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posted by HaleyDewit
Liz was standing in her office, her deputy’s surrounding her. She was briefing them about the murder last night. Caroline was standing outside, making sure her mother couldn’t see her, and kept her ears wide open.
“The boy’s name’s Derek Janders. He was Amber Lindy’s boyfriend. Amber’s the girl that lived there. According to Mrs. Lindly Amber had been অভিনয় off earlier that day. She came home, wrecked, like she was sexually assaulted. Mrs. Lindy insisted Amber to প্রতিবেদন this, but Amber became aggressive and violent. She threw Mrs. Lindy on the ground and then basically robbed the fridge, because- and Mrs. Lindy উদ্ধৃতি her daughter: ‘I’m freaking starving here!’ After eating the whole fridge content Amber’s still hungry and takes it out on Mrs. Lindy, punching her a few times in the face and compelling her to lie about it to Mr. Lindy; later she would tell him she’d ran through a glass door. Amber went upstairs to her room and from what Mrs. Lindy could hear she was trashing her room. It started raining and Mrs. Lindy heard her daughter screaming ‘Turn off the noise, my head’s exploding’ A few hours later Mr. Lindy came home. He asked his wife what happened, she told him the glass door story. He went upstairs to see Amber, saw the ruined room, noticed the window was open and Amber missing. This morning we got a call from Mr. Lindy saying his daughter’s boyfriend committed suicide in their shag” Liz paused and took a deep breath. “I find it hard to believe, though”
One of her deputy’s raised his hand. “Why? We found the letter. He writes about his parents, how their death affected him. বন্ধু of him ব্যক্ত he was on something. It’s not that unexpected”
“Maybe not” Liz replied. “But there are too many factors that exclude suicide. For starters, he gave Amber a bracelet the same morning, so things must have been going quite well between them. Second, why would he hang himself in the shag পরবর্তি to the house where Amber lives? The letter says he ‘loved her so much’. Killing yourself nearby your girlfriend isn’t very প্রণয় expressing, is it? And last, but not least, why did Amber take off the same night and where is she now?”
Caroline, who had absorbed every little detail into her memory, understood her mother didn’t know আরো and flashed away.
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***Bear in mind, there are way আরো উদ্ধৃতি than this proving it, but these are the main ones!***

Because Stefan thinks so:

"You should keep using it, Stefan ব্যক্ত voicelessly. Your influence over him is strongest."
- Stefan to Elena, about Damon. Midnight.

"Of one thing I am certain: he would never harm you. He loves you. How can he help it?"
- Stefan, on Damon, in a letter to Elena. Nightfall.

“You can pretend আপনি don’t care. আপনি can fool the whole world. But I know differently."
- Stefan, about Damon missing Elena. Dark Reunion.

"Damon is gone Elena. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry if I kept you...
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