Alice Kingsleigh is the তারকা of the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland and the 2016 film Alice Through the Looking Glass. She is played দ্বারা Mia Wasikowska. She's a young adult. Her dad died, but her mom and sister are alive. Her best friend is Tarrant Hightopp.

Alice may seem like a eccentric person to add to the ডিজনি Princess group, but pretty much everything about Alice in Wonderland is weird.

The ডিজনি Princess group needs Alice, because she's Disney's best female character. That's a fact, not a opinion. I'm joking. Well kind of.

Alice is a inspiring hero. She was basically forced to have a typical and unappealing life that included marrying a guy of royalty that she didn't like. She stands up for what she knows is right and makes her life and other peoples' lives better. She is determined to save Underland and be a ship captain and she ended up doing that. She's a great hero.

She's a loyal friend, a good daughter, and a cool ship captain. She's a person that would be good if আপনি need a hero অথবা a friend.

Also she has a great voice which is due to Mia Wasikowska's good acting. Also Alice is really beautiful. She's Disney's most beautiful character which is another fact, not a opinion. Joking again. Plus she wears impressive clothes.

সামগ্রিক the ডিজনি Princess group needs Alice. I doubt she'll ever become a part of the group, but that would be awesome.