All দিন at the Sacramento Police station, Spencer wouldn't talk to JJ. Nor would he make eye contact with her. WHY was he অভিনয় so distant from his friend? It was because of the nightmare he had. Over the hours, this worried JJ. "Why isn't Spencer talking to me?" she asked Derek. "I don't know. He's probably busy workin' on the case." he answered grabbing another tissue.

JJ didn't know if she wanted to buy that. She began thinking how odd it was for Spencer to not talk to her unless he was mad. She put the theory in the back of her mind and went over to the doc. "It's time আপনি and me had a sit-down." she stated to him coldly. "What's going on?" she asked. Spencer was silent. "Hello?" JJ ব্যক্ত sarcastically. "I'm just busy!" Spencer finally snapped.

"I'm not buying that." JJ replied sternly. She leaned toward Spencer. "Seriously-WHAT is going on?" she asked again. Spencer sighed sadly knowing he'd been defeated. "Alright, আপনি got me. I've been having nightmares again." he confessed. JJ had a shocked look. "I thought আপনি stopped having them." she replied confused. "I relapsed for no reason." Spencer confessed again.

"Last night, I had a horrible one That's why I haven't been talking to আপনি today." he continued. "Spence, আপনি could've told me..." JJ sympathized. "I wanted to, but I wanted to solve this problem on my own." Spencer replied. JJ looked around. "What was your nightmare of me about?" she asked. "You ব্যক্ত I had mocked your protection of keeping Emily's faked death a secret." Spencer answered. JJ kept listening.

"You also ব্যক্ত if আপনি had known my ignorance, আপনি wouldnt've made me the godfather of Henry." Spencer continued. "I fought back saying I was glad he was my godchild, but then আপনি ব্যক্ত that আপনি didn't want me anywhere near him anymore." he kept telling. "Spencer..." JJ ব্যক্ত apologetically. "I প্রণয় it when আপনি spend time with Henry. And, it means the world to me that you're his godfather." she continued. Spencer looked at her. "Do আপনি really mean that?" he asked. "I do." JJ answered. "Just remember-it was only a dream." she reminded.

"Okay, I'll bite-what's goin' on আপনি two?" Derek asked sounding alittle less congested. "We were just talking." Spencer lied. "Mmm..." Derek replied. "You sound like আপনি might be coming down with a sinus infection." JJ stated in a concerned tone. "It's just my allergies." Derek reassured. "You should've heard him when I woke up from the nightmare." Spencer silently joked. JJ laughed. Derek smiled at her laughter and returned to working on the case.