I know I did this countdown a couple months পূর্বে and I ব্যক্ত a couple months পূর্বে I was gonna do the প্রবন্ধ when I had free time, I just didn't know I wasn't going to have any real free time for a few months. But, look! Now I've finally done it! Yay! Sorry for the wait, guys!

10. Merida fighting Fergus and Elinor fighting Mor'Du

Merida fighting Fergus was a brief fight, it was just her stopping him from killing Elinor. The excitement doesn't really start until Mor'Du comes in and is getting ready to kill Merida then Elinor goes full on mama ভালুক on him. The reason I like this scene so much is because Elinor was never a fighter, she spent the whole movie thinking that a lady should never use weapons and shouldn't fight but once her daughter is in danger she does not hesitate to jump in and fight Mor'Du and even goes as far as killing him. This scene is a perfect example of what happens when আপনি come after a mama bear's cub.

9. Tiana breaking the talisman

Tiana breaking the talisman wasn't as intense as a ভালুক on ভালুক fight but the part where Facilier is dragger দ্বারা his shadow to the other side দ্বারা his "friends" while a reprise of বন্ধু on the the Other Side is playing is definitely intense. As good as this scene was it's no surprise that it's so low on the list

8. Eugene escaping jail and saving Rapunzel

The part where Eugene escapes prison is আরো of a funny scene than intense one but once Eugene gets to the tower things get serious. We see Eugene get stabbed, Rapunzel promising Mother Gothel that she'll stay with her forever (Rapunzel never breaks a promise, remember?) , then Eugene cuts off Rapunzel's hair so she could be free and Gothel dies. If you've seen enough ডিজনি চলচ্চিত্র অথবা have read the original Rapunzel stories আপনি probably had a feeling Eugene wasn't really going to die but that didn't make this scene any less sad

7. মুলান and co saving the emperor and taking down the remaining huns

In this climax Shang stops Shan-Yu from killing the Emperor and Yao, Ling, and Chien Po get him out of them while মুলান stays behind and saves Shang. মুলান then reveals to Shan-Yu that she was the soldier who started the avalanche. Througout the movie we've seen how scary Shan-Yu is and how he doesn't hesitate to kill anyone whether that person be a man, woman, অথবা child so when he chases after মুলান and tries to kill her I think some of আপনি will agree when I say that that part was scary. And then when মুলান and Shan-Yu are on the roof she is able to disarm him with a অনুরাগী and Mushu lights off a firework that blasts him into the rest of the fireworks. This climax was really epic but the reason it's so low is because a lot of people consider this scene আরো funny than intense because of Yao, Ling, and Chien Po disguising themselves as concubines. Personally I never really thought that part funny, just really cool because আপনি have soldiers kicking Hun butt in dresses (though I did laugh a little when Yao ব্যক্ত "Does this make me look fat?")

6. Two sides about to go to war but Pocahontas stops it

This climax was very anti climatic. There's a song where the two sides are getting ready for war and before Powhatan can execute John, Pocahontas gets between them and the song ends. After that Pocahontas convinces her father not to fight and the white men are convinced not to fight too. Yes, I admit the song is intense and we're supposed to be scared for Pocahontas' people and John's people but that's the problem. After a song like that it's just a total let down. It's always important to have a message that we shouldn't settle problems with violence, but, again, the song. The song mixed with that scene just doesn't seem like a good fit

5. Snow White eats the apple, the dwarfs go after the Evil কুইন and she falls to her death

There isn't a battle but it's still intense. The dwarfs chase after the Evil Queen, she climbs up a cliff and tries to get a giant boulder to crush them only to fall to her death. It sounds simple and plain but actually watching the scene is better because the way it's animated makes it work.

4. Aladding fighting Jafar

This was a pretty cool climax because আপনি got আলাদীন fighting Jafar as a giant snake and then outsmarting him into becoming a genie so he can be inprisoned in a lamp, the background সঙ্গীত is soooooo good, and Genie's little bits aren't too distracting because he barely makes an appearance in the middle of the actual fight. The problem with this is it's a little too similar to Philip's battle with Maleficent as a dragon.

3. The villagers vs servants and Beast vs Gaston

The servants defending the দুর্গ from the villagers was আরো comedic than serious and for some people that's a distraction from the serious fight that Beast and Gaston were having. In the দুর্গ we have the servants fighting the villagers which, like I said, is hard to take seriously is because it's supposed to be funny; the wardrobe puts a guy in drag, Mrs. Potts and her kids pour hot চা on somebody, Lumiere sets a guy's butt on fire, and a ট্রাঙ্ক straight up eats somebody (wtf?) and the background সঙ্গীত is আরো upbeat দ্বারা comparison to what's happening outside. Outside we see Gaston hitting Beast with an অনুষ্ঠান- অ্যারো and kicking him around and taunting him while Beast is too heartbroken to fight back. Once Belle rides in Beast finds the will to fight. Beast doesn't kill Gaston and tells him to "get out". and we know Gaston doesn't fight fair so of course he stabs him when he's distracted. The outside fight is very intense, the inside fight not so much.

2. Ursula gaining control of the oceans and Eric kills her with a ship

This was a good climax. In this climax there isn't any funny stuff happening in the middle of it all to ruin the serious scenes, the background সঙ্গীত works great with the final battle, and the two of our নায়ক have to face the villain with no magic on their side. Ursula being giant and controlling the oceans doesn't last too long but it's long enough for us to enjoy it and worry about our heroes. And one of the coolest things about this final battle is Eric climbs up onto an old ship, is able to steer it in the middle of the storm, and impales Ursula with the ship. If আপনি don't think that's one of the most badass things ever then dang.

1. Philip fighting Maleficent

This climax is a classic. It's the original "hero fights the villain transformed into an animal" climax, it's the classic fairy tail fight where the prince has to fight a dragon so he can save the princess. The part where Maleficent transforms into a dragon, while dramatic, doesn't have the best অ্যানিমেশন for it, at least compared to Jafar turning into a snake. At least when Jafar turns into a snake we actually see him becoming a snake while Maleficent just gets bigger and darker and the clouds cover the actual transformation. The actual fight was at least intense; the prince fights one on one with a giant dragon, going through a huge দেওয়াল of thorns which gets set on fire, he climbs a দেওয়াল one-handed until he gets to the শীর্ষ of a cliff, and then with the fairies' help, he throws his sword at the dragon and stabs her. I've had a few people want this gone for a while because they thought it was boring অথবা the background সঙ্গীত wasn't good while other people wanted this to be number one because it's a classic and they think the fight was great to watch. I've never been a big অনুরাগী of the movie but this fight was always one of my most পছন্দ scenes to watch and I agree that it is a classic.