this is a story i wrote here but got erased so i'm reviving it. oh and in this story Cheese can talk

Cream: what a great দিন this is. i can't believe it. Vanilla: yes. i just wish he was here. Cream: oh please don't bring that up Mom. i will never forgive what Shadow did to my brother. Vanilla: i know. he really went to far. Cream: i really wish he was here. Cheese: yeah he was great.

Flashback...... Kirt: i will stop আপনি Shadow. আপনি are bad to the bone and i will make sure আপনি go down. Cream: big brother no. you'll get killed. Kirt: i have to do this Cream. i must make sure the world survives.


Kirt: come get some Shadow. Shadow: আপনি sure talk a lot for someone who is trying to save his planet. Cream: shut up Shadow! Shadow: আপনি be quiet over there অথবা i'll come and beat আপনি up as well. Kirt goes at Shadow with great force. Shadow: it's going to take a lot আরো than that to beat me. Shadow punches him hard and then kicks him with all his might. Kirt: no..... i can't lose.

Cream: no! big brother Kirt! Vanilla: it may be to late to do anything. Cheese: oh no. Kirt: got to try one
আরো time. He gains power and kicks Shadow very hard but it doesn't do anything. Kirt: oh...oh no. Shadow: is that all আপনি got? Shadow flies at him with intense speed and punches him so hard that he gets knocked back and falles. Cream: big brother, noooo! Kirt: i'm.... i'm sorry everyone. i failed. please take good care of Cheese. Kirt dies.


Vanilla and Cheese start crying. Cream: Kirt! no. no. come back. whaaaaaa Shadow: well that wasn't to hard. and your পরবর্তি Cream. Cream: আপনি go away আপনি big fat loser. Shadow: your just lucky i'm tired অথবা i'd come after you. Shadow dissapers. Cream: oh Kirt! whaaaaa. end flashback........ Cream: i'll never forgive Shadow. in fact i want to kill him. Vanilla: no, আপনি can't!

Cream: no Mom. i want revenge on him. he deserves to die. Vanilla: we understand how আপনি feel but i can't let আপনি do this. Cream: just try me Mom. i'm going to
kill him and i won't stop till i do. Vanilla: ok. ok. but আপনি can't do this alone. she calles Sonic. Sonic: hello Vanilla, what's up? Vanilla: well it's Cream. she wants to get revenge on Shadow the Hedgehog. Sonic: can't say i'm suprized, i remeber that horrible day.


Sonic: she was really upset and sad. ok. i'll help her out. Sonic hangs up and runs over. Vanilla: they don't call আপনি the worlds fastest hegdehog for nothing. Sonic: are আপনি sure আপনি want to go through with this Cream? Cream: yes. i must avenge my brother. Cheese: i'm coming too.

Cream: no Cheese. this will be a really dangerous fight and i don't want আপনি to get hurt. Cheese: but i must. i
need to avenge Kirt too. Cream looks at him. Cream: your right. ok Cheese, lets go beat him down together.
Vanilla: please be careful. if anything happens to আপনি i'll be so sad.

Cream: yes. Sonic: ok. off we go then. Cream and Cheese climb on his back and he takes off towzrds the mountains where Shadow was last seen.
an ঘন্টা later..... Sonic: here we are. Tails flies in.
Cream: oh Tails,i'm so glad to see you. Tails: when i heard what আপনি were going to do i couldn't stand by. Cream: thanks.


Shadow: well, look who it is. Cream: it's you. i will kill আপনি for what আপনি did to my brother. Shadow: as if.... you'll need a shovel when i'm through with you. Cream: oh yeah?! Cheese: i don't tnink so. Shadow: shut up আপনি stupid little chao. Cheese: no! my voice needs to be heard. Shadow: আপনি better shut up অথবা i'll shut আপনি up myself pernamently.

Cream: আপনি leave Cheese alone! Cheese tries to hit Shadow but gets hits hard back. Shadow: আপনি think
আপনি can hit me like that? ha ha ha Cream comes at him and punches him. Shadow: oh sheesh. that hurt......not! Cheese: lets get him. your a big bully and a evil hedgehog. Shadow: your asking for it আপনি stupid Chao. Cheese: oh shut up a**hole. i'm getteing revenge for Kirt. Shadow: oh yeah?! he flies and grabs Cheese দ্বারা the neck.


Cream: আপনি let my Chao go this instant. Shadow: no! he going to die! Shadow chokes Cheese. Cheese: gasp gasp! no.....don't.....i'm.... just....a ........Chao! Cream: no! don't. she ব্যক্ত tearing up. i প্রণয় him so much.

Shadow: well i guess he should've thought about that before he insulted me. Cheese: no....gasp......don't...... Cream runs and tries to save Cheese but it's too late.
Shadow: say good nite আপনি stupid Chao. Cream tries one আরো time. she runs at him full tilt but get knocked back দ্বারা Shadow. Cream: stop! i প্রণয় him. Shadow slashes Cheese's neck wide open killing him instantly.

Cream: NOOOOO! CHEESE! Cream burts into tears. Tails: oh my gosh. he really just did that to Cheese? oh wow. poor Cream. Sonic: i can't believe i just saw
that. Wow that was bad.


Cream: how could আপনি do that?! she ব্যক্ত with tears running down her face your a big meanie. your so going to die now. আপনি took my best friend from me! Fuck আপনি Shadow. Shadow: well, what a potty mouth. but i don't care. he's dead and so will আপনি soon. Cream: no! she uns at him with lightning speed and kicks him very hard.

Shadow: wow. that actualy hurt Cream starts to glow yellow the chaos emrald Sonic gave her. Shadow: oh.
going full power? lets see what আপনি got. Shadow starts to glow yellow too. Cream: have fun in hell আপনি bad boy. Shadow: i think not. it's your turn to die.

Cream: oh shut up. they clash head on and go spiroling backwards. Tails: if she can pull this পরবর্তি
সরানো off she could beat him. Cream channels all the power into her fist. Shadow does the same. Cream: get ready for new world of pain.


Shadow: bring it stupid. They rush at each other and clsh fists so hard that Creamis struggling to keep up. Tails: oh no! she's losing. Sonic: wait for it. Cream: no! i won't lose to you! aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. she overcomes Shadow and punches with all her might. Shadow: wow! what power he ব্যক্ত as he started to dissaper. he dissenagrates.

Cream: yes! he's finaly gone. tears of sadness for Cheese fill Cream's eyes. Cream: oh Cheese!
whaaaaaa. Tails walks over all teary eyed. Tails: Cream আপনি won. Cream looks up at him and starts crying. Tails: yes we know. Cheese is gone.

Cream: Cheese! whaaaaaaaa. back at the house they bury what's left of Cheese. Cream: i miss আপনি already. whaaaa. Vanilla: i'm sorry to hear that Cheese is gone but he's in a better place now. Cream: oh
Mom! whaaaaa Tails: yes. it's truely sad indeed. Sonic: i never thought i'd see that bundle of joy go.


Cream places a rose on Cheese's grave and continues to cry. Tails: well i guess we should eat ডিনার now. Cream: yes. sniffle. they go back inside while Vanilla cooks dinner. Cream: i'll miss him so much. Tails hugs Cream as আরো tears fall from her eyes.


Tails hands Cream some colored tissue paper. Cream: thanks. she blows her nose in it with tears running down her face. Cream: thanks for trying to cheer me
up guys she ব্যক্ত drying her eyes. Tails: yes. it's what বন্ধু do for each other.

Sonic: i'm sorry we didn't help আপনি in that fight but it looked like আপনি had it wrapped up. Cream: well i guess i'll have to get a new friend. Tails: oh yes. about that,
i found a new chao egg for you. Cream: oh thank আপনি Tails. she hugs him

Sonic: cool. looks like you'll get a new Chao. Cream: sniffle. yes. and it will be called Cheese jr. Tails: good
choice. Cream: oh, আপনি knew what i meant guys. your both my বন্ধু too. Tails: yes. i wouldn't have it any other way Cream

well there আপনি have it. to Cream অনুরাগী everywhere and to Stella who i wrote this story for this was great that i was able to rewrite this great story