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Bart Bass: So. Your new step-brother told me about your problem at school. Frankly, I wasn't surprised প্রদত্ত your propensity for recklessness and adventure.
Serena অগ্রদূত der Woodsen: I'm sorry?
Bart Bass: Don't tell your mother, but... I made a call.
Serena অগ্রদূত der Woodsen: আপনি did what?
Bart Bass: It was harder than usual. That new headmistress of yours is a new peice of work. I had to go over her head. Sorry I couldn't get the charges completely dropped, but, at least I got আপনি minimal sentence.
Gossip Girl: One thing about being on the inside, once আপনি get there আপনি don't always get to choose where...
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