Hi guys! Very much inspired দ্বারা deedragongirl’s post, I decided to write this প্রবন্ধ coz বড়দিন is fast approaching. I am so thankful to deedragongirl for letting me use the idea, this is an excellent concept! Now let’s start this প্রবন্ধ right away

Cooking – Snow White, Tiana and Rapunzel
Snow white can whip up a pie and make some সুপ in no time at all! She is an excellent cook! We can leave the বড়দিন pie to Tiana, although we would enjoy her beignets and delicious gumbo! And Rapunzel can cook well, she’ll prepare tasty আপেল pie and some চকোলেট chip cookies! Yum!
লেখা a বড়দিন story- Belle অথবা Rapunzel
They both are book worms who প্রণয় পাঠ করা very much. পাঠ করা nice stories leads to good imagination, so Belle and Rapunzel will প্রণয় to write a বড়দিন story I think!
Cleaning – Cinderella/Rapunzel
সিন্ড্রেলা and Rapunzel, both are compassionate and hard working ladies. They can do heaps of cleaning in no time at all, don’t আপনি think? Polishing, laundry, sweeping, mopping and dusting --- leave it to সিন্ড্রেলা and Rapunzel! They’ll keep the room spotless and clean!
Decorating – Ariel/Rapunzel
As deedragongirl said, Ariel can pick up some gorgeous ornaments from the sea. She can collect beautiful sea decorations. And Rapunzel, they creative princess, would decorate the halls with those lovely things.
Shopping – Aurora and Jasmine
They are both fashionable girls. I’m sure they’d প্রণয় shopping dresses. Aurora would rather have the right taste in dresses, and জুঁই can do it because she just loves fashion and all girly things like shopping.
Dancing and singing- Rapunzel, Pocahontas and Moana
Pocahontas and Moana can have their native tribal dances and plus the amazing musical instruments would light up the বড়দিন night. But Rapunzel is a fabulous dancer who has fantastic dance moves, she’d whip up both those native tribal steps with energetic dance steps to make the dance আরো enjoyable. Plus, these 3 have marvellous vocals, right?
Distributing presents – মুলান and Rapunzel and Anna
They are really kind, charitable, generous and compassionate ladies. They’d প্রণয় to distribute the presents. Rapunzel is a pro at wrapping the gifts in an artistic manner. These 3 will cheer up the fellows with their warm and feisty attitude and make them smile, right?
Painting– Rapunzel
She has a true passion for painting and is an expert at painting the walls with some stunning painting. Plus she’d paint her imagination on her canvases to give a sense of delight to the viewers, right?
Sewing curtains and tablecloths – Merida and Rapunzel
They are really experts at sewing. They can নকশা some pretty designs in tablecloths. Rapunzel can decide which stunning embroidery they’ll have to design, but to be equal, both of them will help each other to sew the embroidery.
Knitting বড়দিন cardigans– Rapunzel, Snow White and Aurora
They’ll নকশা some adorable patterns into plain cardigans. But better if they knit a knew cozy beauty
Ice display – Elsa and Anna
Elsa is an ice queen! She can make marvellous ice structures and প্রদর্শনী magnificent magic with her ice powers. The sweet sisters come from Norway, they’d প্রণয় to organize an ice-skating ballet performance!
Lighting the halls– Rapunzel, Merida and Pocahontas
Merida and Pocahontas can bring some beautiful traditional candle holders দ্বারা their country’s talented craftsmen. Rapunzel also can bring those lights which look like her dream’s floating lanterns and fancy candles. Light the way!
All the ডিজনি princesses will sing the chorus!
Some of আপনি must have been a bit curious why Rapunzel is in most of the activities. Well she is very artistic and multi-talented, I mean such a great multitasker she is! Overall, thanks a bunch deedragongirl and please please please please please মতামত on this প্রবন্ধ if আপনি read it!
Sorry for missing some pics!