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Interesting facts all about the Twilight Saga বই and movies.
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Analyzing the Twilight Phenomena

First off, I’d like to mention that I am not a psychologist. Everything আপনি read is just my own analyzing and since I am interested in Psychology and Behaviorism I decided to make an প্রবন্ধ of what I think is the basic reason for Twilight’s enormous popularity. I hope আপনি will enjoy it.

Recently I came across a post at the ফোরাম that ব্যক্ত about Twilight: ” [it’s] a bit childish to say its a failure, because if it is, then why do so many people (And not just crazy teenage girls either) প্রণয় Twilight huh?”.

I have seen this argument countless of times...
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{edited, added some stuff, just an informal consideration of a few of the arguments that support the accusation}

"Bella রাজহাঁস is a sociopath."

It’s an extreme statement, to be sure. However, it’s not one to be dismissed offhand, without consideration towards its arguments.

First, here are a couple definitions of the term sociopath.
-Random House Dictionary:
a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility অথবা social conscience.
-American Heritage Dictionary of Cultural Literacy:
Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal....
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So I was originally going to প্রকাশ this প্রবন্ধ in the বই to Read spot, but then found this place, and I think it fits in here much better :) Anywho, this is an opinion প্রবন্ধ I originally wrote for my school newspaper. Yes, it's a bit of a rant, but I don't mean to be offensive, so please don't take it that way. Enjoy :)


There’s no way আপনি haven’t heard of it. From the first publishing of that first book to the most সাম্প্রতিক perfume-bottle scandal, Twilight has permeated the very core of pop culture, not to mention high school conversation. No matter whether...
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In which Edward takes an unhealthy interest in Buffy, and Buffy gives him what-for! This video is very, very clever and funny. The way it's put together is so well done. Enjoy, rate and comment! =D
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Source: Reasoning With ভ্যাম্পায়ার Tumblr
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Source: Reasoning With ভ্যাম্পায়ার Tumblr
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I am totally ignoring Breaking Dawn in this because Stephenie Meyer broke all the rules in there. [Vampires cant have children, they have no body fluids, etc etc]
Reasons i think Jacob is better for Bella than Edward is:
1. Edward/Bellas relationship is based on appearance. She is constantly talking about how good he looks, how velvety his voice is, how graceful he is, etc. She ব্যক্ত Jacob was beautiful once অথবা twice and called his new muscles impressive once অথবা that she is jealous of his tan skin. She thinks Edward is too good for her because she looks plain পরবর্তি to him. She thinks Jacob is too...
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