Hello Maleficent.
Hi guys, an idea had struck me on লেখা this article. It is a comparison between Wicked and Maleficent, are আপনি ready?

The Story

Although the film is like Wicked, but Maleficent is a darker and গথ দেশীয় version of Wicked. Mainly because of how the film is portrayed.
Whereas Wicked is আরো lighter despite that it has some darker approach at some point of the film, so I would not label it as Gothic.

The Characters

Princess Aurora is very much like Glinda, because the 2 protagonists are optimistic and blonde-haired! They tried to persuade the 'Villain' (both Elphaba and Maleficent) to be good.
Fiyero is like Diablo, mainly because they are the guide and secondary characters in the story. They also provide comic relief to the story too!
Finally, King Stefan and the Wizard of Oz are similar because in both Sleeping Beauty and the Wizard of Oz respectively. They're good guys, but in both Wicked and Maleficent. They're bad guys!

No One Mourns The Wicked!

So, these are the similarities between Wicked and Maleficent, do আপনি agree with the similarities? Do আপনি have more? Write it down!
Elphaba and Glinda.