Carols of the Bell.
Hi guys, have আপনি ever sung carols at a famous cathedrals অথবা churches at your native countries? Here are the perfect holy sites to sing.

1. Westminster Abbey (London, England)

The abbey was site of the 2011 Royal Wedding, I প্রণয় the atmosphere and the church. It gives আপনি all a feel of Christmas, don't আপনি think?

2. Cologne Cathedral (Cologne, Germany)

This is the first cathedral outside of the UK, and for the same reasons as Westminster Abbey.

3. St. Stephen's Basilica (Budapest, Hungary)

Although I have been to Budapest, I had never step inside this beautiful Basilica before, it also has the feel of bringing the বড়দিন spirit.

4. St. Vitus Cathedral (Prague, Czech Republic)

So far, this is only cathedral that I had ever enter. I প্রণয় it's গথ দেশীয় and Medieval architecture inside the Cathedral, অথবা shall I say magic?

5. St. Stephen's Cathedral (Vienna, Austria)

Another Medieval cathedral that I fell in প্রণয় with, I also প্রণয় how Holy and Religious that the cathedral represents while inside.

6. St. Elisabeth Cathedral (Kosice, Slovakia)

Although I had only been to Bratislava, this cathedral is dedicated to St. Elisabeth of Hungary, at that time when Slovakia was historically part of the Kingdom of Hungary.

7. Salzburg Cathedral (Salzburg, Austria)

We had all seen this cathedral in the Sound of Music, so this is another suggestion to perform your favourite carols there!

8. Esztergom Cathedral (Esztergom, Hungary)

The only Hungarian cathedral that I had set foot in, I প্রণয় the grand organ inside.

Holy, Holy, Holy!

So, I wish আপনি all a happy Merry Christmas!
Westminster Abbey
Cologne Cathedral
St. Stephen's Basilica
St. Vitus Cathedral
St. Elizabeth Cathedral.
Salzburg Cathedral
St Stephen Cathedral
Ezstergom Cathedral