Spencer went to বিছানা that night thinking he wasn't going to have another not so gruesome nightmare. But BOY was he wrong! He was in his ghostly form and this time, he was in a Georgia cornfield. *Why am I in a cornfield?* he asked himself. But the doc was unaware of who'd make an appearance. Spencer looked up and saw a man. From what it looked like, it was Tobias Hanckel.

"Tobias?" Spencer said. Tobias somehow had an angry scowl on his face. "Who do আপনি think I am boy?" he asked in a deep southern accent. It was actually Raphael! "Raphael!" Spencer ব্যক্ত with anger boiling up in his voice as he got his gun out. "God gave me my life back." Raphael ব্যক্ত ungreatfully. "You may've had ME fooled, but আপনি haven't fooled my colleagues, Raph!" Spencer argued.

Raphael stopped dead in his tracks. "How the hell do THEY not know?!?" he asked enraged. "It wasn't that hard." Spencer answered ready to shoot. Raphael also got his gun out. Spencer fake-laughed. "Are আপনি REALLY going to go into a shooting duel with me?" he asked sarcastically. Raphael loaded his pistol. "You think I'm playin' boy?" he asked meanly. "As a matter of fact, I do." Spencer answered being calm but laid back at the same time.

Raphael put his finger on the trigger. "You gonna wish আপনি never ব্যক্ত that!" Raphael replied as he pulled the trigger. Spencer was down, but he still managed to shoot Raphael back. But what Spencer saw right before his eyes was a new modern gun Raphael was holding. "It's 'bout time আপনি went away boy!" Raphael bragged cruelly. Spencer had his gun ready, but Raphael shot him several times before his own eyes! The "real" Spencer woke with a start, screaming loudly.

He then breathed heavily as he wiped the sweat off from his face and neck. *I hope that Derek didn't wake up!* he thought regretfully about the screaming. The doc looked over at Derek. Derek was sound asleep and snoring ever so softly. *WHEW!* Spencer thought in relief. Before going back to sleep, he made a decision to contact his sleep therapist and tell her about the relapse on his nightmares once and for all. After making the decision, he drifted back off into a deep sleep.