To be অথবা not to be?
Okay, so there have been speculations that Elsa should be a lesbian in the upcoming ফ্রোজেন sequel. So here is my প্রশ্ন on whether our favourite snow কুইন should be a lesbian অথবা not.

Elsa shouldn't be a Lesbian

I personally think that Elsa should not be a lesbian in the upcoming movie for a number of reasons. This is because it would alienate younger children who grew a liking on Elsa because she is a very জনপ্রিয় character since the release on the fame movie internationally.
Secondly, if she was a lesbian, the sequel will be banned in certain Orthodox countries. Like Russia, Greece and just to name a few where they considered homosexual a sin.

Elsa should be a Lesbian

Since last year, when the American court legalised the same-sex marriage. Many people, especially from the এলজিবিটি গোষ্ঠী community were very happy about it. I truly support them anyway.
I sympathise with them a lot, because they had been suppressed for many years. One famous example is the Hong Kong singer Leslie Cheung who committed suicide, fearing that his অনুরাগী will not accept him as a homosexual, due to the fact that he was brought up দ্বারা his conservative parents.
So in this case, if they are going to make Elsa a lesbian. They would make it into a family friendly way introducing it into the movie.


I know that this is very controversial topic, so I remain neutral until the movie comes up.