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1. Congratulations! How does it feel to be অনুরাগী of the Month?

It’s unexpected, but আরো than incredible! Thank আপনি so much to everyone who voted for me. :')

2. Your পছন্দ Princess and why?

মুলান and Tiana are সংযুক্ত!
Mulan- She’s an inspiration, but easy to relate to. Her awkwardness is endearing and entertaining. In a culture focused on honor she failed miserably once, and knowing she could face failure again and even death, she did the unthinkable (impersonated a soldier, to quote the Emperor) out of প্রণয় for her father. As Ping, her attempts to fit in are hilarious. As for flaws, I noticed that she often isn’t prepared for what’s coming. She didn’t even pick a guy name before leaving! She’s also pretty lazy. Besides that, she’s incredibly smart and physically strong. When she loses hope, I feel shattered, too. She goes through so much development. Even though she's afraid, she stays determined. মুলান risked her life for her family, her friends, and for China. I'll stop now before I can't!
Tiana- Here's a girl who follows her dreams, thinks logically and won't let anyone stop her. She comes off as boring and narrow-minded, but there is আরো to her than that. She not only has a talent, but a magical sort of passion for working. She has a bold, sassy, sarcastic side that makes her interesting, not to mention secretly funny. As a frog, she starts to see the world from the points of view of her friends, making her loosen up a bit and slowly learn that there is আরো to life than hard work. Tiana manages to be productive without being self-righteous অথবা a snob. Her প্রণয় for people and her father's wise words keep her going.

3. Your least পছন্দ Princess and why?

Jasmine. She’s probably only here because it’s been looooong time since I’ve seen Aladdin, and she just slipped lower and lower. I don’t relate to her much. (Who am I kidding? I don’t relate to Tiana, but look where she is on my list!) I understand her want for freedom and marriage with love. I wish I was আরো like her, ব্রেভ and outspoken. I may be wrong, but I think she claims to be independent, but actually needs to be saved দ্বারা আলাদীন আরো than once. জুঁই actually was my পছন্দ and prettiest as a little girl, because আলাদীন was one of the few ডিজনি চলচ্চিত্র I saw back then!

4. Your পছন্দ Prince and why?

Aladdin! Maybe he’s a little overrated, but I have always LOVED him. He’s a thief and a liar, but his intentions are good. He makes mistakes and misjudges situations sometimes, which makes him realistic. Maybe it’s his athletic skills, smile, অথবা his boyish personality that makes him so charismatic. He’s very deep and developed. The deleted song Proud of Your Boy made me so sad, and প্রণয় Al even more. Sometimes I want to be Jasmine….

5. Your least পছন্দ Prince and why?

Prince Charming. Ohhh, I bet আপনি saw that coming. He isn’t onscreen much at all, but when he is, he seems a little….shallow. His yawn and eye roll is hilarious, though. Just a question, no two: Did he need a SHOE to discover the girl? Did he actually forget what she looked like? Oh, দ্বারা the way, I actually প্রণয় him in the third movie, but I figured that didn’t count.

6. Your পছন্দ DP villain and why?

That’s really hard! ডিজনি sure knows how to do villains! I’m stuck between Ursula, Mother Gothel, The Evil Queen, and Dr. Facilier!
Ursula has it all! She is interesting and iconic, has a motive, awesome sidekicks, a fantastic song, and can be real scary! I প্রণয় every সেকেন্ড that she’s onscreen. Pat Carroll is awesome.
I hated Gothel the first time I saw Tangled, but when I focused on her a different time, I found her fascinating, mainly because of her similarities to Frollo. She has a motherly side to her. She did provide Rapunzel with a nice tower, necessities, entertainment, and even celebrated her birthdays. Her need for youth and beauty is her downfall. Her voice is amazing!
The Evil কুইন is heartless and vain beyond words. She’s the most terrifying, in my opinion. From the beginning, she’s one of those villains I want dead, yet am in awe of her at the same time. That transformation scene perfected her creepy performance.
Dr. Facilier is quite different from the Evil Queen. He’s mysterious and creepy at first, but once we enter his lair, we see that he has a wild, humorous, enthusiastic side. His song and his voodoo “friends” are pure art. He’s so intelligent and charismatic!

7. Your least পছন্দ DP villain and why?

Governor Ratcliffe. He’s a racist, selfish, boorish, and controlling man in pigtails. I’ll admit he does make me laugh sometimes, but he mainly turns me off.

8. Your পছন্দ DP movie and why?

I honestly প্রণয় them all! Right now, I’m especially fond of Sleeping Beauty, since it’s the last ডিজনি movie I have seen (which was probably 4 months back. I need to get back to watching them!). It is one award-winning piece of art! It may be slow to some, but I am so mesmerized দ্বারা the artwork and soundtrack. I প্রণয় the characters!

9. If আপনি could choose one ডিজনি heroine to be in the line-up, who would it be? Where would they rank on your pretty তালিকা and পছন্দ list?

I honestly can’t choose one. I প্রণয় Jane and Giselle, but I understand the reasoning behind excluding them. Anyway, Jane would be #2 on পছন্দ and #5 on Prettiest. Giselle would be #2 on both পছন্দ and Prettiest.

10. Which Princess do আপনি relate to most and why?

A combination of all of them. Mostly I’d say Rapunzel because she’s indecisive, a little awkward, bubbly, “locked in” and মুলান in the beginning of her movie being lazy, insecure and clumsy. I also have trouble pleasing others, but long to be myself. Basically the song Reflection! Also a bit of Cinderella, because I have a similar pushover personality.

11. Who is your...

- Prettiest? Tiana
- Funniest? মুলান
- Smartest? Pocahontas
- Nicest? Belle, Snow White
- Most underrated? On Fanpop-Merida, Jasmine, Cinderella, Pocahontas
Off of Fanpop-Snow White, Pocahontas, Mulan, Aurora
- পছন্দ গান গাওয়া voice? মুলান and Jasmine. All are lovely, but I prefer some voices in different languages.
- Least পছন্দ গান গাওয়া voice? Cinderella. I really like it, though.
- Most annoying? Honestly, none of them. If I had to, I’d pick জুঁই because I personally wouldn’t treat other people the way she does.
- Least annoying? Pocahontas

12. Your পছন্দ DP couple and why?

I can’t…. I’ll temporarily say John and Pocahontas. They have so much passion! They have a chilling, but breathtaking first meeting and the magic between them is captivating. They are very different, but they connect and learn from each other. Take a look throoough my eyyes…. (Phil Collins, anyone?)

13. Your least পছন্দ DP couple and why?

Charming and Cinderella. I really do like this couple; it’s just that Charming forgot what she looked like! They have a sweet relationship.

14. Your পছন্দ DP song and why?

AHHH. There is NO way I could decide this. ডিজনি songs <3 This opinion will change in no time, but at this moment, I প্রণয় Just Around the River Bend and Touch the Sky.

15. Your least পছন্দ DP song and why?

The Work Song. Not my cup of tea.

16. What is your পছন্দ song from each DP movie? (It doesn't have to be sung দ্বারা the DP)

- Snow White: Someday My Prince Will Come
- Sleeping Beauty: I Wonder
- Cinderella: A Dream is a Wish Your হৃদয় Makes
- The Little Mermaid: Poor Unfortunate Souls
- Beauty and the Beast: Tale as old as Time
- Aladdin: Proud of Your Boy! আপনি mean actually in the movie? One Jump Ahead
- Mulan: I’ll Make a Man Out of আপনি
- Pocahontas: Just Around the River Bend
- Princess and the Frog: বন্ধু on the Other Side
- Tangled: Mother Knows Best Reprise

17. Who is your পছন্দ character from each DP movie, besides the DP?

- Snow White: Grumpy
- Sleeping Beauty: Phillip
- Cinderella: Jaq
- The Little Mermaid: Aquata
- Beauty and the Beast: Cogsworth
- Aladdin: আলাদীন
- Mulan: Shang
- Pocahontas: John Smith
- Princess and the Frog: Naveen, পুডিংবিশেষ
- Tangled: The King and কুইন

18. পছন্দ and least পছন্দ DP sidekick?

Favorite: The Genie. Even though I don’t get his references, he’s hilarious! Maybe it’s funnier if আপনি do understand, but whatever works. He’s so lovable and caring. Poor guy doesn’t deserve to be everyone’s slave. Least favorite: Flit. He’s cute, but he’s not very important.

19. পছন্দ ডিজনি movie? (Not being a DP অথবা পিক্সার movie)

Tarzan, Oliver & Company, Enchanted, Bridge to Terabithia, A Goofy Movie, Wreck-it Ralph, Brother Bear, Pinocchio, Fantasia, and many more… Sorry about that.

20. পছন্দ পিক্সার movie?

ব্রেভ and Toy Story!

21. Which DP do আপনি want to be best বন্ধু with and why?

Snow White! She is so unique. I wish I knew someone as accepting, sweet, and caring as her. She seems to be a lot of fun. She would be breath of fresh air from some of today’s younger generation.

22. Which DP do আপনি think আপনি would not get along with and why?

Really, I’m not a জুঁই hater! My younger sister is so much like Jasmine, and let me tell you…We don’t see eye to eye.

23. পছন্দ crossover couple? (the princess with another ডিজনি character অথবা prince)

I’m caught between Pocahontas/Tarzan, Pocahontas/Kenai, Ariel/Aladdin, Aurora/Hercules, and আরো that I’m forgetting to mention.

24. Have আপনি ever been to any of the ডিজনি theme parks? Which one? If not, which one would আপনি like to go to?

I haven’t been to any, and let me tell আপনি I’ll go to ANY ডিজনি theme park! I’m reeally hoping my mom will take me for my 16th birthday trip. (Yeah, that was supposed to be 2 years ago….)

25. What are your hopes on...

- Fanpop? I hope that we (particularly this club) stay the way we are. I প্রণয় how we can be ourselves here and respect each other’s opinions. আপনি are all wonderful!
- Frozen? I’m so excited! I had bad ideas about it at first, but the আরো spoilers I see (I can’t convince myself not to look at them!) the better I feel! A lot of high quality work is going into this.
- Future ডিজনি movies? I hope ডিজনি continues to produce মিউজিক্যাল and fairytales. I wish they’d give hand drawn অ্যানিমেশন another chance, but I know it’s unlikely. Mostly I leave it all in the hands of the company. I have been pretty satisfied with the newer movies, for the most part. I hope the magic continues and that we never forget where it all started.
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 MalloMar's পছন্দ princess
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Here's the first প্রবন্ধ for the Best ডিজনি Princess outfit countdown. It covers the places from 41 to 55. Enjoy!

55. Ariel - rags

Yeah...rags... What আরো could I say...they definitely deserve to be at the bottom of the list!

this is one of the uglier ones, imo. - ppgbelle4

this isn't even an outfit. seriously, it needs to go -__- - pretty_angel92

we can't call this অথবা Mulan's towel an outfit ! seriously ! - CuteDiana

I like Ariel's rags. It's one of her better outfits, and she knows how to work it. - VGfan30

It's just an old sail!! - random_camo

all of them arent too bad if আপনি think about...
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This মাস it's been 3 years since I joined ফ্যানপপ and what better way to celebrate it than দ্বারা listing up my পছন্দ DP Dance Scenes, I would've liked to write my পছন্দ ডিজনি Princess তালিকা অথবা any other তালিকা that I've written, but that I could update, but I decided to wait until after Merida's coronation so that I can include her too, also I've been wanting to write this তালিকা ever since I wrote my first article, so here we go :)

10. Ma Belle Evangelie

I প্রণয় the lightning that রশ্মি uses in this scene and the song is quite nice and I forgive this scene for that Tiana and Naveen are frogs...
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