Okay, so I just wrote an প্রবন্ধ called "Bella Swan: A Rant", and it seems a lot people liked it, which mad me glad! But I've deicided to write an প্রবন্ধ about Jacob Black, one of the most loved, yet hated characters in the twilight saga

Now, what I don't get is why so many people (Especially Edward lovers) hate the guy so much. Okay, yes, he can be selfish, but he was so kind and sweet in New Moon to Bella. He helped her when no one else could, and started to make her smile and laugh again. I really loved him in New Moon(more than Edward, that's for sure.) And to say I was ticked off when Bella just threw him into the side the মিনিট Edward comes back would be an understatment. If it was possible, it made me hate her character আরো than I already did. Really felt sorry for Jacob in New Moon.

Now, I think Eclipse is when most people started to hate him. They keep saying he's a jerk, but here's are some words দ্বারা kateliness2 on a pick from twilight:

" Jacob isn't a jerk! Goodness...no one sees that he was just trying to save Bella. He wasn't trying to get in the way of Bella and Edward just to be a prat; he literally thought that she was going to die at his hands.
He was also correct in knowing that Bella thought she didn't have any other option than Edward. He showed her that she didn't have to chose a life as a vampire. He was just trying to be a good friend.
I just get upset because I feel everyone is far too gaga over Edward to see this."

I was speechless when I read this, because it was EXACLY how I felt about everything! I mean...come on, he was just trying to প্রদর্শনী her that she didn't have to give up everything! And many hate him because he "forced" himself on Bella...that was actually realistic. He's not this perfect god-like Adonis creature Stephanie made Edward(who is far from perfect if আপনি ask me). He was just a teenage boy who was soft of desperate!

Then in Breaking Dawn, I couldn't have been আরো happy when the middle of the book was in his point of view! (One: Because he's my favorite! Two: It wasnt in Bella's POV.) While I hated Breaking Dawn, he actually made it আরো bearable for me! And his chapter titles were funny.
Then...he imprints on Rennesme.
Really Stephanie? Really?
It's bad enough I had to read the birth scene(Oh My Gosh, I wanted to puke!) Then he imprints on the deamon spawn..why Stephanie? Why?
Okay, it kind of ruined his character a little bit...but its not like he can control it! Let's remeber, he hated her at first!
I actually thought he should of ended up with Leah and forget about Bella. Doesnt deserve him anyway in my opinon.
Anyway, thats it! I really hope আপনি enjoyed this article. I might write another one about Edward Cullen, but I'm not sure...what do আপনি think?

Sorry if I offended anyone. And please don't put মতামত like "Jacob iz a jerk! He got in the way of Bella and Edward, who are meant to be together forever1!1! অথবা "Your just stupid." Really, they will just make me laugh.
Anyway, peace!