Chapter 18: A Special Evening

Ariel was starting to get প্রজাপতি অথবা rather knots in her stomach she never had felt something like this before was this something that only happens to humans "Are আপনি ready" Nakoma asked she nodded "Ok follow me" Ariel took a deep breathe it helped a little bit but the nervousness was still there she slowly walked behind her as she opened the front door "Excuse me John she's ready" she looked to see if Ariel was behind her but she wasn't when she went back into the house she found her back up agains't the দেওয়াল completely ফ্রোজেন "Oh come on sweetie don't be it ok come on" Nakoma gave her a smile and offered her hand Ariel gratefully took it giving her a smile back as she lead her outside with her head down.
As soon as she looked up she saw John's smiling face all her nerves went away as he walked toward placing his hands in hers "You look beautiful" giving her a চুম্বন on the cheek he turned to Nakoma "Thank আপনি for helping get her ready", "It was my please John sir she's such a sweet girl", "That she is please let one of my men escort আপনি back to your village", "Thank আপনি kindly John but I can find my way back" "Are আপনি sure it would be a comfort to the both of us knowing that আপনি made it back safely" John replied turning to Ariel she nodded in agreement "Very well" ব্যক্ত Nakoma "If it would make things easier for the both of you", "Wonderful Lon would আপনি please escort Ms. Nakoma back to her village oh but why me I wanted to meet that pretty girl of yours John", "She'll still be here when আপনি get back আপনি half-wit" ব্যক্ত Ben "But but...", "Get goin the sooner আপনি leave the sooner আপনি get back" Ariel couldn't help but giggle and neither could John "Haha on সেকেন্ড thought Ben why don't আপনি go with him", "You mean আপনি want me to tag along with that loon? he's a big lad he can take care of himself", "No I can't I'd feel much better if I had a buddy buddy", "NO WAY I'M NOT MISSIN THE CHANCE TO MEET THIS GIRL ITHER", "She will be here when আপনি both get back now I believe I gave আপনি both an order",
"Yes Smith" Ben and Lon ব্যক্ত together "Come on আপনি we have a job to why do আপনি always have to drag me along hey", "Oh Ben come on আপনি know there's no one you'd rather do a mission with", "Oh hush আপনি Twit."

"Haha oh those two I've never had finer men আপনি learn to get use to them please have a seat" John led her over to the আগুন and helped her sit down on one of the logs then came and sat পরবর্তি to her "There we are here let me get আপনি something to eat all we have is biscuits, beans, and ভূট্টা that Nakoma's people gave to us I know its not much but its all we have I hope that's alright" Ariel nodded she didn't mind at all.
"Oh where are my manners Thomas this is Ariel she's going to staying with us for a while" John ব্যক্ত as he was getting her a plate of খাবার placing it on her lap along with a fork "It's a pleasure Ms. Ariel" ব্যক্ত Thomas as Ben and Lon were coming back "Where's the grub man I'm starvin" ব্যক্ত Ben "Me to" ব্যক্ত Lon "Well John Nakoma made it back to her village safely just like আপনি asked", "Good Ben job well done আপনি two", "Thanks Smith" they both replied.
Ariel handed them both a plate and a fork "Why thank আপনি miss", "Yes thanks um what is your name my dear", "Oh I'm afraid her she can't talk her name is Ariel" John replied "Can't talk how did she have her tongue cut out of something?" Ben asked Ariel nodded no "Well then maybe if has something to do with her pipes নমস্কার I don't know maybe they were stolen অথবা something pssh like that's possible" , "So Smith if the girl can't talk how do আপনি know her name" asked Lon "Just a lucky guess" he ব্যক্ত winking at Ariel "Ah well she certainly is a lovely one আপনি did good Smith" "Thank আপনি Lon" he ব্যক্ত and Ariel bowed her head a little as a way of saying thank আপনি Lon smiled back at her.

Ariel was about to start eating when she noticed the fork she remembered that scuttle had told her it was called a dinglehopper and humans used them to comb their hair she grabbed it excited and started running it through her hair when she noticed that everyone was staring at her strangely she immediately put it down and was ashamed when Lon and Ben started laughing "Haha well that's new one নমস্কার Lon", "Haha নমস্কার Ben would আপনি mind helping use my fork to comb through my lovely locks haha", "Why of course Lon what's a pal for নমস্কার haha" John could tell that Ariel was embarrassed she didn't mean to act so foolish she completely forgot what they were used for it had been so long since she dinned with humans he was just about to say something when she started to laugh with them now that she thought about it it was kind of silly soon everyone was laughing it made John feel good seeing his men having a good time it had been a long hard couple of weeks for all of them.
"Haha here আপনি Ariel" John ব্যক্ত handing her a new fork so she didn't have to use the one with her hair on it she took it from him and mouth thank আপনি and started eating and found that খাবার was actually quite delicious it was new texture and taste that she had never experienced before it was better than eating seafood and crustaceans for sure but what she enjoyed most was listening to the conversations as they ate hearing about all their families and adventures they had especially when they talked about going to Virginia just last বছর together and meeting Pocahontas. Ariel remembered when she first heard about her the night she saved John from drowning and how sad he was then but now when he talked about her all she could see was happiness it made her happy to knowing that she helped in some way to help him let go of his past and knew he would never forget her just like she would never forget Eric he would always have a special place in her হৃদয় forever.

Once everyone was done with ডিনার the men started to play সঙ্গীত with the musical instruments they'd brought with them the সঙ্গীত was so beautiful that it made Ariel want to dance Thomas was the first one to ask her followed দ্বারা Ben and Lon until there was only one left "May I have this dance" John asked Ariel nodded with a smile on her face he took her hand and placed the other around her waist while they played soft সঙ্গীত to create a romantic mood.
It seemed as if they were the only two people in the whole world as they glided across the camp ground coming in and out of spins and as he lifted Ariel they're eyes never left each other প্রণয় was starting to form the men were so glad to see John so happy he deserved it after all that he had been through and they wanted nothing আরো him than to find his true love. As the সঙ্গীত was coming to an end they both stopped and just gazed into each other's eyes for a moment "Your a wonderful dancer Ariel thank আপনি for dancing with me" she smiled at him and mouth your welcome she was getting quite tired he could tell instantly "You should get some rest I'll be right back men" John walked her back to the কেবিন "I hope this evening was pleasant enough for আপনি I wanted to make it as special as I could" আপনি did she mouthed he smiled again "Well আপনি should get some sleep আপনি can sleep here tonight my tent is over there if আপনি need anything goodnight Ariel" goodnight she mouthed.

Ariel went inside and changed into a পরাকাষ্ঠা nightgown that was left out on the বিছানা she figured it also belonged to John's mother also but she didn't mind and went over to the window to watch John a little while longer he waved to her and she waved back with a smile on her face. Grabbing her fork from ডিনার she brushed it through her hair and set it on the night stand climbing into the বিছানা everything was so comfy and soft just like a sea sponge she pulled the covers over her and blew out the candle as soon as her eyes closed she replayed everything that happened that night in her mind dreaming of her special dance with John.