Childhood Animated Movie Villains Which Childhood Animated Movie Villain's song is your favorite?

Pick one:
The Eglegent Captain Hook (Hook, peter pan)
Gaston (Gaston, beauty / beast)
Mob Song (Gaston, beauty / Beast)
Prince Ali [reprise] (Jafar, aladdin)
You're Only 2nd Rate (Jafar, return of jafar)
Poor Unfortunate Souls (Ursula, little mermaid)
Be Prepared (Scar, lion king)
Mine Mine (Ratcliffe, pocahontas)
Savages (Ratcliffe, pocahontas)
বন্ধু on the Other Side (Faciliar, princess/frog)
Mother Knows Best (Gothel, tangeld)
Cruella Devil (Cruella, 101 dalmatians)
Hellfire (Frollo, hunchback of notre dame)
Toxic প্রণয় (Hexxus, ferngully)
In the Dark of the Night (Rasputin, anastasia)
No আরো Mr. Nice Guy (Rothbart, রাজহাঁস princess)
Yer Beautiful Baby (Mr, Beetle, thumbelina)
On the Road (Mrs. Toad/Grundel, thumbelina)
Ruber (Ruber, quest for camelot)
Fairy Godmother Song (Fairy Godmother, sherk 2)
I Need a Hero (Fairy Godmother, শ্রেক 2)
I am King (Buxton The Blue Cat, dougal and the blue cat)
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Too many to choose just one. I প্রণয় so many of...
Too many to choose just one. I প্রণয় so many of them.
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