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posted by ana_tai_tadase
So,I'm a অনুরাগী of Bamon all the way. I'm আরো of the বই প্রেমী though, but that doesn't mean i will not like Bamon on the serie...i will freaking enjoy it, and now it's about to happend!!!

I was just now on the page i usually go if i wanna know stuff about "TVD" and started পাঠ করা this article, yeah..like always, Delena bla bla bla, I mean i প্রণয় Damon (obviously) and like Elena alot too, but really? Even when she is with Stefan there is Delana too...now it's time for Bamon to প্রদর্শনী up...FINALLY. This প্রবন্ধ was via E!Online yet i found it on this page: link -->I really recommend this page, every spolier, trailer, stuff আপনি wanna know about TVD related it's there.

So, here is the part of the প্রবন্ধ about Bamon:

Lorainnecollins: Is there much Bonnie-Damon interaction coming up? Book অনুরাগী are desperate for those long-awaited Bamon moments

We’ve got you, girl! When we recently chatted with Kat Graham we made sure to tell her that we received one অথবা two…or 50 Bamon-related tweets. “Oh my gosh! They will drag আপনি into the Bamon world—it’s so funny! There is none of that so far and I’m actually having আরো scenes with Paul than with Ian [Somerhalder], but Ian and I are very close.” Don’t start reaching for the tissues just yet book lovers! Kat tell us that she adores her Bamon fans: “They’re wonderful…I would put them up there with Beliebers. Bamon and Beliebers, they’re strong.”

This gives me a lot of hope. Even Kat ব্যক্ত it, so it's true, it's a fact. So Bamon lovers, just wait. আপনি know what they say "The ones who waits the longest , calm and peacefully, always get the best piece of cake" Have your spoons ready guys!!!
(Yeah, i just invented that quote about the cake XD i will regret it later because it's lame but, wth i want cake!!!)
I think that when it comes to the প্রণয় lives of both Damon and Bonnie in the novel series, it's নিরাপদ to say that I strongly believe that Damon and Bonnie have both never been in love. Now, I'm sure most of আপনি পাঠ করা this must be going "What is she talking about? Of course Damon and Bonnie have been in প্রণয় before." Well....I would say no. If you're classifying obsessive lust and having numerous sexual affairs because your a Don Juan/womanizer অথবা being highly flirtatious, having numerous crushes/infatuations and chasing boys endlessly as love, then yes, Damon and Bonnie have been in love....
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Like all of you, I প্রণয় the pairing of Damon/Bonnie. This goes for both the বই and the show. Of course, I am a die-hard Book Bamon fan, since I started shipping them when I was a young teen. The moment I read then first few interactions between them and also, after পাঠ করা After Hours, I immediately fell in প্রণয় with them. I just knew that they were an amazing pairing right from the get go. Of course, aside from Bamon, I shipped Stelena. They were the central প্রণয় story and main couple of the series and I am a sucker for star-crossed প্রেমী who are struggling to be together. And because...
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নমস্কার again Bamonistas ;)

Here's an article/essay I wrote on the impact Damon has on Bonnie and it actually came about after a Bamonista on the other board rightfully pointed out that we usually concentrate alot আরো on লেখা about how Bonnie is Damon's redemption and দ্বারা doing so, make Bonnie unintentionally appear of less consequence to us in the Bamon relationship and what she could gain from it অথবা rather what Damon has to offer her. And well this is what came out as a result of that interesting observation. :)

You're right fandom (BD & DE) does mostly concentrate আরো on what the girls...
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