51. OneRepublic: প্রণয় Runs Out
52. The Veronicas: I Can't Stay Away
53. Jason Mraz: I Won't Give Up
54. Tawgs Salter: Brave
55. Plumb: Taken
56. Better Than Ezra: Breathless
57. Nina Nesbitt: The Hardest Part
58. Ellie Goulding: How Long Will I প্রণয় You
59. Colbie Caillat: I Won't
60. Train: Hey, Soul Sister
61. Ashes Remain: On My Own
62. Brooke Fraser: Something in the Water
63. Jonathan Jackson: Let There Be Lonely
64. The Fray: Happiness
65. Sia: আগুন Meet Gasoline
66. Taylor Swift: Wonderland
67. Gabrielle Aplin: Home
68. Ronan Keating: When আপনি Say Nothing At All
69. Plumb: Without You
70. Bryan Adms: (Everything I do) I do it for you
71. Bastille: Oblivion
72. Westlife: Catch My Breath
73. Sara Bareilles: Breathe Again
74. Westlife Beautiful World
75. Athlete: Awkward Goodbye
76. Ella Henderson: Yours
77. Taylor Swift: Ours
78. Sia: Big Girls Cry
79. Laurel: আগুন Breather
80. Bastille: Things We হারিয়ে গেছে to the Flames
81. Taylor Swift: Wildest Dreams
82. স্বতস্ফূর্ত Cast: I Want to Hold Your Hand (originally দ্বারা The Beatles)
83. Leona Lewis: Run (originally দ্বারা Snow Patrol)
84. Taylor Swift: Come in with the Rain
85. The Calling: Wherever আপনি Will Go
86. Christina Perri: Distance
87. Rachel Taylor: Light a Fire
88. Taylor Swift: If This was a Movie
89. Andrew Belle: Make it Without You
90. Ingrid Michaelson: Ghost
91. Leann Rimes: Right Kind of Wrong
92. Taylor Swift: Come Back, Be Here
93. Daughtry: It's Not Over
94. Westlife: Pictures in my Head
95. Plumb: Bittersweet
96. Kate Voegele: Say You're Mine
97. Billie Myers: চুম্বন The Rain
98. Train: Parachute
99. Westlife: Moments
100.Within Temptation: All I Need