ডেক্সটার ডেক্সটার Speculation, insight, and what may come in the season finale. Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen Season 7 episode 11.

Jamellc posted on Dec 14, 2012 at 11:51AM
It looks like Dexter is really on the ropes on this one, considering that they are fully committed to an 8th season, he may be able to weasel his way out of his current predicament (The sneak preview that leads to the season finale is what's fueling my assumptions).

If anyone is a Dexter buff, and I do consider myself being one, some of you might have caught a glimpse at the interview with the producers of the hit drama "Dexter". It's on a webpage I cannot find at the moment.

But what I read was, they're ending the series in season 8, and his future in season 8 may decide if he does or does not pay for his crimes (Possibly goes to prison or execution by lethal injection).

It will be the end of an 8 year era that began years ago, America's favorite serial killer plot may finally be coming to an end. As the cliche goes, "All good things must come to an end" To quote history, and totally unrelated the Matrix Trilogy. All things (good or bad) come to an end.

Everything has a beginning, and an end, the deciding factor is, when should it end, how, and why. Dexter is by far my favorite television show of all time, that being said, the producers are deciding to end it on season 8 to prevent the show becoming quote "stale".

A perfect example of this is the show Weeds, the show became stale season before they decided to end it, there's no end game. This is a very creative and modern practice to end shows not prematurely, but when it feels right.

I am sad to see my favorite T.V. show go, all that aside, season 7 has been the best season that has been released. Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenters performance will be a splinter in the brains of Dexter fans across the world.

I imagine the show ending in a blaze of glory, not all stories end happily, but sometimes, it's deserving to the plot to end it the right way. Dexter may or may not go to jail, pay for his crimes, never satisfy his compulsive need to kill, but the series is coming back for one more year, cherish it while you can.

My thoughts on the season 7 finale is, all the evidence will be circumstantial, or maybe Hannah Mckay will spill her guts at a chance of early release from prison. It's too early to say, all I can say is, don't miss the big season finale on sunday.

Hector Estrada is most likely going to be killed by Dexter himself, that may be what makes him sink or swim in the upcoming hype of the next episode, I also (maybe) see a room full of plastic, with Captain Maria Laguerta's upcoming episode.

They refer this to the fight or flight effect. Let's see how the final episode unfolds, he's debating going on the run, but he states he wants to stand his ground and live his life the way he's only ever known it. As Dexter's sneak previews have never really lead you to believe what is going to happen, only but possibilities, yes we see him get arrested in the sneak preview.

But with no evidence he can easily be release within a 24 hour "detention period". Interrogations Ect.

Bravo Showtime for your best season of America's favorite serial killer yet.

Sincerely - Jamell Cortedano.

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