Spencer hadn't realized he had fallen asleep after trying to forget his intense confrontation with Derek. He just didn't want to think. He needed to relax at that moment. He knew he had enough. As he was asleep, he was off in the "dream world" again. He was also back in his ghostly form. To HIS surprise, he didn't see anyone অথবা anything this time.

The doc started to get alittle suspicious. He told himself to be aware and stay alert. Just as he was walking, he saw a pond. He thought it was strange, but calming. Why calming? He was having terrible nightmares! "Spencer." Maeve's voice called out.

Spencer jumped. When he looked up, he saw not only Maeve, but ALL his loved ones! "H-how are আপনি guys here?" he asked feeling really blindsided. "We're apart of you." Tobias Hanckle answered. "Spencer, we would NEVER let anything happen to you. We প্রণয় আপনি way too much." Mr.Reid stated. "Even after death?" Spencer asked. "Even after death." Mrs.Reid answered. "But, what about these nightmares?" Spencer asked.

"You're letting your mind play harsh tricks on you." Maeve answered. "You let your emotions get the best of you." Mrs.Reid replied. "It's why you've been having those awful nightmares." Mr. Reid stated. "Spencer, আপনি are a brilliant person. Don't ever stop doing what আপনি do best." Tobias ব্যক্ত as he smiled. Spencer felt his pride going through the roof as his confidence began to sky-rocket. "I...I don't know what to say!" he ব্যক্ত in a breathless tone. He suddenly began to tear up.

"I feel like a brand new man. I can't thank আপনি all enough." the doc tearfully confessed. The loved ones took turns with their confessions. Maeve went first. "Spencer, I know আপনি were trying to get me freed when we were held captives দ্বারা Diane. And I will be forever grateful for that." she stated happily. Mrs.Reid went second. "Though I hate seeing আপনি put your life in danger, I am very proud of আপনি and I will continue to support you." she ব্যক্ত tearfully. Mr.Reid went third.

"Spencer! I never wanted to think of আপনি as a little genius when আপনি were younger, but seeing আপনি help people all around the country makes my pride fill up every single time." he said. Last but not least was Tobias. "You did the right thing দ্বারা killing Raphael. Even if it also meant killing ME." he stated. Spencer had tears streaming down his cheeks. "I don't know what I'd do without আপনি guys!" he cried. "We'll always be there for you." Mr.Reid replied before he and the other loved ones faded. The "real" Spencer then awoke.

"You must've been having an emotional dream." JJ remarked. "I did." Spencer ব্যক্ত under his breath. "You were also অভিনয় really weird." Derek joked crudely. "Shut up Morgan!" Spencer remarked in an angry tone. Derek just smiled as Blake put her hand on his shoulder. Spencer decided right then and there he was going to see a sleep therapist when the BAU got back. The best part is, not only did he have support, but he now had one other thing he really needed the most-closure.