We have a discussion on the ফোরাম here about noteworthy things in twilight. I picked Angela, and now I realize that Jessica is noteworthy, too.

We'll start with Jessica!Hate. Besides Lauren, Jessica is probably the most hated human friend that Bella has. Reasons Twilighters give for this are 'Jessica is a brat', 'she ignores her in book two', 'she's too hyper', and 'i just don't like her'. Some of those are just ridiculous. 'Jessica is a brat'. How? How is Jessica a brat? Answer: She isn't. 'she ignores bella in book two' I'll elaborate on this one later, because it's pretty big. 'shes too hyper' Ummm, if আপনি didn't like hyper, then আপনি wouldn't like Alice. Jessica.. isn't what I would say is hyper. 'i just dont like her' Same answer with 'Jessica is a brat'.

I don't see why Jessica is so unliked. When Bella arrives at Forks, Jessica is nothing but nice to her. She invites her to go dress shopping with her, and Bella uses her in this situation. Bella heads off to a bookstore to find out about Edward.

Jessica ditches Bella in book two. This is partly true. In New Moon, after Edward leaves her, Bella becomes... catatonic. She hardly eats. she hardly sleeps. Her grades drop. She becomes less social. She cannot live her life because she was dependent on Edward. Jessica, and Bella's other 'friends', try in vain to help her. It says in the book that jessica calls many times, but Bella ignores it. Eventually, she stops calling because bella is ignoring her. People complain that Jessica is rude to Bella, but if your friend ditched আপনি and did what Bella did, would আপনি still be বন্ধু with her? I doubt it!

Jessica has many good qualities. She is nice, she is happy, she is not exclusive, she helps other people... if she had been fleshed out a bit আরো than she would have been a great character. jessica is open to bella, and accepts her within her group of friends. Bella, again, ignores this and uses them.

All in all, I really like Jessica. She is a great character and I do not understand why she isn't liked. Not the greatest conclusion ever, but she really is a great character.

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