Since it's Valentine's দিন soon I decided to write a few প্রবন্ধ relating to that and I decided to do a তালিকা of my পছন্দ DP Couples, fittingly enough the last time I did this তালিকা was around this time last year, since then my তালিকা has changed a slight bit. Hope you'll like this article

11. মুলান & Shang

Imo they're আরো best বন্ধু than a couple, their first meeting is hilarious though and I প্রণয় how মুলান isn't afraid to প্রদর্শনী off her feelings for Shang in a subtle way and how Shang chose to not kill মুলান despite the fact that women wheren't allowed in the army, it shows that they did প্রণয় each other and later Shang returns the শিরস্ত্রাণ to the Fa family and মুলান asks if he would like to stay for ডিনার to which he উত্তর yes. It may sound romantic, but to me this is আরো of a best friend thing and that's why I couldn't place them any higher

10. জুঁই & Aladdin

Out of the real couples this is my least পছন্দ DP Couple, nothing interests me about them as a couple, আলাদীন lies several times and they're far too different from each other imo

9. Ariel & Eric

There's nothing wrong with this couple, they're cute together and have a lovely first meeting, but they're low because they don't have much of a conversation especially considering their amount of screentime together, now this is somewhat understandable because Ariel spends most of their time together without a voice, however if she knows how to write then I think she should've wrote a letter to Eric telling him that she was the one who rescued him from the ship, but they're not a boring couple to watch on screen, it's just the lack of conversation that puts this couple so low

8. Pocahontas & John Smith

The only DP Couple to not end up together, but I do প্রণয় this couple, I just wished they didn't seperate at the end of the first movie. But I really প্রণয় their first meeting, it's such a beautiful scene and they're again not a boring couple at all, I enjoy watching them together

7. Tiana & Naveen

This couple has grown on me mainly because their relationship is a bit similar to the relationship between my mother and father, but also because of how much they develop and learn from one another. Tiana teaches Naveen to mince and Naveen teaches Tiana to dance. But they're not any higher because I just প্রণয় the 6 couples above more

6. Belle & Beast

Another couple whose relationship is a bit similar to my mother's and father's relationship, however this couple has fallen down on my list, but only because I've come to প্রণয় some of the couples above more. But anyway I প্রণয় how their relationship keeps growing stronger as the movie progresses

5. Rapunzel & Eugene

This couple has the most hilarious first meeting, similar to মুলান & Shang they seem আরো like best friends, but unlike মুলান & Shang they actually become আরো than just best বন্ধু at the end of the movie and they also get married in the short ট্যাঙ্গেল্ড Ever After

4. Anna & Kristoff

Out of the non প্রণয় at first sight couples these 2 are my পছন্দ couple, once again another hilarious first meeting. I can kind of see why some consider the development of their প্রণয় to be rushed, but I don't see it as a big problem since Anna was in প্রণয় with Hans until towards the end. I enjoy watching them together and see how their প্রণয় grows

3. সিন্ড্রেলা & Charming

These 2 may not have shared a lot of screentime together, but during that time they manage to keep me interested, also it's the original সিন্ড্রেলা story which has inspirerd many other চলচ্চিত্র with a similar story. I would've liked to see them together in a few আরো scenes because at least imo they didn't প্রদর্শনী so much প্রণয় to each other in those scenes

2. Aurora & Phillip

This couple is so interesting to watch because their parents decided that they would get married so that their kingdoms would unite, but when they meet they of course have no idea about it, Phillip thinks Aurora is a peasant girl and Aurora simply has no idea that Phillip is a prince. But in the end they do get married just like they where supposed to

1. Snow White & The Prince

Like সিন্ড্রেলা & Charming this couple doesn't have a lot of screentime together, but during that time they প্রদর্শনী so much প্রণয় to each other, their first meeting is my পছন্দ first meeting ever, so adorable to watch everytime. And considering the time they're away from each other they never give up hope of finding each other again especially The Prince, according to the storybook page towards the end he had searched far and wide which means he must've searched for months after Snow White. This is one of few ডিজনি Couples to প্রদর্শনী প্রণয় to one another even when they're far away from each other. Also the ending scene is so touching when আপনি take this into account, after months of খুঁজুন they're finally together again, but now they'll be together forever. This is why they're also my পছন্দ movie couple of all time, they may not have the strongest chemistry, but they have the strongest dedication to each other, I have a strong feeling that they won't seperate, they're meant to be. Also unlike the other 2 classic couples they don't start dancing when they first meet, instead they sing to each other