Hotch and Beth were on yet another romantic date. The night was perfect. The stars were out, the moon shined on Beth's hair, and the breeze was just right. "It's such a nice night!" Beth remarked happily. "Yeah, it is." Hotch replied. He also had a hint of nervousness in his voice. Just a hint.

"You sound nervous." Beth ব্যক্ত with a coy smile. "Oh, it's just the breeze." Hotch lied. "It IS kind of cool out." Beth agreed. The night was a tad bit chilly, but it was perfect. The couple walked in silence again before resting at a pavilion. "I can't believe we've been dating for a year-and-a-half!" Beth stated. "I know, I can't either." Hotch replied.

"It's amazing how fast the time flies when you're in love!" Beth remarked joyfully. "Yep, it IS amazing!" Hotch beamed. Beth let out a small laugh. "With my job and your job, it's odd how we can be meant to be!" she beamed. Hotch grinned trying not to laugh. "What's gotten into you?" Beth asked jokingly. "Oh, nothing." Hotch answered. "There's just something I want to ask you." he continued. "What?" Beth asked.

Hotch got down on one knee with a diamond ring! "Will আপনি marry me?" he asked. Beth had tears in her eyes as she stared at him. "Yes!" she finally answered. Hotch got the ring out of its box and put it on Beth's finger. Beth stared at the ring for about 30 সেকেন্ড অথবা so before leaning into a tender চুম্বন from Hotch. After the kiss, the couple walked back প্রথমপাতা in a loving embrace.
Later that night, Hotch was texting his BAU colleagues about the engagement. "Isn't it kind of early for আপনি to be telling people about our engagement?" Beth asked walking in the living room with a cup of herbal tea. "I'm just telling my colleagues." Hotch answered with a sly smile. He suddenly let out a sad sigh. "What's the matter?" Beth asked. "I don't know how Jack's going to react." Hotch answered. "I'm sure he'll be happy for you!" Beth reassured.

"I can't replace Haley though." she continued with sadness in her voice. Hotch leaned over toward her. "I'm sure she likes আপনি just as much as Jack does." Hotch reassured that time. "Will her sister be happy for you?" Beth asked. "She'll be thrilled." Hotch answered. "How many of your colleagues did আপনি tell?" Beth asked smiling. "All of them!" Hotch answered coyly.

Hotch let out a আরো relentless sigh. "I wouldn't be surprised if at least 2 of 'em don't answer right away though." he confessed. "Why is that?" Beth asked slyly. "Spencer's in Las Vegas visiting his mother again and Derek's had a rough couple days." Hotch answered. "What's wrong with Derek?" Beth asked concerned. "His allergies have really been giving him a hard time." Hotch answered. "Aw, I hope he feels better soon!" Beth sympathized.

"I think he's goin' to the doctor tomorrow just to make sure it hasn't turned into a sinus infection." Hotch stated. "That's good!" Beth replied with relief. "Is Spencer from Vegas?" she asked. "He is." Hotch answered with a slight laugh. The couple then stared at each other lovingly before going into another tender kiss. Hotch had been lonely, but not anymore. Now that he was with Beth, he felt whole again.