ক্রাইম সিন ইনভেস্টিগেশন নিউ ইয়র্ক Episode Summeries of first season part two

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Season 1 - Episode 18 - The Dove Commission

Written by Anthony E. Zuiker and Zachary Reiter
Directed by Emilio Estevez

Commissioner Dan Stanwyk and Charlotte DuBois dance as others look on. A news reporter stands at the edge of the room filming a segment: the Dove Commission, a group formed to investigate corruption in the NYPD, has finished its report and will be releasing it the following day. Suddenly, shots ring out and the couple falls.

Detective Flack leads Mac and Stella to the grim scene. Stanwyk was heading up the Dove Commission, meaning the case will be a big one. He dismisses the woman Stanwyk was dancing with as collateral damage. Mac asks Grace Walderson, Charlotte's friend, about Charlotte, and she tells him Charlotte was a friend visiting from Kentucky and that she hadn't met Stanwyk before that evening. Stella organizes the team, telling them to collect the shattered glass from the windows while she retrieves the bullets. She notes that they're looking for a rifle, not a handgun.

Aiden and Danny are in Washington Heights at the scene of a brutal murder. Fernando Reyes lies dead in his cab, his throat slashed, but Danny is none too sympathetic. He tells Aiden he has "issues" with gypsy cab drivers. The CSIs question Paul Baxter, the transit worker who discovered Reyes's body and called the police. He tells them he didn't notice anyone running from the scene or hopping the turnstile at the subway station he works at.

At the morgue, Dr. Hawkes informs Mac that both Stanwyk and DuBois were shot twice, and one bullet passed through both of them. Mac heads down to the police station and is able to finagle a copy of the Dove Commission report which he reads. Meanwhile, Hawkes finds blood under Reyes's nails and shows Danny and Aiden all the defensive wounds on the mans body. Reyes died from the wound to his neck.
At the station, Mac confronts Chief Vince Robinson, whose men have been implicated in drug trafficking and police brutality in the Dove Commission's report. Mac insists on testing Robinson for GSR though Robinson counters that he's just returned from the shooting range. Back at the lab, Dr. Giles tells Danny and Aiden that the blood under Reyes's nails has female DNA. Constance Briell in the ballistics lab also has some surprising news for Stella: she's compared two of the bullets from the shooting and determined that they come from two different rifles. Looking at the glass from the windows reveals that the bullets came from outside the room, not in it. To make matters worse, Inspector Markoni from IAB pays Mac a visit to put pressure on him to find the shooter. He encourages Mac to pursue the Robinson lead.
Danny and Aiden process Reyes' cab. Danny finds a picture of Reyes and his son, while Aiden discovers a business card with gum in it. They go to Reyes's residence, where they inform his teenaged son, Antonio, of his father's death. Danny starts interrogating the young man, insulting his father for not being a legal cab driver. Antonio bristles, ready for a confrontation with the CSI, but Aiden diffuses the situation.

Chad Willingham tells Mac that Robinson tested positive for GSR, but the GSR had traces of tin in it from the shooting range. Robinson was telling the truth. Mac sends Flack to get the footage from Morty Sherman, the newsman who was filming that night.

Danny freezes the gum in the business card and removes it revealing a name: Gavin Arnold. Danny questions him about his whereabouts. He denies being in the cab, but when Danny presses, he admits he gave his card to a stripper named Savannah at a strip club called Lifestyles the night Reyes was murdered.
Constance tells Stella that the bullets from the hotel are specific to the Tactical Assistance Response Unit (TARU). Mac and Stella track down Officer Jasper, who is the only person authorized to fly TAG--a small helicopter equipped with two rifles and video surveillance equipment. Jasper tells them the helicopter is designed for assault in inaccessible or dangerous places. He was on duty starting at 2am; four hours after Stanwyk and DuBois were killed. Stella takes the helicopter and the remote. Stella tests the bullets and finds they are a match for the chopper's rifles. The prints on the remote match Jasper's, and Mac decides to track the man's movements using the "Pass-N-Go" pass that police officers get to use for free.

Danny and Aiden find Savannah at Lifestyles. She tells the CSIs that when Reyes dropped her off at her apartment a man attacked her in the doorway. Reyes jumped out of his cab and fought the guy, allowing her to run off. She gives them her clothes from that night that contains a substance of steel scrapings.
When Mac informs Inspector Markoni that Jasper couldn't be the killer: he was headed in the opposite direction on the Triborough before the shootings. Markoni presses Mac to find the killer, but Mac is beginning to question his own assumptions it related to the Dove Commission report. Mac and Stella go back and start going over Stanwyk and DuBois's clothes. Stella finds lipstick on Stanwyk's collar. Mac and Stella interrogate Grace Walderson. The lipstick on Stanwyk's collar wasn't from Charlotte and asks if Grace was the one who was with Stanwyk Stella puts it together: Grace, not Charlotte, was the target. Distressed and clearly frightened, Grace runs off, but not before leaving behind a tissue she used to wipe her eyes.

Dr. Giles tells Danny and Aiden that the hair from Savannah’s clothes has female DNA, but notes that it's possible that the killer has a genetic mutation that is causing his Y chromosome to read as an X. When Giles tells them there's steel dust from the transit station on the hair as well, Danny and Aiden realize their culprit is Paul Baxter, the transit worker who found Reyes's body. Paul waited for Jamie to come home and attacked her, but then was pulled off her by Reyes.
Mac goes back to the TAG helicopter and tests its battery for prints. He gets a hit: Inspector Bill Markoni. Mac and Stella interrogate the IAB officer, who had access to TAG five years ago when he worked for TARU. Mac calls it a crime of passion, and Markoni confesses that he used to be with Grace Walderson, but then Stanwyk stole her away. Mac is angry that he tried to pin the crime on two innocent men, but Markoni is unrepentant and insists it was worth it.

Danny tracks down Antonio Reyes and apologizes for his behavior. He tells Antonio that when he was ten years old, he and his father were beaten up by a gypsy cab driver. He also lets Antonio know that Fernando was a good man and died saving a woman. He also gives the boy the picture of him and his father that he found in the cab.

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Crime & Misdemeanor

Written by Andrew Lipsitz and Eli Talbert
Directed by Rob Bailey

At a cleaning facility, a woman's body is found wrapped in a set of hotel sheets. When Mac and Stella arrive on the scene, Flack laments that there are upwards of 70,000 hotel rooms in New York City. Dr. Hawkes looks at the young woman's body and tells the CSIs her throat was cut. Stella notices the logo 'Lynford' on the sheets. Stella decides to start with the missing persons database while Mac starts to process the sheets.

Across town, some Swedish tourists have been greeted with an unpleasant surprise: when one posed for a picture with a human statue, the statue fell over dead. Officer Omar Lilly tells Danny and Aiden that the man, who painted himself entirely in silver, would stand in position for seven our eight hours a day.

In the lab, Chad Willingham shows Mac that the sheets the woman was wrapped were 100 thread count Egyptian cotton, used in only five of the Lynford hotels. Hawkes tells Stella that the woman's last meal was expensive Almas caviar served at only three of the Lynford hotels. Only one Lynford hotel offers both the sheets and the caviar: the Dunsmore, home to UN delegates. One delegate ordered caviar the night before: Robert Costa of Tescara, a small Atlantic island. Costa and his three attaches, Tony Garcia, Tom Martin and Frank Barret, seem unconcerned by the CSIs' presence, though Robert asks to see the warrant. Frank Barret ignores Flack when the detective talks to him, but it's due to his hearing problems rather than any disrespect. Mac and Stella go over the hotel room, which appears to have been thoroughly cleaned. They think to flip the mattress and Mac discovers blood on the springs beneath the mattress covering.

Flack pulls Robert's records and learns he was accused of raping and murdering a co-ed, Susan Young, ten years ago when he was in college. Tony, Frank and Tom all took the stand on Robert's behalf and he's employed them ever since. Flack confronts Robert with the news that the blood in the mattress matches the dead woman and Mac promises they'll track her back to the diplomat. Robert admits to meeting her at a function and says he took her back to his room, but he claims the blood on the mattress is menstrual blood.

Hawkes has an ID on the human statue: John Hawkins, but he also tells the CSI that Hawkins died of natural causes. He adds that Hawkins has been dead for 48 hours, meaning someone posed him. Hawkes even notes that the man's face was shaved after he died. Aiden thinks the case is over--posing a dead body would only be a misdemeanor, but Danny isn't ready to let it go, even once Man tells him to drop it.
Chad is going over evidence from the dumpster, including a green dress and a broken champagne bottle. He also has an ID on the victim: Jenny Lee from Wyoming. Stella tracks down Jenny's college roommate who tells her that the girl gave up her dance studies at Julliard to pursue European men. Back in the lab, Mac reassembles the champagne bottle, which he suspects is the murder weapon. There are two distinct blood patterns on the bottle. Stella informs him that Jenny's blood alcohol level was elevated, and that she'd also been given roofies, a common date rape drug. Meanwhile, Danny, with Aiden's help, is still pursuing the Hawkins case. He learns Officer Lilly had the man arrested nine times, which both CSIs find excessive.

Jane tells Mac that one of the blood samples on the champagne bottle is Jenny's, while the other belongs to Tom Martin, Robert's driver. Tom was arrested for knocking around a girlfriend four years ago. Mac and Stella confront the man, who they suspect may have been seeing Jenny. Tom claims Robert and Jenny hooked up and then she wandered off to find someone to party with afterwards. Stella laments that they haven't been able to find roofies in the hotel room when Mac thinks to check the men individually. Sure enough, Tony Garcia was carrying roofies when he entered the country and was allowed to keep them because he claimed it was a prescription for sleeping problems. Tony denies any involvement and reiterates his loyalty to Robert.

Danny confronts Lilly about the arrests, but Lilly tells him that Hawkins was a homeless man that he had arrested so that he would have a warm place to sleep. He's surprised when Danny tells him that it was Hawkins under the silver makeup. Back at the lab, Hawkes tells Stella that there is champagne laces with roofies on Jenny's body, and the only saliva samples come from Robert. Jane tells her Robert would have passed out, meaning he wouldn't have been able to kill Jenny. She also shows Stella that a ring Jenny wore had epithelials from a female relative of Robert's--a grandmother. Robert was in love with Jenny. In the AV lab, Danny and Aiden look at surveillance pictures of the human statue from the day he was found dead and two days prior to that. Aiden measures the ulna to the femur proportion on both pictures and finds they don't match up. The pictures feature two different men.

Mac and Stella put Chad under a dummy to figure out the positions of Jenny and Robert the night she died and based on how the blood pattern the mock blood on Chad makes, they determine Jenny was lying on top of Robert when she was murdered. Mac confronts Robert with the knowledge that while Susan Young meant nothing to him, Robert loved Jenny. Robert denies being the one who killed her, but Mac suspects he knows who did kill her. Stella finds the same print on both the roofies sample and the champagne bottle, and it doesn't belong to either Robert or Tom.

Aiden finds another useless hair sample, covered in silver, and starts to get frustrated with what she's seeing as a dead end. Danny has a flash of inspiration and checks the man's shoes--if he was on his feet all day, he would have had special insoles. Sure enough, they have a serial number, which leads the CSIs to David Scott, the real human statue. It turns out he found John dead when he brought him food and saw an opportunity to take a day off by having John stand in for him.

Mac and Stella go back to the hotel room and search the closet where they believe the killer watched Robert and Jenny from. He waited for them to pass out and then slit Jenny's throat. Mac finds a bloody hearing aid in the closet and the case comes together. Stella interrogates Frank Barret, the Costa aide with hearing difficulties. His prints were the ones on both the champagne bottle and the roofies. Stella matched the DNA sample to a semen sample from Susan Young--Frank and Susan were lovers. Finally Frank starts talking: Robert wanted Susan, but she didn't want him so he raped and killed her. Stella is disgusted: Frank killed Jenny, an innocent girl, for revenge.

Their case closed, Aiden heads out of the lab dressed for a date, possibly with Omar Lilly, whom she flirted with earlier. Danny is about to head out as well, but Mac stops him and confronts him about not dropping the case when Mac ordered him to. Mac tells Danny he has to learn he's not a "one man army," but Danny brushes him off and storms off. The men exchange dark looks before Danny leaves.

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Supply and Demand

Written by Anne McGrail and Erica Shelton
Directed by Joe Chappelle

Kaitlyn, a Chelsea University student is trying to study when she's interrupted by noisy music coming from her neighbor's dorm room. Her irritation turns to concern when she hears a gun shot and goes down the hall to discover a gruesome sight. When Mac and Stella arrive at the scene, they note that the victim, Will Novick, was badly beaten before he was shot in the head execution-style. Will's roommate, a girl named Jordan Benson, is missing. She left her pink cell phone behind, which Stella bags. Mac looks at the damage and notices that the blood spatter is inside some of the boy's stereo equipment, indicating there were two attackers: one who trashed the place, the other who beat the boy. Mac finds a pair of tickets to "King Lear" with bloody fingerprints on them. Stella finds white residue on a tabletop, and tests it: it's heroin.

Dr. Hawkes describes the fatal bullet to Will's head as a mercy killing after the severity of the beating he received. Hawkes saw no signs of heroin use in the boy. Mac and Stella talk to Mr. Novick, Will's father, who refuses to believe his son was dealing drugs. He tells the skeptical CSIs that Will was a good kid and was putting himself through college. In the lab, Danny tells Mac that the heroin is pure China White, with 90% purity. Stella is going over Will's finances, and she shows Flack that the boy made cash deposits here and there. Aiden has a lead: she shows Mac that there were two seats in between the two tickets. Mac and Danny head to the theater, where the matinee of "King Lear" is in progress. A young man, Alex, and his girlfriend are watching the play. The CSIs pull Alex aside, and he claims he's Will's "digger"--he would wait in line to buy tickets for Will to scalp. Will's cash funds came from scalping, not drug dealing.

Meanwhile, Jordan's purse has been found in an ally. Stella tells Mac that Jordan's cash and credit cards are still in the purse, though the purse strap is broken, indicating it was ripped from the girl's shoulder. Mac sees fresh blood on the ground and Stella notices a ricochet mark from a bullet on the wall of one of the buildings. Mac follows the blood trail to a dumpster and is surprised when a young African American leaps out at him. Mac acts quickly and tackles the young man, one Shaun Deroy, who denies knowing about Jordan. When they get back to the lab, Chad analyzes Deroy's cell phone, but it's only a few days old and offers no clues. Flack calls Stella with some surprising news: Jordan has turned up, safe and sound, at her father's mansion. Stella and Flack question the girl, who says she needed to get away from school for a few days. She didn't know Will well, but says she didn't think he sold drugs, as she never would have roomed with him if he did. Flack and Stella leave unsatisfied, convinced something isn't adding up. At the police station, Aiden scrapes under a surly Deroy's nails. When he threatens her, she tasers him in order to get a sample of a substance on his hands.

The CSIs have another dead college student on their hands: Paul Collins, who overdosed and was found by his RA. Mac picks up a baggie filled with fine white powder and tells Danny to check for a connection to Will Novick. At the lab, Stella takes apart Jordan's cell phone and finds two messages telling people to meet her at 11:30 and noon at different places on the college campus. Mac brings Paul Collins' clothes for Chad to examine, but while Chad is telling him the heroin Paul had was high quality, they are interrupted by a cell phone ringing. Mac finds Paul's cell in his clothes and answers it; Stella, using Jordan's cell, is on the other line. Jordan, not Will, was the one dealing the drugs.

Stella and Flack pay a visit to Jordan, but both her father, Martin, and her lawyer, Diane Lipstone, are in attendance. Stella accuses Jordan of killing Paul Collins with the heroin she sold him, and she shows her a picture of the dead boy. She asks Jordan to tell her who else she sold drugs to, but Jordan refuses to speak, and Diane tells Stella to go. Disgusted, Stella leaves the picture of Paul with Jordan. Back at the lab, Aiden tells Mac that the substance from Deroy's hands is superglue, and notes that the DNA under his nails belongs to a woman. Aiden goes through Jordan's purse and finds white residue, which she gives to Chad for analysis. Stella and Flack go over Jordan's financial statements and learn she was broke; she ran up debt on two cards, which her father paid off. After doing so, he cancelled the cards. Aiden tells Mac and Stella that there were traces of China White in Jordan's purse, and the DNA on her lipstick matches the DNA under Deroy's nails. Aiden suggests the CSIs use Jordan's college ID to track her movements.
Chief Dwight Hilbourne confronts Mac about Stella's questioning of Jordan, referencing three other complaints filed against Stella in the past. Mac dismisses the complaints and reminds Hilbourne that Stella was trying to save another college kid from dying like Paul did. Afterwards Mac confronts Stella, telling her she should have used better judgment. Aiden interrupts them to tell them that Jordan's purse was a designer knockoff and that she found superglue under the insignia that matched the superglue found on Deroy's hands. The superglue on the purse is relatively fresh, indicating that Jordan bought the purse recently. The CSIs realize Deroy was selling the purses and must have sold Jordan one containing heroin by accident. Jordan must have decided to capitalize on her find.

Danny is tracing Jordan's path with her student ID and it leads him to the library where the student working there says that both Jordan and another student named Andrea Allix went into the Special Collections room around the same time. Danny races to Andrea's dorm, where he finds the girl passed out on the floor. He gives her CPR and tells the RA to call 911. Andrea survives and is willing to testify that Jordan sold her the drugs. Stella offers to step aside on the case, but Mac tells her to go to Jordan's house and finish it. Aiden has traced the purse to the warehouse district and a particular dealer: Joel Banks. Mac and Danny go to the warehouse where Danny discovers white powder on a table. Banks denies any involvement so Mac arrests him for selling counterfeit goods. Stella and Flack serve Martin Benson with a warrant and search the Benson house. Stella gets a weak positive read in the toilet where Jordan obviously flushed the remainder of the drugs. Stella figures Jordan decided to capitalize on the drugs she lucked into, assuming it was cocaine, but when Deroy attacked her and stole her purse, she fled back to her father's house. What Stella finds most reprehensible is that Jordan wouldn't tell them about Andrea after Paul died. Jordan is arrested for negligent homicide and drug trafficking.

Mac confronts Joel Banks in an interrogation room--he's found a blood drop that matches Will Novick on Banks' t-shirt. Mac believes Banks figured out Will wasn't dealing the drugs but killed him anyways after he broke into the apartment to send Jordan a message. Mac is disgusted, but he is convinced Banks will get what's coming to him in prison when the people he works for get wind of his actions. Mac goes to Will Novick's apartment where Mr. Novick is packing up his son's things. Mac tells the man his son was a good kid and apologizes for his earlier assumptions. He helps Mr. Novick move a few of the boxes downstairs.

Season 1 - Episode 21 - On the Job

Written by Timothy J. Lea
Directed by David Von Ancken

Mac and Danny are at the apartment of one very dead Jay Knight. Danny notices high velocity blood spatter on the wall, and Mac sends him to check out the rest of the apartment. Danny does so and hears something coming from behind one of the closet doors. As Danny starts to open the door, a man bursts out of the closet, throwing Danny backwards. Danny recovers and chases the man into the subway, where the man starts to fire at the CSI as people panic. Danny tells them all to get down and moves behind a pillar. After several more shots are fired, Danny returns fire and hits the man firing at him. But when Mac and several other officers arrive at the scene, they roll over the lifeless body of the man who has an NYPD badge. When Mac asks Danny if the dead man was the one he was chasing, Danny thinks so but isn't sure.

Flack tells Mac the dead cop is Rodney Minhas, who was working undercover. The officers at the scene are angry about the shooting, and Danny, who is being treated for a bloody cut on his forehead, yells at them when they make comments about Minhas's death. Mac pulls Danny aside and Danny tells him his version of the story: Minhas fired at him first, and Danny fired the final two rounds. Mac tells Danny to go home and not talk to IAB yet. Aiden approaches Mac: she's found a personal recorder one of the civilians who was wounded was carrying. It's still recording; Mac takes it as evidence. When he goes above ground, he's irritated to see Danny about to talk to Chief Dwight Hilborne from IAB. Mac orders Danny to go to the hospital.

The body of Sandra Lopez, nineteen-year-old nanny, has been discovered in the bathrooms at a nanny park with a bloody head wound. Stella speaks to her two friends, Glenda Wallace and Matrice Singh, who called 911. The women are also nannies--the three would meet in the park. They tell Stella that Sandra worked for the Myersons, big name antique importers. The Myerson's child, Daniela, has been taken by Child Welfare, and Stella goes to examine the child, who appears unharmed.

Dr. Hawkes tells Mac that Minhas was shot twice--he pulled a hollow point bullet out of the man's shoulder, but that wasn't the fatal round. The fatal shot was to the abdomen, which caused Minhas to bleed to death. That bullet is missing, so there's no way to tell who fired the fatal shot. Lab tech Shannon Goodall plays the personal recorder data for Mac. She tells him that because there are three distinct sources of gunshots, she'll be able to identify the shooters' locations. Danny's are the final two shots, and before Danny's two shots are fired, Mac and Shannon distinctly hear Minhos identify himself as an undercover officer.

Dr. Hawkes tells Stella blunt force trauma killed Sandra, and points out granite in the wound. He also makes note of the fact that Sandra's nostrils and throat are singed, but her face isn't burned. Stella returns to the park and collects rocks of the correct shape and size to test. Back in the lab, she discovers one of the rocks has prints on it, but the prints aren't in the system. At the hospital, Danny grows impatient waiting for the doctor to treat the cut on his head and leaves. Stella heads across town to the Myersons' residence, where she is greeted by Randolf Giff, the couple's butler. He says Sandra mostly got along with the Myersons, but says the girl had been erratic of late. He refuses to disclose the Myersons' location, saying they've become private since someone stole one of the prize nesting dolls. The doll was returned soon after, and Stella takes it as evidence. Randolph mentions a bartender boyfriend of Sandra's, and Stella finds him at Lady Demon's Fire Bar, where scantily clad women eat and breathe fire from flaming sticks. Steve Dark, the bartender, admits he hooked up with Sandra but claims it was consensual. She wanted a chance to try out for a position at the bar, but she choked up when she tried to take the flame into her mouth. Stella runs Steve's prints in the lab against those on the rock, but they don't match up.
Danny stops by the subway station to see how the investigation is progressing, but Mac is irritated by his presence and tells him that the evidence doesn't support his story. He gives Danny a lawyer's card and sends him away. Flack and Aiden discover a bullet lodged in a stair, and it's free of blood. They take it to Constance Briell, but she matches it not to Danny's gun but to the bullet that killed Jay Knight. The suspect Danny was chasing fired the round, meaning that the only unaccounted for round--Danny's--must have been the one that killed Minhas. Flack meets an anxious Danny in a diner, where Danny tells him how upset he is and how alone he feels. Flack urges Danny not to take matters into his own hands, but Danny tells him he feels like he's already been hung and storms out.

Stella decides to run Sandra's prints and comes up with a match to a set of prints matching the theft of a sapphire necklace. When Stella gets to the house where the necklace was stolen from, she discovers Glenda, Sandra's friend, is the nanny at the residence. Glenda claims they were just trying on the necklace and had nothing to do with the theft. Stella takes her prints. In Brooklyn, Flack and Aiden go over Jay Knight's apartment and conclude that because the high velocity blood splatter in the apartment wasn't from Jay or their missing suspect, there must have been a third man in the apartment. They search for the bullet and Aiden spots it across the street in a telephone poll. Hawkes recovers the bullet and it tests positive for blood. In the lab, Stella runs Glenda's prints. They don't match the prints on the rock, but they do come up in connection with another robbery, from the house where Matrice works. She's brought in and printed, but asks for a lawyer.

Mac, Aiden and Constance analyze the bullet and put it together: Minhas was in Jay's apartment, and that's where the fatal bullet was fired. Danny wasn't the shooter. Aiden and Flack go back to the scene where they pick up a blood trail leading toward another subway entrance, and ending at a gray car. Above one of the wheels, they discover a bloody towel, which Minhas used to soak up the blood immediately after getting shot. Meanwhile, Danny has taken matters into his own hands and, against all advice, gone to give a statement to Chief Hilborne. After he gives his account, Hilborne tells him witness accounts contradict his and IAB will be reviewing whether he's fit to be an officer. Dejected, Danny runs into Mac who tells him that they've found evidence that exonerates him of any wrongdoing in the officer's death, but Danny's testimony could render that useless.

Chad and Stella go over the nesting dolls and Stella gets a print off the smallest one. She's able to match them to final nanny: Matrice. The nannies decided to steal from each other's houses, knowing none of their prints were on record, but Sandra got cold feet and took the nesting doll back. When Matrice confronted Sandra about it, Sandra insisted she was out and Matrice, in anger, hit her with the rock and killed her. Matrice seems unremorseful: they were trying to get money to pay for health insurance. Despite the fact that the case is closed, Stella isn't satisfied. The Myersons have still not come back to pick up their child. Mac tells Stella there's nothing she can do to get through to the parents but recommends she go visit the baby.

In an interrogation room, Mac confronts Michael Anderson, the man who fled from Jay's apartment. It was his car Minhas ran to after being shot. Minhas was working undercover, though Anderson clearly had no idea. Mac tells Anderson that Minhas was probably trying to kill him to explain why he was shot. Afterwards, Danny tells Mac that the DA declined to prosecute. Mac swiftly reminds him that this is no victory--IAB simply didn't have enough evidence. Mac also reminds him that his second bullet is unaccounted for. Mac tells Danny two things: he was advised not to hire Danny five years ago and that Danny is now off the promotion grid. Stella spends some quality time with Daniela before her parents come to claim her.

Season 1 - Episode 22 - The Closer

Written by Pam Veasey
Directed by Emilio Estevez

A young woman, Margo Trent, runs frantically out into the street only to get hit by a truck. Detective Flack questions the truck driver afterwards, and the man claims the woman came out of nowhere. At the scene, Mac and Stella notice she’s not wearing any shoes or coat, and Stella notices bruises on her wrists. Flack tells the CSIs the driver was sober and only going 20 miles per hour when he hit Margo. At the morgue, Dr. Hawkes is able to confirm that Margo was indeed killed by the truck, meaning the case is no longer classified as a homicide and can be turned over to Flack. Hawkes does point out semen on Margo’s leg, indicating she recently had sex. Moments after she closes the book on Margo’s case, Stella is called to another scene.

Gilbert Novotny is dead in his car outside a baseball stadium after a Boston/New York game. Gilbert is from Boston and is decked out in his team’s colors. Stella notes that he’s been dead at least twelve hours and Danny comments that Boston won the previous game. Stella notices the man had a nose bleed at some point before he died, and when Danny finds an official major league baseball with mud on it, indicating that it was used in the game. Stella pulls a brown hair from the ball as evidence. Danny and Aiden go to the stands where Novotny sat, Danny mentioning that he was a short stop before a wrist injury from a fight sidelined him. The CSIs examine the seating area and Danny finds blood near Novotny’s seat, indicating his nosebleed happened in the stadium.

Mac gets a call from Quinn Sullivan, the defendant in a murder case. Mac found a bloody hammer with DNA from both Sullivan and the victim, Alissa Danfield, on it, but Quinn insists to Mac over the phone that he did not kill Alissa. Dr. Hawkes tells Stella and Danny that Gilbert Novotny was hit with something that broke his rib and ruptured his spleen, causing him to bleed to death. Hawkes finds something small and white is Novotny’s hair and he hands it over to Danny, who takes it to the lab and determines it’s a Cracker Jack. Stella takes it to Jane for DNA testing, but Jane has some surprising news: the hair on Novotny’s baseball belongs to none other than Margo Trent, the woman who was struck by the truck and killed.
The CSIs try to connect the victims: Gilbert is a factory worker and Margo is a sports agent, making a professional connection unlikely. Footage from the game sheds light on the connection: Margo was standing next to Gilbert at one point, and her hair got caught in the ball he caught at the game. After Mac sends Danny and Aiden off to look into Gilbert Novotny’s history, Stella asks him in Greek what’s bothering him. When she repeats her question in English, he tells her about Quinn Sullivan’s phone call. Stella recalls working the case with him and recalls his DNA being on the handle. She tells him they don’t make mistakes, but Mac is unconvinced.

Flack and Stella go to Margo’s apartment where they discover the bathroom window open and conclude that she must have fled the apartment that way. None of the other tenants recall seeing her with anyone else the night she died. Bryce Sweet, a fellow sports agent, was with Margo the night she died—it was his semen the CSIs found on her leg. But while Bryce confesses they fought over a client Margo stole from him, he tells them it’s just part of the business he and Margo are involved in, and that they had sex in the bathroom afterwards. When Stella asks him for an alibi, he names his wife as his.

While Mac is going back over evidence from Quinn Sullivan’s case, Aiden tells Danny that Gilbert won his ticket from a New York radio station, WNYD. The CSIs play a recording of the show and hear Gilbert call the announcer, Rico Savalas, to brag about Boston. Another called, Tony, got into it with him and Rico awarded them both tickets and told them to deal with it at the game. The CSIs bring Rico in and Danny scolds him for trying to rile up the fans. The DNA on the Cracker Jack came back a match to one Anthony Reanetti, and the CSIs suspect he’s their mystery caller. Danny and Aiden track him down but he runs, forcing Danny to chase him. When they question him, he admits to running because he hadn’t been to see his parole officer lately. Danny and Aiden question him about Gilbert’s death, and while he admits getting into a fight with the man, he says he was kicked out of the stadium for fighting and was on the subway when Gilbert was killed.

Mac goes to see Quinn Sullivan at jail, and the man reiterates that he didn’t kill Alissa. When Mac again presents the evidence of the hammer, Quinn hesitantly admits that it was in fact his hammer, something he’d initially denied. When Mac asks him why he would deny the hammer was his initially, Quinn admits that he worried about claiming it as his because as a tall, powerful African American man, he worried that he fit the profile of the kind of perpetrator he assumed the police would be looking for. Mac admits the news changes everything. Stella tracks Mac down in a diner and confronts him about going to see Sullivan. When he tells her what he’s learned, she admits that they might have drawn different conclusions if they had that information. Mac admits that he’s impressed by the sincerity in Quinn’s eyes, but that he’s still haunted by the injustice of Claire’s death in 9/11 and his powerlessness in the face of it. If he has a chance to right a wrong, he wants to take it.

Dr. Hawkes tells Mac, Danny and Aiden that Gilbert’s wound was caused by a baseball. He shows them the pattern of laces on Gilbert’s chest and hypothesizes that the ball was thrown from less than fifty feet away. Mac decides to test a theory and puts Danny’s skills as a pitcher to the test, trying to figure out how fast the ball would have to be thrown to break a man’s ribs. Danny pitches 82 miles per hour but fails to break the board Mac has set up, so Mac brings in a pitching machine, which breaks the door at 94 mph. Mac then turns back to the Sullivan case, testing the hammer using laser micro dissection, which separates out the blood and the epithelials on the hammer. Mac discovers Sullivan was telling the truth: his epithelials are on the hammer, but his blood is not. Mac asks the prosecutor on the case to call him as a rebuttal witness, but the man refuses despite Mac’s insistence that he’s required by law to turn the evidence over to the defense.

The CSIs turn back to the bleacher footage of the baseball game and discover a man, Ruben DeRosa, standing between Margo and Gilbert at one point, and he appears to be glaring at Gilbert. Stella and Danny track him down, and Ruben tells them he was with Margo, who was considering signing him. Danny is convinced he won’t give them any DNA, so he cleverly leaps into the stands and catches one of Ruben’s baseballs after he goes back to practice. Jane runs the tests and connects Ruben to both Margo’s apartment and the ball that killed Gilbert. Stella and Danny have him brought in. When told about Gilbert’s death, he claims it was an accident: he was enraged when Gilbert kissed him after the Sox declared victory, and when he ran into him in the parking lot, Gilbert taunted him, so Ruben grabbed his ball and threw it into his abdomen. He went home with Margo, who made fun of him, too, causing him to lose it and slap her around. Margo ran into the bathroom and out the window to escape him.
Sullivan’s defense attorney calls Mac to the stand and the CSI testifies about the evidence retest. Sullivan is released and Mac is waiting for him when he gets out. Sullivan asks Mac why he believed him and Mac says that it was simply because Sullivan told him the truth. Mac says CSIs approach evidence without a bias but in this case, Mac wanted the evidence to be wrong. He admits he liked the possibility of changing everything.

Season 1 - Episode 23 - What You See Is What You See

Written by Andrew Lipsitz
Directed by Duane Clark

It will introduce us to Mac Taylor's local coffee shop, where he enjoys spending his Saturday mornings reading the new Sports Illustrated over breakfast. The minute he walks in, Amy, a waitress at the coffee shop, begins to prepare Mac's food - he always wants the same thing. Only this morning, Mac's routine is somewhat disturbed, when a woman named Rose walks up to Mac and nervously attempts to make small talk with him.

Unfortunately for Rose, she's picked a bad day to finally approach him. While she's talking to Mac, his attention is drawn to Seth Collins, a ragged man coming out of the bathroom with a folded newspaper in his hands. He sits down next to a near-empty plate, and nervously looks through the room. He doesn't even notice Amy walking up to him to clean the table until it's too late. He shouts at her to leave his stuff alone, but she's already picked up the plate and the newspaper - and then freezes in shock as a gun slides out of the fold. Seth quickly picks it up, but there's no way to pretend it didn't happen.

Rose chatters on, oblivious to what's happening behind her. Mac is forced to waste precious seconds getting her to shut up and sit down. He looks at his gym bag, but there's no time to retrieve his gun from it - particularly as he spots another customer in the back, putting down his copy of Guns & Ammo with scary calm. Mac has to act now in order to prevent a bloodbath. He walks up to Seth, and tries to calm him down. Seth's clearly torn - he wants to get out of this, too, but can he really trust Mac if he puts his gun down? While Seth's mind is racing through the possibilities, Mac slowly inches towards Amy, so he can protect her.
But then he sees the Guns & Ammo reader draw out a gun. Mac tries to signal him to stop, but already the man fires off a round, missing Seth by several feet. At hearing the shot, Seth snaps out of his indecision, and reflexively pulls the trigger - firing a bullet straight into Amy's chest. He turns around and shoots the man with the gun, fatally wounding him. Mac jumps Seth, but he manages to break free and run away. Mac wants to follow - but then sees that Amy is still alive, although there's blood gushing out of her chest. He decides to stay with Amy, and hope the evidence will eventually lead him back to Seth.
After Amy is taken the hospital, Mac calls in the CSIs. He promises Amy's brother that they'll do everything possible to track down Seth. At first, this seems easy enough, when DNA from Seth's coffee cup reveals his full identity, and he's quickly arrested. But just as quickly, he's let back out on the street - and Mac has no idea why, or who authorized it.

Then the CSIs make a stunning discovery. Inside the shirt Seth wore at the time of his arrest, they find a piece of tape. Seth was wearing a wire while in the coffee shop, and Mac realizes he must have been there as an informant on someone else's case - probably a Federal case, as Mac is stonewalled whenever he tries to get any answers. Now Mac must not only find evidence tying Seth to the shooting of Amy, he's also got to make sure that when he does, the Feds don't take away his entire case...

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