Later that day, Spencer couldn't stop thinking about talk to Robert in his dream. *I sought closure!* he thought. Closure was the thing Spencer needed if something like Maeve's death happened. From family members to friends, আপনি name it. Even if it occurred in a dream. Spencer snapped out of his thoughts when JJ came into the room. "You know about the unsub's location?" she asked.

"Yeah, we think he was raised right here in Sacramento all his life." Spencer answered. "He never wanted to leave town." he continued. "Why does that surprise me?" JJ asked. Spencer took a bite of something he was snacking on. "Some people don't want to leave their families." he answered with his mouth full. "That explains his vulnerability." JJ replied. She then noticed something about Spencer.

"You OK?" she asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." Spencer answered. JJ gave him a look. "You had another nightmare, didn't you?" she theorized. Spencer sighed. "It wasn't a nightmare. It was a dream." he stated. "What kind of dream?" JJ asked.

"A closure one. I talked to Maeve's ex-fiancé." Spencer answered. "He probably told আপনি Maeve's death wasn't your fault." JJ stated. "He admired the way I protected Maeve." Spencer replied. "But didn't আপনি feel the closure?" JJ asked. "Yeah." Spencer answered. JJ put a hand on his shoulder. "Maeve's death was NOT your fault." she comforted. "I know." Spencer replied getting somber.

"Out of curiosity, where's Morgan?" JJ asked. Spencer hid some laughs. "Hotch made him stay at the hotel." he answered trying not to burst out laughing. "Why?" JJ asked. "His allergies were REAL bad last night." Spencer answered. "Oh, I get it now." JJ stated feeling sorry for Derek. She and Spencer went back to their profiling.