There are some interesting facts about ডিজনি films that আপনি should know. Here it is;

1. ফ্রোজেন is the first ডিজনি movie to teaches girls
that they don't need a man to save them.

2.Aurora is the only ডিজনি princess with বেগুনী eyes.

3. Aurora [Sleeping Beauty] was the last ডিজনি princess to be created before Walt Disney's

4. মুলান is the সেকেন্ড ডিজনি princess , after Belle, to come in contact with snow.

5. Pocahontas is the only ডিজনি princess movie without a 'happy ending.'

6. In the scene of ফ্রোজেন from 'For The First Time' song , Anna standing পরবর্তি to a টেবিল full of candies from Wreck - It - Ralph.

7. The official voices of Mickey and Minnie are married in real life.

8. All the characters in the movie 'Toy Story' blinked one eye at a time.

9. জুঁই was the only ডিজনি princess who kissed a vilian!

10. Boos [ Monster INC.] real name is Mary which can be seen in her drawing book.

11. Every time Alladdin lies, his feather falls in his face.

12. The storybook Mrs. Potato is পাঠ করা to the toddle toys in Toy Story 2 is 'A Bugs life.'