so let me see where r we up to right fiona ran downstairs her হৃদয় was crushed দ্বারা prodigy (she ran outside)
prince;wat did u ব্যক্ত to my little sis
prod;i just ব্যক্ত that we should break up
ray;u r a jerk
roc;y would u say that

the পরবর্তি day
we all see each other again the mb came to the mall we saw each other
prod; wheres fiona?
anok; she was still upset about u broke up with her
me and diggy was upset to because our তারিখ was horrible bec prod and fi broke up
we were going around the mall then prod saw fi
prod; নমস্কার fiona wait up baby
fi;can u plz dont call me that i am not ur gf anymore
anok; নমস্কার where have u been prodigy we have been looking 4 u
fi; hi guys
eb;hi fiona
prince; r u k little sis
fi; i am fine big bro i was just doing some shopping so i can feel better
anok; i hope u r feeling better about the whole drama from yesterday

when everybody went prod and fi was the only one in the shopping centre.
prod; so fiona uhh um do u want to get back together?(he scratch his head)
fi;i dont know, i thought this conversation was over
prod; (he kneeled down) baby would u forgive me
fi;stand u prod u r making me look bad
prod; would u u forgive me
fi; yes they were so exciting
at last me and diggy have a 2nd তারিখ it was incredible
diggy and sandy; THE END!!!
prince and anok; অথবা IS IT!!!
prod and fi; MAYBE!!!