10. The Prince
He's just too feminine looking for my taste. It got something to do with his red lips. Sorry nothing personal, আপনি just got some heavy competition.

9. Prince Charming
He's not ugly either, he has a beautiful dazzling smile. Just that hair, ugh.

8. John Smith
He has a nice body but I don't see the big deal with him. There are shots I find him hot but I usually think he's eh. Personally, I thought Kocoum was hotter.

7. Prince Phillip
He's pretty generic looking, nothing stands out. I think he's just a decent looking guy with nice features. The typical Knight in shining armour, I like it.

6. Prince Adam
A lot say he's ugly but I think he has a beautiful facial structure. He has a better body than most of the princes. He looks আরো realistic than the others too imo.

5. Prince Eric
Now it starts to get tougher, Eric is so hot!!! Damn those blue eyes, that hair and that smile. I প্রণয় his wardrobe and his body is real nice. Now who could শীর্ষ him?

4. Prince Naveen
Yum Prince Naveen. He also has a nice body lol. GAH so handsome, do I need to explain? That hair and that accent, it's too much.

3. Aladdin
I had a crush on আলাদীন when I was little, he was the hottest. But now I think he's আরো boyishly cute. I still think he's very good looking though, just not as much as the other two. Sorry Aladdin, you're still my favourite prince.

2. Flynn Rider
He makes me প্রণয় beard goatees lol, not that I had a problem with them before. I প্রণয় his floppy hair. Just look at him, he's brutally hot.

1. Captain Li Shang
Shang has the best body, hands down. When it comes to his face, it's handsome. Every race is beautiful but I প্রণয় Asian beauty আরো than the average person lolwut. I also প্রণয় how masculine he looks. Oh Shang ♥ so underrated.