diggy: নমস্কার baby
me: নমস্কার hunny how was the দিন at the studio with fat গাধা spin?
diigy: the usual but I was sad cuz my baby wasn't there to make me feel alright!!!
me: awww... grow up! u suppose to be a man 4 me!!(laughs)
diggy:aye!!! a man needs *sings* প্রণয় and affection!!
me: hahah give me a kiss..
diggy: pecks mw lips twice then starts making out with me*

we just woke up three in the afternoon ...they just
finished getting it on!!!
me: *walking downstairs in doggy's big tee শার্ট and shorts. u was walking to the রান্নাঘর when some one roughly tackled me and started to throw punches
...* wtf~!!!!! *throwing a lot আরো punches then flipping ovr stranger! আপনি come to my house-*punches* and try to beat me...oh hell naw..
diggy: jazzy!? Jessica!?!?! wtf is goin on ..
me: u tell me!!
Jessica: ythis দুশ্চরিত্রা be স্নেহ চুম্বন my man! calling him names and be riding him...!
diggy: Jazzy u cheatin!
me: no stupid she is dillusional she talking bout u!!!

me: get the fuck out now!!!
diggy: yn let me explain
me: what that আপনি been sneaking out the houe at the middle of the night to see your secret family!!! u have a wife and a son diggy really!!!!??? well I guess its the wrong time to tell u im pregnant with your child!!!
diggy: what!?!?!? nuh uh that cant be my child I use protection!!! go find some other guy to pin tht thing on!!!!
me: fuck আপনি Daniel get out and never come back!!!
diggy: fie!!don't be calling me when আপনি want money and my wife,jessica, says to sya ' hahah দুশ্চরিত্রা he is mine!!!'
me: ooooh ima kill u and ur দুশ্চরিত্রা watch it hoe!!!
diggy; whatever!!! I want a dna test who knows who all u've slept with!!
me: আপনি and only আপনি u the one I হারিয়ে গেছে my v card to and আপনি denying.. nigga bye!!!

9 months later
me: my baby girl... Jamie Dionne Simmons ...
mom: cut diggy should be here দ্বারা now..
kevin: নমস্কার I made it baby! (pecks my lips)he aint here yet to think this his child!! don't worry ima help আপনি out!!
me: aww baby!! আপনি wanna hold her?
kevin: yeah..(holds baby)hey baby girl I প্রণয় u and ur mommy!
me: awww
4 years later
pastor: আপনি may চুম্বন the bride!
Kevin: kisses me* I প্রণয় u ...
yn: I প্রণয় yo u to-(got cut off)
?: stop!! jazz I প্রণয় আপনি আরো than he can!!! and I want us too be a family!!!
d: yeah this kevin guy aint got what I got but he got what I need!! আপনি and my daughter... Jamie ome to your daddy!
Jamie: daddy!!!
diggy: that's my- (gco)
Jamie:this my daddy( hugs kevin's leg)
kevin:(picks her up)I thinkmyou should leave
d: NO!NO! u got my daughter calling another nigga daddy! jazzy!!?!?
me: look diggy I-(GCO)
diggy:(hits her) shut up!!

kevin puts down Jamie and attacks diggy!!!
who do I decide.. to be with ... my প্রণয় for kevin is real he has my heart..!!! but diggy still lingers on my heart