Note: These are REAL facts, NOT ROLE PLAY.

D.O.B: October 31, 1987 (currently 26)
Blood type: A
Height: 5’6”

・Likes melon soda
・Went to school in Fukushima
・His first band was when he was 15
・Had his first live at 16
・Likes croquettes
・Likes eating sweets
・Can’t handle spicy food
・Eats খাবার rather quickly
・Is impatient
・Gets mad at the other members if they eat slowly
・Thinks his mom is like a female version of him
・Said he'd be a good father
・Stated that he wants a kid
・Stated that, despite his unfaithful appearance, if he were married, he would never cheat
・Has a low alchohol tolerance
・Stated that if he were drunk, he’d most likely throw up while being asleep
・Catches colds often (especially when the season changes)
・Plays গিটার and drums
・Before a live, he likes to relax in a cafe and drink tea
・His first discovered visual kei band was PEIRROT, which he was scared of at first.
・Most অথবা all songs composed দ্বারা yo-ka have গিটার solos
・Kei, Yuu and yo-ka were in a band called Valluna together before DIAURA
・yo-ka and Yuu were in a band together before Valluna
・Had black hair with short bangs in his সেকেন্ড বছর of high school
・Didn’t value things as much when he was younger
・When a girl gave him handmade Valentine’s চকোলেট when he was younger, he ended up throwing it away because it smelled and didn’t look edible
・Gave away a ring that he wore in his পূর্ববর্তি band to a অনুরাগী on a বড়দিন raffle
・Stated that if he had a kid, he wouldn’t let them have a phone until middle school.
・Was a Megamasso roadie
・While working as a roadie, he saw BORN (before they changed their band name) and got intimidated.
・yo-ka self designed a নেকলেস with a crucified skeleton with DIAURA’s logo on the back. It costs ¥10,000 (approximately $100).

Information is from a translation for Devilish of the CAFE, various মতামত চলচ্ছবি on YouTube, and a blog called Twisted in Tokyo, none of which I own. 

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