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নমস্কার everyone!

So, আপনি may অথবা may not have heard that I've FINALLY after 5 friggin years, moved over to deviant art!!!


Anyway, as far as these fanficftions go, I'm not sure what to do.
Perhaps I'll still occasionally write/draw some for fun since apparently people have taken a liking to my characters (I've seen a few people here on ফ্যানপপ use them in their major ডেক্সটার and Blossom fanfictions).
As far as that whole dream I had at age 12 where I was all like:
"Dude I'm gonna buy the rights and make this a real প্রদর্শনী one day."

Do I still want to do that?....Yes would be FUN however, it's...
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Hi everyone!

So once again I've been putting off posting an প্রবন্ধ on this spot because of the following:

School, Friends, Ex-boyfriends driving me insane, Parents getting a shock divorce, Me going emo, my usual cartoonist duties, looking at college, Watching obsessive amounts of Black Butler and Naruto, Drama, Youth Group, Band, Worship Team, ect.

You get the point....

Everything has been really overwhelming for me in the past few months so I don't check fp often so Im going to answer some of my FQA today since I haven't lately.

Question 1: Do আপনি have a deviant art account?/ If not why haven't...
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নমস্কার guys!

haven't written an প্রবন্ধ in a while so im changing that!XD

So my শিরোনাম has plenty of meaning as weird as it seems so lets get down to it....(drum rolls)


Actually was on at the same time as Sierra yay!!!

random stuff....

So yeah...random thoughts.

Is it possible that my typing is getting worse?
My hair looks pretty good right now...XD
It's um valentines
I wish it were summer.
I finished the drawing of ডেক্সটার and Mandark as nyan geniuses হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ (Mandark is a cherry/grape poptart while Dex is A আঙ্গুর and চুন poptart hehe XD.)
Current fav songs: The kidzbop version...
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haha!name change!!!

anyways Im sorry it can't be weekly but between nerdy friends, comics, first বছর of high school coming up, art class teaching, youth group singer, etc It's hard to stay up to তারিখ so anyway im gonna make it easy on myself today and just do a news cast.

(opening সঙ্গীত plays)

(also 1 আরো thing news cast has changed it's name thought of দ্বারা my dad)

Douglas: Hello and welcome to crocks 25 at 11:49 where we snap up the news im your anchor Douglas E Mordecai III.

Bella: And im Bella এল-মৃত্যু পত্র Utonium.

Douglas: So let's go to ডেক্সটার with traffic again being stupid enough to let Katie steer...
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Welcome to the Weekly Weird! Today, we have may interest-WHAT? No one has done one for over TWO MONTHS? Well then.. WE'RE GONNA CHANGE THAT! ELLIS, GRAB YOUR SHOTGUN!


Okay, let's get this started. I WOULD shove a ton of Fanfiction/Bleedman আবর্জনা in your face,


So anyways here's what I'm gonna do: TALK ABOUT যেভাবে খুশী STUFF.

I saw the WEIRDEST সঙ্গীত video today, আপনি মেটে রঙ্গবিশিষ্ট even WANNA know... *Shivers*


I want a Steampunk inspired Chara....


"And this concludes your Local broadcast!"
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Chester and Tia had a fight it was sad Chester actually ব্যক্ত Tia would be better off dateing BRICK the guy that is a jerk and a bully to nerds!
suzy is mad because tia and ডেক্সটার are makeing ufn of her saying she doesnt like mandark but in the future they are married. Chester and Tia made up.
No school for them either.
Tia: নমস্কার আপনি shouldnt know this at all *blushes*
Narrator: oh yes i can
Tia: GRRR *uses a destruction ball on him*
Narratoe: AAAAHHH
Narrator 2: tia calm down
tia: HRAAAAH *picks up টেবিল and throws it at her*
Narrator 2 : AAAAH
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Hello and welcome to the not so weekly weird!
coming soon there will be....COMICS!muahahaha!also art so জমা করুন pics and art to me and yours could be in then পরবর্তি issue(not that anyone reads this XD jk)


Chester Duncan and Tia were seen doing some very stange things.Chester has been caught calling Tia "beautiful" several times.Meanwhile-hey-who let mandark in?!(mouth gets covered with tape.Mandark:Meanwhile Suzy Airups falling for me-I mean...Mandark B Austronamanov?The answer is still unknown.(Suzy unties herself and hits Mandark with a frying pan)


This is from ডেক্সটার to...
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1.Your walking to school and আপনি hear the two girls in front of আপনি talking about you,you....

A.Slide up to them and say"What about me now?"and give them a fake smile.

B.Hope they aren't talking about how bad they feel for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

C.Plan to destroy them if I get hypnotized again to take over the world(making a note)

D.Um....I don't really care.

E.What?I couldn't hear আপনি im busy with তারকা wars.

2.Your crush is a huge nerd and he/she asks আপনি to go to a starwars reanactment you...

A.RUN!!!He/she is cute but...NO!

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Hello people no weekly weird this week instead news!

Douglas:Hello this is Box 25 news at 10:45 Im your anchor Douglas Mordecai.

Bella:and Im your co-anchor Bella Utonium so first up on the news we are going to go to Blossom Utonium with the weather.

Blossom:Thank আপনি Bella!This week it will be rain in the cartoon world nothing but rain down in megaville for the week meanwhile in townsville there will be rain on Monday and the rest of the week sunny with a 44% chance of rain.In Ultratown all week should be rain with a 22% chance of snow back to আপনি Douglas!

Douglas:Thank আপনি Blossom!In other news...
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Hi everybody Mandark Austronamanov here and today im running the weekly weird!!!!

Suzy:someone end this madness......DEX3FAN HELP!!!!! don't know this could be kind of cool?

Suzy:NO IT WON'T!!!!

Dexi:quiet Suzy অথবা I'll tell your secret!

Suzy:how the-

Dexi:Sierra told me....



This week in a Christian night club Raphaella S. was dumped দ্বারা Nathan.....and he totally made her cry I saw it!!!!

Suzy:SHUT UP!!!!

Mandark:Ne-.....wait did I almost say that?...0-0


This is from somebody to somebody....but it won't rhyme....

It's kind of...
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Hello this is a "newspaper" I like to call the weekly weird....(not sure if I will have it every week)...but this is this weeks news.


This week many shocking things happened but the first would be the Dexi and Mandark relationship.
My "undercover" workers had caught them slow dancing on the dance floor of the school dance will Dexi and Mandark soon pair up for good?or will there still be bumps in the road? the answer is still unknown.As for ডেক্সটার and Blossom the breaking news was ডেক্সটার ACTUALLY WON A BET HE WAS RIGHT!!!!WILL THIS BE THE END OF THE WORLD?!The answer is sill unknown........
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Suzy and Dexter's theme song!
white n' nerdy