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Ok, I've decided to continue this, cause....i'm bored. so here goes....part2!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Blue eyes Part 2: the other side of Fletcher বাজপাখি Tomphson

The পরবর্তি morning...

She awoke to the usual banter and brawl of her sisters cries. they were always fighting with their new half sisters. She then realized she was home. How had she come home? had he brought her here? had he returned and carried her to the front door? A billion প্রশ্ন swirreled through her head, including one that came last........Had it never happened at all? One of her sister stepped in. Buttercup.Her face lit up to see...
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these are just ideas, but please মতামত on which আপনি like best so I know which way to go on the story plotline!

There's 4! here is the number 1 idea,no it's not my favorite, it's just the one I though up first.

When ডেক্সটার met Dexi doujinshi Script: chapter1: Idea 1: new chic in town

(Auditorium, ডেক্সটার is sitting পরবর্তি to Otto, and the grim reaper, Mandy and Billy are in front of them. ডেক্সটার is mad about something, we don't know what yet)

Dexter: ugh, I can't believe we're doing this. It's just a new student! what's so special about a new student!?

Grim: maybe she's a forgien exchange student,...
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okay so this is just 3 of dexi's enemy's

Name:Dexter Thompson
some family members past,present,and future:Mother, father,sister:Deede,Wife:Blossom Thompson,kids:many.
Personality:nerdy,smarty pants,book worm,nervous,weird.
why enemy?:Dexter:to many reasons she is sooooo stoooooopid she thinks she knows everything about everything but I'll প্রদর্শনী her!!!!! and don't even get me started on break!!!! Manager:Um Dex this can't hold much more.

Name:Draxteriana susanne Mulleb অথবা Darxy for short.
Some family memebers past,present and future:Father:Harold...
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I got bored so I did this cause I was bored. and........I was bored. দ্বারা the way I was bored when I made this........Ok I think we get the picture there, So here goes! Crystal blue eyes part one!...

Crystal Blue eyes: Part 1: Are আপনি stoopid?

Her tears fell as her হৃদয় was shattered. Her eyes soddened with tears to find her true প্রণয় fallen for another. Her deep pale blue dress full of scuffs and tears from the battle, her eye shining like shattered saphires.... She could'nt tell her sisters what had happened.Buttercup would laugh, Blossom would tell her off for liking him the...
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 Darxy is she evil?hmmmm.........
Darxy is she evil?hmmmm.........
Dexi:Finally I get Doedee out of here seriously im sick of that!!!!
now to get back to work.
Mrs.Bellum:Dexi were are you?!
Dexi:Dang time for school!
Im right here mom!!!!(COMES OUT OF LAB)
Mrs.Bellum:Okay honey time for school!
Dexi:Okay I know and I told আপনি not to call me honey!!!!!!!!
Mr.Bellum:Fine but hurry অথবা you'll miss the buss again.
(dexi grabs her back pack and catches the bus)
Some were in the center of the earth.......
Beserk:We have captured her!!!
Drax:Here she squirmed all the way আপনি better be happy we did that it's hard.
??????:Shut up Draxter অথবা you'll have a one...
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 nicki মাকড়সা friend
nicki spider friend
Nicki-she was just like me i use to draw her alot she is a blond with a hot attitude she is base on my anger because i usually feel like im transforming into a মাকড়সা girl and she got bite দ্বারা one on my point of view
Red:she is base on my outfits i wear color red everyday thats why i came up with her name
Beyonce:she is base on my ug girly side i wear dresses and প্রণয় the attention which i become flirty as my weapon
Demon:she is base on my inner self i feel like a devil sometimes which im not i got her name দ্বারা my dead hamster
Lizzy:i came up with her name দ্বারা Izzy from total drama island she is crazy and my crazy self when i have too much sugar
Brittany:i came up with her name from the chipmunks she is the snappy attitude which i never use i use the rest of them except her
 মাকড়সা friend
spider friend
 বেয়ন্স my inner self
beyonce my inner self
 brittany my inner self
brittany my inner self
 Nicki my inner self
Nicki my inner self
 demon my inner self
demon my inner self
 my inner self red
my inner self red
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The city of Megaville were Blossom and ডেক্সটার Thompson are happily married with tons of kids!
Blossom:So B.c what r urs?
Buttercup:Shaun is the plotting one and Beth is the tuff one.

Blossom had a rule her kids would all be labeled as there personality 1st was Dylan the "cool"one he was জনপ্রিয় but secretly hated his অনুরাগী club.
Next was Donagan the nice one he could be nice but also very mean.Next was Dee the semi sweet one when she is mad she can be someone আপনি don't wanna be around.Next was Brainiac the pretty one she was smart but mgot jealous easily.Next was Derek the smart one he made his very...
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Yea, when i'm bored...I think up songs, gotta problem with it? no......GOOD! so here we go!

This called...."do আপনি think she'll know"....let's get his over with!

আপনি look at her every-da-ay,

thinking to yourself.......she'll never look at আপনি the same way-ay-AY!

Do আপনি think she'll know how আপনি feel,

Does she even know আপনি think it's real?

Do আপনি think she'll ever feel.........the same.....

your walking with her...again,

shes lookin at you-oo-oo-oo,

you're wondering what she thinkin,

your always saying you'll try let her know,

But tonight, আপনি think, its let her go.....

DO আপনি THINK...
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Break:Mom!can আপনি at least tell me what it is!?
Dexi:If আপনি must know if আপনি pretend to romance her then she will tell আপনি every thing about her ,her family and her stupid father!!!!
Dexi:We can figure out there weakness and watch them plummet to there doom!
Break:As long as that dweeb goes down!(covers mouth)grrrrrrr!
Break:Don't say it!
Break:Don't say it!!!!
Dexi:Your voice is sooo cute!
(thinking)stupid mom thinks she knows everything!(bumps into Baily)
Baily:Hey what are আপনি doing here!
Break:Me?what about আপনি my mom showed me this বৃক্ষ hang out it's were...
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