Disclaimer : Cream the Rabbit, অথবা any other Sonic the Hedgehog character is a trademark of Sega, and any references to Satan অথবা demons in this story is not intended to offend anyone who may be a Christian অথবা Catholic, I am a Christian myself.

Creamania, The Evil Empire
Story দ্বারা : Mark (mPowered16/Markster Games)


(Scene 1, Dinner) :

Anthony : Here I am alone rotting in this cell, having daily doses of bizarre drugs because they think I'm insane, I'm only human, everyone makes mistakes.
Guard : Be quiet!
Guard 2 : It's ডিনার time, come this way.

James : আপনি don't seem to be very hungry.
Anthony : I'm depressed, I've been in this madhouse for two years, and I'm still not sure if I belong here.
James : আপনি beat up an old man because she wasn't a অনুরাগী of Cream the Rabbit.
Anthony : It wasn't just that, he called me fat, stupid, and gay as well.
James : I watched আপনি tackled him myself, he didn't say any of that, all he ব্যক্ত was "Cream the Rabbit is my least পছন্দ Sonic character.", and then আপনি tackled him, the

only reason I'm still here is because they thought I helped tackled him, but I was only watching.
Anthony : I think আপনি may be right James, I may belong here after all.
James : What আপনি did was crazy and wrong, but I don't think আপনি should of been put in a mental institution for it, you're a good guy, আপনি just have anger issues.
Anthony : Thanks.
James : Stay positive and they will let আপনি out before আপনি know it.


(Scene 2, Rebecca The Witch) :

Anthony : Maybe James is right, if I be positive maybe I can get out of this madhouse.
Rebecca : Maybe আপনি will, maybe আপনি won't, but being positive ain't going to get আপনি out of this madhouse in an instant.
Anthony : What, do আপনি have a quicker alternative, and who are আপনি anyways.
Rebecca : I'm Rebecca, I work the...
Anthony : For the what?
Rebecca : আপনি know too much...
Anthony : I've got to go.
Rebecca : আপনি ain't going anywhere.
Anthony : *Runs*
Rebecca : *Using Magic To Stop Him*
Anthony : This is voodoo!
Rebecca : It is, isn't it?
Anthony : What do আপনি want from me?
Rebecca : I want আপনি to যোগদান my little club.
Anthony : What club?
Rebecca : The club of the evil & wicked.
Anthony : That sounds bad.
Rebecca : I know.
{Anthony has been kidnapped দ্বারা the Club of the Evil & Wicked.}


(Scene 3, The Club Of The Evil & Wicked) :

Rebecca : You're here, now be quiet, the master is about to speak.
Anthony : Who's the master?
Rebecca : You'll know soon enough.
The Master : Hello minions, I am the master, and whatever I say আপনি must obey.
Everyone : Yes master!
Anthony : This is a little creepy, atleast I'm out of the madhouse.
Rebecca : You'll find this place to be much better than the madhouse.
The Master : আপনি all worship me and I will give আপনি anything, I mean it, anything আপনি want.
Rebecca : I got the ability to control anyone I want.
Anthony : That's scary, why would I ever want to worship you?
The Master : Come on, don't আপনি want to have anything আপনি want?
Anthony : I am a good person, I don't want to worship a monster like you.
Rebecca : That's it! *Controls Anthony's Mind*
Anthony : No, not m... I'll do it master...
The Master : Excellent! *Evil Laugh* What do আপনি want?
Anthony : All of those people who hate my পছন্দ Sonic character should be punished for it, and the world should be mine, give me all the power I need to take over both

Earth and Mobius.
The Master : Your wish is my command! *Evil Laugh*


(Scene 4, Meanwhile In Mobius) :

Sonic : Tails, she will be here any মিনিট now!
Tails : Right, everybody hide!
Cream : *Opens Door*, hello, anyone?
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, Charmy : Suprise!!!
Cream : Oh, আপনি guys.
Sonic : Happy 10th birthday Creamy, does the birthday girl want some cake?
Cream : I would প্রণয় a piece of a that cake!
Amy : Happy birthday best friend, I got আপনি a present.
Cream : Thanks Amy, I'll open it later.
Big : I helped buy the present Cream.
Cream : Cool, thanks everyone.
Knuckles : Don't forget about the present that me and Tails bought for you.
Cream : আপনি guys are the best, lets have some cake everyone!
Charmy : I bought some পিজা to go with your cake.
Cream : Thanks Charmy, I প্রণয় pizza.
Sonic : Who doesn't?
Cream : A crazy man. *Giggles*
{Cream and her বন্ধু are eating পিজা and cake, but they don't know about Dr. Eggman's plan to ruin the entire party}
Cream : I'm full, I think I'll open up my presents now.
Eggman : আপনি have a special visitor.
Everyone : Dr. Eggman!
Eggman : That's right, I heard that Creamy Dreamy was turning 10 today, I thought I might get her a present, here it is. *Steals the Pizza, Cake, and Presents*
Cream : *Screams*
Knuckles : So that's what a cream scream sounds like.
Eggman : I destroyed your party, looks like my work here is done.
Cream : ... My party is ruined... *Cries*
Sonic : It's okay, we'll get back your presents.
Cream : It seems like a young girl like me would get a perfect party, but so far, this has been the worst party ever! *Cries*
Tails : Don't cry Cream, Dr. Eggman hasn't went far.
Sonic : I'll save your presents Cream.
Cream : আপনি will.
Sonic : Yes, I want আপনি to have a great birthday, it only happens once a year.
Cream : You're the best Sonic.
Sonic : I know.
Cream : Why does Dr. Eggman do the things he...
Ghost : Cream...
Cream : *Screams*
Sonic : That's a ghost!
Cream : It must of came from Dr. Eggman!
Sonic : That thing did not come from Dr. Eggman.
Cream : What about Shadow.
Sonic : Maybe, just maybe.
Knuckles : That thing doesn't scare me.
Amy : Nothing scares you.
Sonic : Where did আপনি come from?!?!
Ghost : ...
Cream : Where are আপনি from Mr. Ghost?
Ghost : Creamania.
Cream : Creamania, are আপনি trying to kill me because my name is Cream.
Ghost : No... a boy... made... a... deal with... the... MASTER!!!
Cream : What master?
Ghost : The master... our master... our leader... our savior!!!
Cream : Who, Satan?
Ghost : আপনি were... so... CLOSE!!! *Disappears*
Sonic : That was trippy.
Cream : I know, it's probably nothing, now, go save my presents Sonic!


(Scene 5, Eggman's "Birthday" Presents)

Dr. Eggman : *Laughs* I wonder what kind of stuff Cream was going to get for her birthday.
Robot : Open the first one.
Dr. Eggman : From Sonic, To Cream. This is probably going to be a চা party set.
Robot 2 : I bet your right.
Dr. Eggman : Be quiet, I'm opening "my" presents. Wow, I didn't expect this.
Robot : What is it doctor?
Dr. Eggman : It's an iPhone.
Robot 2 : It's a low end model.
Dr. Eggman : Just like you.
Robot : Can I have it.
Dr. Eggman : No way!
Robot : But Dr. Eggman, আপনি already have 9 iPhones.
Dr. Eggman : Having 10 iPhones is even better than having 9.
Robot 2 : What's next?
Dr. Eggman : I don't know, lets find out... Hey, she got a laptop.
Robot : A laptop, what does it have in it?
Dr. Eggman : 500GB hard drive, 6GB of memory, Intel Core i3 dual-core processor, Windows 8.1... It sounds like a slow computer to me.
Robot 2 : Dr. Eggman, why don't আপনি ever upgrade processors?
Dr. Eggman : Because, আপনি are a bunch of lazy metalheads, I'll give আপনি that Pentium D upgrade when আপনি stop being lazy.
Robot, Robot 2 : Fine.
Dr. Eggman : It looks like Cream's two presents are okahy, I think I'll keep 'em for myself. *Evil Laugh*
Sonic : আপনি give Cream back her stuff.
Dr. Eggman : Never!
Cream : Those presents were bought for me, not for you, it's not even your birthday.
Dr. Eggman : My birthday was a few weeks ago, and I got nothing.
Cream : আপনি deserve nothing, আপনি are scum.
Dr. Eggman : ... YOU'RE GONNA GET IT RABBIT!!! *Goes After Cream*
Cream : Save me Sonic.
Sonic : *Spin Dashes and Hits Dr. Eggman*
Dr. Eggman : It's gonna take a lot আরো than that Sonic.
Sonic : নমস্কার Dr. Eggman, Burger King burgers are now half price.
Dr. Eggman : I'm not falling for it.
Sonic : No, they are free.
Dr. Eggman : Really?
Sonic : Yes.
Dr. Eggman : Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... *Goes To Burger King*
Cream : It worked, thanks for saving me Sonic.
Sonic : Hey, that's what বন্ধু are for.
Cream : *Smiles*
Sonic : Oh, and here is your presents.
Cream : A new laptop and iPhone?!?! You're the best Sonic!
Sonic : I know.
Ghost : Anthony... is... new... leader... of... WORLD!!!
Cream : It's the ghost again!
Sonic : What's it mean...........


To be continued...