Name: Esmeralda
aka: "the gypsy girl" as referred to দ্বারা Frollo throughout the film
ডিজনি film: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 34th ডিজনি classic, 1996
Voice: Demi Moore
Model: Demi Moore
Based on: French novel written দ্বারা Victor Hugo
Based in: Pariss 1482. Written in 1831. Based during the French revolution
Personality: Free, Fearless and Mysterious
Prince: Non-Royal Phoebus (Captain of the Guard under Judge Frollo) he seems like an affectionate character who falls in প্রণয় with Esmeralda, but in the original story, he only wants her for sex, he was a villain in the original story.
Friends: Djali her pet goat and Quasimodo (the hunchback), she also befriends Madeleine in the sequel
Villain: Judge Claude Frollo, who wants to wipe out all the gypsies of Paris, according to ডিজনি Frollo is the most conflicted and complex villain to have ever been brought to the animated screen.
Links to royalty: No লিঙ্ক to royalty, she marries Captain Phoebus and has a child. She could be considered the leader অথবা protector of the French Gypsies. She is very rarely included as an extra in some ডিজনি Princess collectable figurines, she is almost like an honorary Princess of the gypsies of Paris.
Other ডিজনি appearances: The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, House of Mouse
Offspring: In the sequel we learn that Esmeralda has a son with Phoebus দ্বারা the name of Zephyr, created দ্বারা Disney, প্রদত্ত that Esmeralda dies in the novel that the original film is based on.
ডিজনি era: ডিজনি Renaissance

3 words 2 describe: Exotic, সঙ্গীত and Family
Nationality: French Gypsy
Note: Esmeralda is the tallest ডিজনি animated female
Specific songs from the original film:
"The Bells of Notre Dame"
"God Help The Outcasts" (Esmeralda)
"The Court Of Miracles"
"Someday" (Esmeralda was supposed to sing this song, but the song was only used during the credits sung দ্বারা All-4-One)

Name: Megara
Aka: Meg, in her own words "Megara, my বন্ধু call me Meg", she is called Nut-Meg several times in the film দ্বারা Hades, She is আরো commonly referred to as Meg throughout the film rather than Megara, arguably known as Princess Megara.
Voice: Susan Egan, who also played Belle in the stage production and provided the গান গাওয়া voice for অ্যাঞ্জেল from Lady and the Tramp2
ডিজনি film: Hercules, 35th ডিজনি classic, 1997
Based on: Greek Mythology and partly Roman Mythology as well as many different modern super hero movies
Based in: Ancient Greece
Personality: Tough, Witty and Resourceful
Prince: Hercules (member of the ডিজনি নায়ক group), demigod, son of Zeus, Prince of Olympia, son of Zeus, King of the God, King of Olympia. Also mythology states that Megara is first of many of Hercules wives and lovers
Friends: Megara is fairly a lonely girl, according to the film she sold her soul to Hades and was left with few companions apart from Hades and his sidekicks Pain and Panic. But then towards the end of the film she becomes আরো of a friendly person and befriends Pegasus (Hercules' flying horse) and Philoctetes (Phil, Hercules' personal trainer)
Villain: Hades, Lord of the Underworld, who Megara sold her soul to in exchange for Hades to let her former lover free
লিঙ্ক to royalty: Marriage to Hercules could be argued to give her the শিরোনাম of Princess of Olympia অথবা Princess of the Gods also according to Mythology Megara is the oldest daughter of Creon, King of Thebes (Thebes is where quite a bit of the film
is set) although Megara's royal link to Thebes isn’t mentioned in the film, I still believe that the সামগ্রিক character of Meg is a princess. Megara is a guest ডিজনি Princess as she featured in the "Princess Collection 2" CD and "Disney Princess
Sing along Songs: Once upon a Dream" DVD with her song "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)"
Other ডিজনি Appearance: She made two appearances in the Hercules TV series once as a teenager and another as an adult after the events of the original movie and also appeared on House of Mouse
Offspring: according to mythology Megara has children with Hercules, but in a fit of madness Hercules ends up killing their children, and some stories say that he also killed Megara
ডিজনি era: ডিজনি Renaissance

3 words 2 describe: Cynical, Witty and Tough
Nationality: Greek
Note: Megara sold her soul to Hades to save her boyfriend, although after she did this he ran off with different women. According to sources online this former lover of Megara was actually Prince Adonis of Thrace who attended high school with
Specific songs from the original film:
"Go the Distance" (Hercules)
"Zero to Hero" (The Muses)
"I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" (Megara and the Muses)
AND a one off song of which she sings on an episode of Hercules the TV series entitled The Yearbook

Name: Jane
aka: Jane Porter, Miss Porter and according to the novel series Lady Greystoke
ডিজনি film: Tarzan, 37th ডিজনি classic, 1999
Voice: Minnie Driver
Based on: Tarzan of the Apes দ্বারা Edgar ধান Burroughs
Based in: An African Jungle
Personality: Intelligent, Artistic, Wild.
Prince: Tarzan, Prince and later King of the Jungle (member of the ডিজনি নায়ক group)
Friends: Tarzan's বন্ধু Terkayna, আরো commonly know as Terk the Gorrila, Tantor the হাতি and Kala, Tarzan's foster mother. Jane also has a close friendship with her father Professor Porter. In the film Tarzan and Jane we meet three of
Jane's বন্ধু from England visiting Jane in the jungle they are named Greenly, Eleanor and Hazel. Jane also encounters many other বন্ধু in the TV series.
Villain: Clayton, who wanted to capture the gorilla's for financial gain, Jane also encounters many other villains in the TV series The Legend of Tarzan
Offspring: According the original novels that the film was based on Jane and Tarzan have a son called Korak
লিঙ্ক to royalty: Marriage to Tarzan, The King of the Jungle could arguably give her the শিরোনাম of Princess of the Jungle, she once appeared in one of the many ডিজনি Princess story books, Jane is daughter of Professor Archimedes Q. Porter. It is
Implied that Jane was brought up as an upper class English girl, going to finishing school, অভিনয় like a lady and hosting her famous Porter Picnics.
Other ডিজনি appearances: No appearance in the Tarzan 2, but she did appear in the film Tarzan and Jane, and made regular appearances in The Legend of Tarzan টেলিভিশন series (39 episodes), House of Mouse.

ডিজনি era: ডিজনি Renaissance (the last film in this collection)
3 words 2 describe: Curious, Adventurous and Wild
Nationality: English (although in the original novels Jane was American)
Specific songs from original film:
"Two Worlds"
"You'll Be in My Heart"
"Trashin' the Camp"
"Strangers Like Me"