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 Poca, আপনি one crazy chick
Poca, you one crazy chick
I couldn't narrow it down to ten, so I decided to just do my শীর্ষ 13 ডিজনি Princess songs. Some of these will be a shock, while some of them are so awesome it's hard not to প্রণয় them, sooo let's begin. (I still haven't figured out how to put pictures in the article, so please don't hold it against me)

13. Sing Sweet Nightingale

Sing Sweet Nightingale is my পছন্দ সিন্ড্রেলা song. I'm talking about Cindy's part of coarse. It's just so underrated...I feel so bad for Cindy in that song!!! Lucifer is a meanie. I just picture Cindy wishing she was a nightingale *7% to fly away, 93% to peck the heck out of Lady Tremaine* I also প্রণয় the ending, when she's about to whip Lucifer into the place he's named after.

12. Listen With Your Heart

Probably the most underrated song on my list. In a way, I can see why. I mean, Pocahontas has so many good songs it gets overshadowed naturally, but I still প্রণয় it. The voice that does the বৃক্ষ just sounds so caring and wise. Grandmother Willow totally deserves আরো respect!! It also helps that the entire scene was animated beautifully and the score for that scene is a m a z i n g *Two things very consistent about Pocahontas*

11. I See The Light

This song is so beautiful. I প্রণয় this entire scene so much. The scene just shows how powerful the relationship between Punz and Flynn is, it's really beautiful. The only thing I don't like about this song is that at times it can sound a little poppy. Now I'm defiantly not saying it's the newest Katy Perry song, I'm just saying her voice is modern *which isn't necessary a bad thing*. Sadly, I think I like the scene আরো than the song

10. Poor Unfortunate Souls

And starting off the শীর্ষ 10....a villain song? Yes, this and Mother Knows Best are great villain songs. I honestly find this song so entertaining and it just shows how cruel (and crazy) Ursula is. I প্রণয় how she just takes control and seeps darkness into everyone's hearts. It's cruel, yet is entertaining enough to be on my list. I really think it deserves আরো credit. Why would Ursula want Ariel's voice with a voice like that, that voice could even attract Triton!

9. Savages *Part 2*

This song has so much power in it. Savages *Part 1* is amazing, but adding Pocahontas was just the thing this song needed. It just shows how barriers can be made so easily and how both sides were at fault. The beginning of this song is my favorite, even if it's just dialogue. It's when Poca's with G-Ma Willow and the compass points her to John Smith. This song is the only thing that makes Radcliffe from being the worst thing ever, to the worst thing of the 1990's. Also, when Poca saves John Smith and shouts "NO" it takes my breath away. *I know I'm very dramatic* So yeah, listen with your heart, অথবা আপনি could listen to savages আপনি know, hearts are kind of dull.

8. রঙ of The Wind

This song is a m a z i n g. I'm in love, no joke. I'd marry this song. It's just so beautiful, especially the last line of the song. It's just sung with so much passion and strength and I প্রণয় the meaning of the song. I really feel like this song sets off the relationship of John and Poca, and I can see why. Who wouldn't fall in প্রণয় with Poca after that song?

7. One Song/I'm Wishing

Aww the sweet meeting of Prince and Snow <3. How could it get any sweeter, I প্রণয় how at the end Snow kisses the ঘুঘু and the ঘুঘু kisses the Prince, dawwwww. This song just oozes প্রণয় and sweetness and it's totally not creepy!! Even if Snow's voice is a tad bit annoying it's sweet enough to melt my heart. So yeah, Prince 10 points, dwarfs 0. *Cause আপনি know, the dwarfs totally were in competition with the Prince, and Heigh Ho and giving Snow any love*

6. Once Upon A Dream

This song is soooo iconic. I'm in প্রণয় with this, I'm in প্রণয় with this meeting, I'm in প্রণয় with Phillip, I'm in প্রণয় with Aurora, I'm in প্রণয় with the animal, I'm in প্রণয় with the lyrics. If আপনি haven't noticed I প্রণয় this song, just sadly it can't compete with the শীর্ষ 5, and I have no idea why.............so yeah, this is painful...........so soo painful *sobs uncontrollably*

5. Belle

Belle just sets off the tone for this amazing movie. It just shows আপনি all of Belle, her kindness, her smartness, her loveability *is that even a word?*, and even more! I প্রণয় her adventure through the village, I just don't like the....idea of the song. I mean all the villagers are just like গান গাওয়া about her, it's weird. And can I just say Pocahontas 2 totally copied this in, A দিন In London.

4. Prince Ali

This song is leaps and bounds better than A Whole New World ever was. This song adds comedy too a তালিকা that is desperately needing it. The tune of this song is just so catchy and the entire song is just so enjoyable. If আপনি don't like this song, আপনি are either 1) something creative that I'm not gonna think about অথবা 2) something funny that I'm not gonna think about.

3. Just Around The Riverbend

This song is just so amazing. I feel it gets overshadowed দ্বারা রঙ of The Wind, when this song is so much better. It's so exciting and it does a perfect job of প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে Poca's playful attitude. I প্রণয় the end when she see's Kocoum, but decided to go the exciting way, it's just so powerful. Her last line is convicted with so much emotion. This is the 4th song of Poca on this countdown.....yeah.

2. Part Of Your World

Part of Your World is amazing. It deserves all the credit it gets *unlike A Whole New World*. Jodi Benson does such an amazing job in this song. This song shows Ariel's playfulness and her determination to be a human, it's just wonderful, but it can't beat my number one.

1. I Wonder

Surprised? Well আপনি shouldn't be, this song is beautiful. The main reason I didn't put Once Upon A Dream any higher was because this was number one. Barely anyone even notices this song, but it's so beautiful. In the short, one মিনিট song, আপনি get a perfect view of the dreamy Aurora. She just wants so bad to be like all the জন্তু জানোয়ার and to have a প্রণয় like them. It's just so beautiful and the walk through the woods is perfect.
 Ahhhhh! I wonder is #1!.....And I need a nosejob!
Ahhhhh! I wonder is #1!.....And I need a nosejob!
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I made this same প্রবন্ধ a couple of months ago, but my opinions have changed a lot since then, so I thought I'd update it! So yeah, hope আপনি enjoy!!! :) WARNING: THIS প্রবন্ধ WILL BE HUGE.

Snow White

9 Months Ago: 5th

9 Months ago, I loved Snow, but thought that there wasn't much to her besides being happy go lucky all the time. This is literally a quote from my article, "Andddd......that's about it, she's happy..."

7 Months Ago: 8th

THE HECK WAS WRONG WITH ME. This was before Anna/Elsa were princesses, so she was in the bottom four. That is just so crazy to me. Again, I thought she was a...
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 She's so pretty in this picture,no?
She's so pretty in this picture,no?
Yes...the usual. Our beloved Snow White. Let's get this on with everyone!!! I mean...please?

Ah, Snow White's hair and lips are totally cute but the skin?...well....her skin is as white as Michael Jackson's

Yes his, teeth. I mean if Michael Jackson ever smiled আপনি know what I would do?
"Oh Michael প্রদর্শনী us your smile!!"
"Okay... -smiles-"
me- *keeps morphing his mouth so it can close*
back to Snow White. Her skin is way too white. I don't know if the animators didn't have the...
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When I was faced with the decision of what to play during my wedding, it was easy- ডিজনি প্রণয় songs. I wanted to incorporate ডিজনি into my wedding (which is in December), but not have it be in-your-face অথবা cheesy, so that was my decision. (I'm also having a glass slipper as a cake topper.) :) So while planning my list, I realized that I have very specific পছন্দ when it comes to DP প্রণয় songs, so I thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy!

10) A Whole New World

Man, does this song get on my nerves. I’m sure it was groundbreaking when আলাদীন was released, but this song is so cliché...
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    The ভেলা that Princess মটর and Conrad built seemed sturdy, secure, and safe. But as many people often need to learn on আরো than one occasion, looks can be very deceiving. As they sailed through the bayou and reached the open sea, Conrad and মটর got to talking.
    "Conrad, there's something I have to tell you," মটর summoned all of her courage.
    "What is it?" asked Conrad, his voice tender and sweet. মটর melted everytime she heard it. Although she would never tell him this.
    "That bitchy princess your father...
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