserved to outgoing and confident pretty fast, and entirely changes her style within a few months at best. It came off as a little forced to me; couldn't she still wear dark রঙ অথবা keep the baggy jeans, so it still felt natural? But anyway, she's one of the best done পিক্সার characters, I think. Very intelligent and observant for her age, and I প্রণয় her powers. I also প্রণয় that আপনি don't get many shy heroines. She may অথবা may not have been an inspiration for one of my own superhero OCs.

Helen: You're in charge until I get back, Violet. Dash: What! Violet: আপনি heard her.

11. Ghoulia Yelps: The Witty Heroine

Let's face it: nerdy girls get pretty poor representation inthe media. For starters, we barely exist. Nerd characters are pretty much always male and girls are either prissy girly cheerleader types অথবা ladettes. And when we do get nerdy women, they're usually a bit stereotyped অথবা aren't allowed to really be into pop culture stuff (I'm looking at you, Big Bang Theory; I mean, would it really have killed them to at least let Amy like superheroes?). But Ghoulia is awesome. She's unapologetically a nerd. She's smarter than anyone, snarky, loves comic বই and computers. She's also allowed to like fashion, be pretty, and have a boyfriend, because none of these things need to negate the other. Also, she's hilarious- check out her diary entries sometime. She's pretty eloquent for someone who only speaks in moans.

*incoherent zombie moans*

10. Spectra Vondergeist: The Ethereal Heroine

The bright, if mysterious, ghost writer (ha... get it?) who refuses to share much of her past to keep herself interesting. Shy and reserved, she somehow still manages to have a rather forceful personality and some impulse control problems. That said, she's still considerably nicer than her book counterpart, who was just a mean gossiper. This Spectra still loves to write, but her imagination is so wild she can hardly differentiate her stories from reality half the time. She has a little আরো depth than the other monsters and I প্রণয় it. And after the Boogeyman (it was so hard to pick between her and Twyla as my পছন্দ monster- and Twyla does deserves a special mention for being perfectly happy with her loner status, which আপনি never see), ghosts/phantoms are some of my পছন্দ monsters.

"Sometimes I only hear half of what আপনি say, and it's up to my creative side to figure out the rest."

9. Rose Quartz: The Empathetic Heroine

Yes, she's from a TV show, but I'm counting her anyway. Rose is a unique heroine. An incredible strategist, fighter, and leader who defeated Homeworld when the odds were vastly stacked against her and the other Crystal Gems, a gem created to be a super-strong warrior. And also the most feminine character with the biggest heart, the ability to feel utter sorrow when others were in pain, to see beauty in ugly অথবা ordinary things, to hate unnecessary violence. Also, while she may be "dead", she leaves a huge presence on the প্রদর্শনী seen through characters' speaking of her, memories, and videos. She's avoids every dead mom trope out there দ্বারা somehow managing to still be an active character. And she also doesn't get the heavy idealization mom/wife characters often get. The Gems and Greg definitely do this to her, but Steven learns Rose wasn't perfect- though she was at হৃদয় a very well intentioned, kind person who ultimately did what she thought was right. (On a lesser note, can I take a মিনিট to appreciate how the প্রদর্শনী completely avoids portraying all of its girly characters as bad guys? Rose, Lapis, Sapphire, and Pearl are all sympathetic while it's actually the rough, aggressive Jasper who is a villain (and even she is sympathized with). I am so tired of only the tomboys/nerds getting to be the নায়ক while the girly ones are either high school mean girls অথবা vampy villains. Rant over.) I wish so much she could meet Steven. When he "meets" her in her room only for him to remember it's just a simulation and the video tape she leaves him never fail to make me tear up.

"Isn't it remarkable, Steven? This world is full of so many possibilities. Each living thing has an entirely unique experience. The sights they see, the sounds they hear. The lives they live are so complicated... and so simple."

8. Lady: The Genteel Heroine

Now, I'm much আরো of a cat person, but what is there to hate about Lady? She's the best pet anyone could have. She's fiercely protective of her family and loves them dearly. She's the definition of "silk hiding steel": when she finds out Tramp is a player and hurt her feelings, she puts him right in his place, and she shows utter dignity at all times, calmly telling Jock getting physical with him isn't necessary. She's demure but open minded to adventure, though at the end of the দিন she's happier with a secure family life. Her কুকুরছানা scenes are also adorable. She's probably my পছন্দ ডিজনি female animal, definitely the most beautifully animated one.

"Who is Trixie? And Lulu? And Fifi? And Rosita Chiquita Jua- whatever her name is?"

7. Alice: The Logical Heroine

The sweet, prim and proper little girl with a big imagination who gets আরো than she asked for when she wants something weird to happen in her life. She's exceedingly polite, but she doesn't put up with rudeness from people- and a good thing too, because the Wonderland inhabitants for the most part are, unfortunately, little else but rude to her. I just প্রণয় her mix of classy English rose with a very appropriate snippiness to other people's bad manners. I also really relate to her theme song "In a World of My Own", and if I didn't already wish "Learn Me Right could be my own theme song, this one would be it. She's also one of the funniest heroines IMO, if not always intentionally, for how frustrated she gets with the mad characters. I don't blame her for finally getting sick of Wonderland's crap, and I can't believe she's been slammed for just crying! She was a হারিয়ে গেছে little girl who's been shrunk, shouted at, washed up, held up in her journey, and that's before almost getting killed. She's great, though sadly a lot of AIW অনুরাগী cling আরো to the "we're all mad/NoRmAl PeOpLe ScArE mE" nonsense from the burton remake than have actual appreciation for the বই অথবা ডিজনি movie অথবা Alice herself.

"In my world, the বই would be nothing but pictures."

6. Cinderella: The Enduring Heroine

সিন্ড্রেলা has FINALLY gotten আরো of the respect she deserves in সাম্প্রতিক years, but sometimes she still gets bashed as a স্বর্ণ digger অথবা pushover. Yeah, go live with an abusive family with no friends, resources, অথবা even constitutional rights to help, and see how well আপনি do. সিন্ড্রেলা has some truly amazing endurance. Her family treats her like dirt and she still finds reasons to smile and laugh every day. She's one of my biggest role models. But as optimistic as she is, even she has her limits. She has আরো awareness than Snow White that her life is hard and realizes there's only so much she can do, and finally does break when the stepsisters ruin her dress. She also obviously resents her stepfamily's attitude- আপনি can see it in her tone, expressions. Of all the princesses that get called stupid, সিন্ড্রেলা is the one that baffles me the most. She's perceptive and very wise about her situation. She represents the most to me what it means to be a ডিজনি Princess and as someone who was also abused growing up with a similar sense of humor, she's one of the characters I relate most to.

"Maybe I *should* interrupt the, uh... 'music lesson'."

5. Anna: The Loving Heroine

I originally preferred Elsa but at last I see the liiiight <3 I watched ফ্রোজেন sure I wouldn't like Anna much but my প্রণয় for her as grown every year. I aspire to be like Anna আরো than any ডিজনি girl. She's ব্রেভ in the truest sense, forgiving, and has so much unconditonal love. Really, how many people do আপনি know who would sacrifice themselves for someone আপনি truly believed intended to hurt আপনি and didn't প্রণয় you? While to a degree I wish Anna had আরো প্রণয় for HERSELF because she deserves it, I completely admire her selflessness. And yes- she is selfless. আপনি can make mistakes and be selfish sometimes and still do selfless things. That's another thing: Anna makes a lot of mistakes. Obviously. She's too rash and follows her হৃদয় too much and instigates sometimes. I blame her naivete purely on her upbringing like Snow's (and I do find it a valid excuse, because Elsa was naive too in her own way). Also, she's gorgeous. I think Elsa's colorful makeup and skintight dress make people forget what a natural beauty Anna is, but she has one of my পছন্দ animated heroine looks.

"Hang in there, Joan!"

4. Ice/Tora Olafsdotter: The Heroine-Next-Door

Ice is actually a DC comic book character, a Nordic, white-haired, sheltered princess with ice magic (sound familiar?), but I like both the comic version of her and the cartoon, so I'm counting the latter. They chose to portray the somewhat naive Tora as আরো of a ditzy Cloudcuckoolander, but she's still the nicest member of the team, honest to a fault, hilarious, and I প্রণয় her. Ice doubts her importance on the International Justice League. J'onn tries to reassure her that she's the হৃদয় of the bunch but Tora just can't see it against the "cooler" অথবা আরো accomplished heroes. I can really relate to this- I know I'm smart, but I feel like I've done nothing impressive with my life and aren't good enough at anything to stand out অথবা make a living out of and it really depresses me sometimes. Tora also has a great friendship with the আরো rambunctious Fire/Beatriz de Costa, as well as an on/off again romance with the jerkiest Green Lantern ever, Guy- but she refuses to waste time on him when he doesn't প্রদর্শনী her respect, so she's no pushover. Anyway, আপনি just don't see many নায়ক like Ice, the sweet, girly ones (who just happens to have my পছন্দ element <3)

"Beatriz... আপনি always did care too much."

3. Pearl: The Exemplary Heroine

আপনি know how people complain about wanting strong female characters? Who have negative traits and make mistakes while still get sympathetic portrayals? আপনি know how a lot of those people still complain when they get a character who is exactly all of that and say she's awful/selfish/mean/etc? Hi! You've just met Pearl and half the Steven Universe fandom's view on Pearl. I immediately loved her. She's precise, smart, good at what she does. She doesn't particularly like Earth, but she fights for it anyway, because that's what Rose Quartz wanted, and she loved and respected Rose. Pearl is also, frankly: a worriwart, easily embarrassed, brutally honest, super proud, insecure, needs others to know she's right. She misses প্রথমপাতা and has deep emotional issues. AND ALL OF THIS MAKES HER GREAT. She tries so hard to be the best she can be, even though she was "only" made to be basically a living purse: a pretty object that shuts up and holds your stuff. She sticks to her বন্দুক and never lets people treat her like crap. She's ladylike, prim, but loves a good fight. She's "strong in the real way": she uses her genius and agility to taunt and take down an aggressive gem the size of a building. She can also admit her mistakes and forgive others. She's so inspiring and relatable to me, and she also has one of my পছন্দ voices ever. I seriously can't say enough- আপনি just need to go watch an episode!

"I *am* a gem of many talents. A dedication to fact is just one of them."

2. Fluttershy: The Sensitive Heroine

My actual spirit animal ❤️ I couldn't believe how much I related to Flutters when I started watching this show; it was almost like watching myself (though admittedly Flutters is considerably আরো patient and kind than I). We were bullied growing up, prefer quiet time অথবা time with জন্তু জানোয়ার to crowds and parties, get terrible anxiety when it comes to being the center of too much attention, প্রণয় nature, are sensitive and, to copy Hitchcock's বিবরণ of Grace Kelly, are snow covered volcanos: calm and gentle on the surface with some hidden passion. We can only be pushed so hard before we snap back. I honestly cried watching "Hurricane Fluttershy" because besides it just being terrible to see Flutters so distraught, the deep rooted rage over her bullying hit প্রথমপাতা pretty hard. She's also just like the Classic Princesses, which I love. It's so nice having a character who is shy/socially anxious and is allowed to not do a 180 on her personality a la Violet, because 1) overcoming flaws doesn't happen that fast and 2) people really need to realize there is nothing wrong with not being outgoing, extroverted, অথবা loud. Also, her friendship with Rarity is one of my পছন্দ and I প্রণয় everything about her (cough romantic) relationship with Discord, both of whom have really helped the other grow for the better.

"Um, if আপনি could not maybe yell so much, অথবা maybe stop saying words all together."

1. Three-way tie:
Sally, the Independent Heroine
Aurora, the Idealistic Heroine
Snow White, the Optimistic Heroine

Are আপনি made I couldn't just pick one? Haha, too bad. I প্রণয় all three to pieces and I can't decide.

Aurora- Oh, Aurora. While সিন্ড্রেলা defenders have been rising and even Snow has started to gain আরো fans, আপনি remain the least respected ডিজনি heroine ever. But I'm a sucker for the underrated ones. And yes, I DO think she's underrated. I think Walt carefully constructed her character and that we learn a lot about what we see. (And again I say, if আপনি took any of the other DPs and gave them the same screen time, you'd learn just as much about their personalities. Plus, জুঁই and Elsa already have far less anyway.) She's lovely in ever sense. I agree with Phillip, she hardly appears to be human, আরো of a fairy herself with her otherworldly voice, poise, and royal air. But she's real. All grown up and ready to be an adult, Rose longs for romantic companionship, as is only natural for her age and as a heavily sheltered girl. She respects the fairies' wishes but mentally, much like Cinderella, defies their rules. She dreams and hopes they might come true. She watches out for it- she wonders if there's somehow a connection between the birds' rituals and her own life. She also shows a lot of strength in her reaction to the truth of her life. Would it be easy to lash out, run away to be with her crush, অথবা throw a fit? Of course, but that she doesn't and instead mourns her old life and Phillip in dignity is pretty inspiring. I don't mind if she lacks development; not every character needs that to be great in every story.

"But আপনি know something? I've fooled them. I *have* met someone."

Snow- the one that started it all. She gets so much hate just for daring to want প্রণয় after being treated like crap from her only family member. What an awful person. She doesn't let it get her down, though. I know many say her optimism is unrealistic, and maybe so, but I don't mind. I wish I had half as much of her thick skin. I mean, she wasn't made to be a complex character, আরো of an ideal for the audience to root for and give warm feelings to. And that's fine. She's not the deepest, but she's quite well-rounded. She is nowhere near the spineless doormat people often say she is. Did they somehow miss the part where she demands the dwarves wash up if they want to eat their own খাবার in their own house? I think Snow's one of those people who think they know what's best for you. She's incredibly sympathetic- she almost got murdered, has no parents of her own, but worries that the "childen" might be orphans. I also don't think she's stupid. She knew the hag was shifty, but she couldn't very way say no without looking rude (which to someone like Snow, is probably the same as spitting in her face). She was also pretty sheltered and really believed in magic. Also, she didn't "pine" after the Prince; she was content to have fun with the dwarves while avoiding Grimhilde. She's a রশ্মি of sunshine. She's iconic, and paved the way for pretty much every succeeding animated heroine after her, so like her অথবা not, but her kind, cheerful personality is a staple in the ডিজনি legacy. I've always loved her.

"Ohhh, আপনি must be Grumpy."

Sally- Sally, like Aurora, is a young (kind of?) adult who is restless and tired of the chafing rules she lives under. She works for a grouchy guy who doesn't appreciate her, and is too shy to confess her feelings for her good friend, Jack. For a girl made of leaves and cloth, she's actually quite human. I, like Sally, can relate to wanting to get out and seeing আরো of the town but being unable to do so. And I think this was better presented than Belle in BATB, because she doesn't appear to have anything holding her back at all, but Sally is kept busy as a maid/cook and does care for her creator. We also have similar taste in guys, don't feel like anyone listens to us অথবা takes us seriously, have similar hobbies, are soft-spoken and like cats. And in contrast to her sweet, modest, ladylike personality, Sally DOES stand up for herself sometimes, and is ব্রেভ enough to try to help Jack দ্বারা sneaking into Oogie's lair all alone. There isn't a single thing I dislike about Sally. She's cute, has a relatable mix of fear/courage that I find realistic, she's feminine and introverted, and has an impulsive side.

Dr. Finkelstein: That's twice this মাস you've slipped deadly নিদ্রা উদ্রেককর লতা into my চা and run off. Sally: Three times!

If আপনি read that entire thing, awesome! I have the worst time ranking any পছন্দ thing of mine so it's not absolute. Thanks for reading!