"C'mon guys! I don't have all day!" Kacey yelled from her room. She had a bag of Pringles, and was sitting পরবর্তি to her best বন্ধু Raleigh, David, Christian, Kiki, Megan, and Storm on her huge couch. Abby and Hoagie were on the floor পরবর্তি to Megan's little sister Maddy, Val, and Minerva.
    Wally was finishing up pouring all the snacks and drinks for everyone. He হারিয়ে গেছে "Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum, in a dish. How many pieces do আপনি wish?" so it was his job.
    Kuki grabbed the Poltergeist DVD's. She put movie one in, and Wally hurried to give everyone what they asked for. Swedish মাছ for Kacey, Code Red Mountain Dew for Kiki, Twix Bar for Raleigh, Jawbreakers for David, বিস্কুট for Christian, Twizzlers for Abby, রামধনু Cruchies CHEWZ! for Kuki, Hershey's বিস্কুট and Cream bar for Megan, Chili Dog Flavored চকোলেট bar for Hoagie, Crazy Core Skittles for Storm (2 packs), and প্রেটসলের M&M's for himself.
    As the movie began, Kacey began to hum the theme song, but Storm elbowed her. Although she wasn't sitting পরবর্তি to Kacey. As the movie went further and further through, Kuki seemed to be getting scared. When the first movie ended, everyone who had already seen it (Kacey {eleventy bamillion times}, Raleigh, Megan) cheered. Then, they started the সেকেন্ড one.
    "Who is that guy?" David asked.
    "That's Kane. SHUT UP." Kacey said.
    Later, Christian piped up. "Where are they?"
    "The Other Side, kk?" Kacey said. "NOW SHUT UP."
    In the third one, everyone was asking questions.
    "Why does Kane look different?"
    "Why is the girl chubby?"
    "How did he rot so fast?"
    "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Abby yelled. "I can't think straight with your questions, and the girl on the TV screaming!"
    Finally, it was all over. Kacey and Hoagie set up the sleeping bags. They were color coded.
    Kacey got in her purple one. On one side of her was Raleigh, in a her light green one, and Storm, in her neon green one. David was পরবর্তি to Wally.
    Abby turned off the light, and got in her sleeping bag. All of a sudden, they all fell asleep.
    Wally was running. He tried to stop, but kept on running. He felt as if something was chasing him. He turned his head around, and hit a rock.
    "Nothing was chasing me?" He said. Then, he was shoved off a cliff. Screaming, Wally fell to his death.
    Or so he thought. Wally was now miniature, and ghost-like. He saw himself sleeping, and saw his dream cloud. "Just like that episode of SpongeBob." Quickly, Wally jumped into the closest dream cloud. David's.
    David's dream was full of guns, Greek letters, Bionicles, and over in the corner, were two men holding hands. Wally crept closer to where David was. He was yelling at his বন্ধু Zak, who through jawbreakers at him. Then, a girl who Wally recognized as Tina, walked up to David. They began to talk, then held hands. The two guys who were holding hands yelled "DOUBLE DATE!"
    "YEY!" David and Tina yelled. "YAOI!"
    "Yaoi?" Wally asked.
    Zak slapped his forehead. "It's BoyxBoy. They obsess over it. That's why they're going out."
    "BoyxBoy?" David and Tina? GOING OUT?!" Wally began to 'lmao'.
    "It's not funny when your best friend always hangs out with his girlfriend." Zak said.
    Wally blushed. "But I kinda always hang out with mine." He smiled. The পরবর্তি thing he knew, he was on the ground.
    "You better not anger your best friend!"
    "She s my best friend. And that didn't hurt at all."
    "Zak! Am I really bothering you?" David asked.
    "Yes. Go on your retarded double জ্যায়াই date." Zak left.
    "NOOOOOOOOOO!" David yelled. He looked at Wally. "YOU cost me my best friend!"
    "I thought Christian was--" Wally was stopped.
    "Come here!" David yelled. Wally began to run. Then, he tripped over some sleeping জ্যায়াই couples. Angering them, they began chasing him too. Soon, David had a whole army of yaois chasing Wally. Then, a giant albino baby appeared. It gabbed a জ্যায়াই person, and ate them.
    "Crap, David. Really?" Wally said. He ran between the baby's legs, and the baby tried to sit on him. Instead, it sat on David's army. But David and Tina were still running.
    "You'll never get away with making my boyfriend's best friend leave, midget!" Tina yelled.
    Wally stopped. He let David and Tina catch up to him.
    "What did I ever do to you?" David asked.
    Wally smiled, then, from behind, came the albino baby and the জ্যায়াই team. David snickered.
    The albino baby picked up Wally. It shook him up and down. Storm clouds rolled out, and everything rewound.
    "YAOI! YEY!" David yelled. "Come with us, Wally."
    "You don't wanna kill me??" Wally asked.
    "Why would we want to kill you?" Tina asked. "You're adorable!"
    "Uh, I have a girlfriend..." Wally said.
    "Come on!" David pulled Wally along.
    "Ugh can I just wait অথবা something?"
    Yaoi couples surrounded Wally. Then, David smirked.
    "Join us, Wally. We have cookies." They all ব্যক্ত in unison.
    "NOW! YOAI IS RETARDED!" Wally screamed.
    All of a sudden, আগুন began to burn in a বৃত্ত surrounding everyone. Wally had no way out.
    "JOIN US. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Wally refused. That did it. The walls of the dream began to melt, Tina began to disappear. The জ্যায়াই couples screamed in pain as the vanished.
    Wally began to fall. David's dream মেঘ vanished, and he woke up.
    "Ugh, retard Wally." David put his head down and went back to sleep.
    "That was close." Wally said. He looked up at his real self. Then, he saw who was lying পরবর্তি to him.
    Wally climbed over himself, then on to Kuki. He tried to jump into her dream মেঘ but it was too high. "Mother fricker..." Then, he jumped off her nose. When he landed in her dream, he immediately regretted coming here.