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1. Go to the link below.
2. Look around.
3. Have fun exploring!

I found the link on ইউটিউব so i don't own the website. Don't click play now because it just is a blank white screen.

আপনি don't have to give me a শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য because i don't want one right now. আপনি can give me one, but আপনি don't have to.

Some old parts of the website don't work because ডিজনি bought it for 3 hundred and 50 million.

So waddle around the old website and have memories of the old website আপনি love!
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Arriving at the Nightclub, the পেংগুইন stepped inside. Lots of penguins were dancing and having a lot fun. He was going to go near the মিশুক ব্যক্তি when a পেংগুইন wearing headphones stopped him.
"Where do আপনি think you're going? The মিশুক ব্যক্তি is only for EXPERT DJ penguins. Are আপনি good? Huh? huh? huh? HUH?!?!!?!?!?!?!"
" Y-yes i am good."
"Well go in then. Start making music!"
The penguins started panicking.
What if he was bad? What if people hated him? What if he would be the laughing stock of Club পেংগুইন for a zillion years? What if-
He ব্যক্ত to himself," Snap out of it!"
He waddled over to the DJ3K and...
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posted by Alama18
It's Friday at the plaza. A poor পেংগুইন trying desperately to sell পিজা is failing.
He had his পিজা store right outside the Puffle Shop. He entered his third day. His boss appeared.
" If আপনি don't sell even a tiny পিজা slice, YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!"
So the pizza penguin put his পিজা store in a আরো জনপ্রিয় place. And what আরো জনপ্রিয় place would he put it than in town?! well, backstage and in the migrator. His boss wasn't into pirates, so he didn't let him sell his পিজা on the Migrator. And backstage was full all the time.
He put it near the coffee...
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1. Plsy the game DJ3K. Make your পেংগুইন dance. Then, open a new internet page and do whatever the hell আপনি want. Just make sure to keep checking in on your game and সরানো the মাউস so আপনি dont become idle. If আপনি keep it going আপনি can get a lot of coins!

2. Go to the following web page to get book codes. These got me fricking rich! I started with 2000+ coins and unlocked every book. I now have 12000+ coins!!!

(note:this page has good cheats)

i will post আরো l8r
posted by skippercp321
time for বিছানা puffels i ব্যক্ত all my 20 puffels bounced up and down i whent to বিছানা it was freezeing when i woke up it looked like 8:00 in the moring it was colder then when i whent to বিছানা i opend the door but got avalaced insted it must of snowed all night i felt like i was fretting somting then i rembered pumkin was out side last night he is problie an ice sickel i opend the back door pumkin my heghog rolled in sorry punkin if i kew it would of snowed like this আপনি would a stayed in the for cast ব্যক্ত snow but not a blizzerd i ব্যক্ত smiling a giving pumken খাবার he seemed happy to be inside and...
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