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posted by PrincessAyeka12
Song of the Body

With the দুর্গ in the distance
We stopped on a hill
I heard familiar rumbling down below on the road
The Garthim had raided my village
Returning to the castle

I wasted no time
Ordered my landstrider to race into battle
I charged down the hill
I didn't look back

Focused on the battle
I forgot about Jen
I forgot he couldn't speak to animals
I forgot all about him

Before I could head back
My landstrider rose
I slid off falling on my face

To my surprise
Jen came and sat beside me
I gasped in relief
Perhaps slightly breathless
Together we set the podlings free
But the then the garthim cornered us
I couldn't breath

The garthim surrounded us
As we tried to back away
I spun my head around
We were about fall off a ledge
I had to think of something now

In just a few seconds
I took a risk
I grabbed Jen and Fizzgig
I hauled us off the edge

I quickly unfolded my wings
And caught us gently in mid air
As I fluttered us down
I became thoughtful
About my elfin life as a fairy

Yrda had told me that long ago
Female gelflings could fly
We were able to sore without worry অথবা care
Through the diamond skies
Then one দিন all that changed
We হারিয়ে গেছে our right of flight
With the crystal bats hunting the skies
We had no other choice
We forced ourselves to stay grounded
Only glide when emergencies met

I safely fluttered us to the ground
Again carefully folding my wings
Jen seemed a little shocked, a little surprised
When I explained he seemed distracted
He saw a way into the castle

I tried to grab him
But he was too fast
Desperate to go into the castle
I suddenly felt uneasy
I had learnt about the horrors in castle
My mother Yrda had warned me
Never go into the castle

I followed Jen
For the moment I found the দুর্গ calm and `clear`
But shortly after I smelled danger
I wanted to go home
Get far away from here

The same skeksis we had faced in the swamp
He was now in front off us
I was ফ্রোজেন and terrified
But became a little braver when he grabbed us

Jen raised the crystal in self defence
And broke away from the tight hold
Even though not freed
I watched in disbelieve
I admired him
I was proud

But the skeksis was furious
He brought the ceiling down on Jen
As I pulled against the skeksis
I cried for my beloved Jen

I taken to his emperor
Who decided on my fate
I had escaped death
But what awaited me
Almost scared me to death

I couldn't see anything
Nothing but the skeksis robes
His scent is all over my hair and clothes

Finally I'm able to see
After being pushed and restrained in a chair
Suddenly the dark crystal is there

When the beam shines on me
I try to look away
I try to close my eyes
But it burns through either way
In pain I give in
Staring fully into the crystal again

The myth is that it doesn't hurt
That's a superstition I see
Maybe the podlings are immune
And the purity of the gelfling
Makes our eyes in jeopardy

A prisoner behind me calls out
Tells me to call the animals
Feeling weaker I concentrate
With all my might I free the animals

I climb out off the chair
I feel shaky and weak in my bones
I don't understand what happened to me
But I must find Jen
Heal the crystal and go home

The fellow prisoner talks to me
I barely listen to her words
I must find Jen
But to know that the conjunction is soon
Makes my blood run cold

I returned where I had left Jen
To see if he's still alive
I খুঁজুন in the rubble
The crystal has gone
No Fizzgig
No Jen
Now I must find the crystal hall

I wander through the tunnels
Up in a higher level now
I find a chamber and go inside
I see not the crystal
But a mirror
My reflection is hard to bare
My skin is dry and weary
My eyes are in darkness
My wings hurt my back

I wander further up the castle
Then I smell danger and hide
I watch the skeksis from the shadows
And safely use a different route to the chamber

I see the conjunction has started
I see Jen is alive and well
I'm about to think of a plan
When Fizzgig blows me cover
Oh well...
When Jen jumps on the crystal
I jump into action
I flutter down and grab the shard
I use the crystal as a weapon
Then I feel a sharp pain stabbing through my body
My body falls
I say Jen's name
Then I realise death has finally found me

My spirit is floating into the air
I see Jen healing the crystal before I disappear
I see blinding white light
I see gelflings too
I see a familiar face
My birth mother
She kisses me and hugs me
But she says I must go back
Restart the gelfling race
Rebuild the gelfling ruins
To live my life
Before I rest

I hold onto her unwilling to leave
She strokes my hair
She sings a song
I close my eyes
I feel someone else wanting me
Calling me, chanting for me

I blink my eyes and shake myself awake
I see ethereal figures in front off me
I look back to my beloved
Knowing I was alive again

For a moment I was sad
Thinking about my mother
But I'd see her again
I nuzzled my head against Jen
While watching the beings leave
We gazed on the crystal
Then wandered outside
Seeing the beauty of the paradise

Our eyes shone
Love, hope and joy filled my heart
The nightmare was over.