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Robin Ince reads Danielle Steele's প্রণয় কবিতা to musical accompaniment and interpretive dance. Book Club, latitude Festival 2007.
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প্রণয় কবিতা
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this is the 1976 film of her book the promise cheers hope আপনি enjoy.
the promise
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Danielle Steel! She is just amazing! I never read বই until the first time I picked up a Danielle Steel book. Now I never go nowhere without a book with me. পাঠ করা is my পছন্দ past time. I am so thankful to my mom, she had always read a lot, and I never understood it until I started myself. I just প্রণয় to read. I am so thankful for Danielle Steel! পাঠ করা her বই takes me away from my little world, and lets me explore. My পছন্দ book from Danielle Steel is Echoes! Just amazing! She has such amazing talent. Not only is she talented, but boy what a role model she is! She is a good person & beautiful inside & out! So this is Danielle Steel! Thank You!