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I hope it's not too late doing my তালিকা and i'm not very good making articles, so, it's my first time. So enjoy!

I used to প্রণয় her, she's pretty, wise, fun and she even jumped on a cliff, but then she got boring and serious after she met John Smith. Don't get me wrong, i like her, but i would like her to stick with her risking, fun loving personality.

When i watched PatF, she's just so serious,(not as serious as Pocahontas). I was very interested on পুডিংবিশেষ and Naveen than her. But i প্রণয় her determination and hardworking to open her restaurant, but she's too realistic for me. (sorry if i was harsh on this one :/)

While everyone think she lack of personality, and she only had 18 মিনিট of screentime, in my honest opinion she has personality: She's sweet, kind, romantic, dreamy and a bit of shy. Maybe if she get a little bit আরো of screentime, we could get to know her a lot better and
lover her a lot better.

She can be sassy and spoiled sometimes, but that doesn't stop her for being a very independent woman and open minded, i like her because i
প্রণয় how she want freedom and be marry just for love. But the reason she fell in this spot is, i don't know, because i like the others more. :/

I'm not a bookworm, but i like পাঠ করা some বই sometimes, anyway, Belle is a classic, bookworm, and smart village girl who she thinks she's normal while everyone else think she's odd, but she doesn't mind it. I প্রণয় the way she accept the the beast from not just his inner beauty but his outside beauty. The only thing i don't like about her is that she's kind of snob.

After i watched ট্যাঙ্গেল্ড in my theatre, i could not think anything but Rapunzel, she's cute, funny, naive, sweet. I kinda like her relationship with Mother Gothel, even though she just প্রণয় Punz because of her hair, she still loves her. But with Flynn and the rest of the gang, she's becomes adventurous, curious about the outside world. Anyway,i think she's a very fun princess to watch.

She's a very adventurous,rebellious and curious princess who wants to be free and know আরো about the human world. These are the qualities i really like about her, but the only thing that bugged me was her determination to leave her family and become human just to be Eric. That was selfish to me, but like i said, she just wants to free.

I প্রণয় her, she's smart, clumsy, funny, selfless but overall, a true kick-ass, i প্রণয় how she deeply cares for her family and her determination to go to war in her father's place and kick some Hun's গাধা xD. But anyway, she's one of my funniest princess (or heroine) i ever seen.

I really, really প্রণয় her, she's just a real sweet,kind and beautiful angel, i প্রণয় the way she remain patience and somehow strong towards her horrible step-family and she never gives up on her dreams, even if they ripped her mother's dress (if i was in her place, i would kick their asses XD). And i think she's a really good role model.

1)Snow White
That's right. She's my number 1. I completely adore her: she's sweet, kind, naive, innocent and friendly and a motherly figure to the dwarfs, i know she has annoying গান গাওয়া voice but at least her songs are pretty, and while i agree she is least smart princess just for let in a stranger and accepting her food, she's just wanted to help, and i'm not blaming her. And of course she' one that started all.

Well i really hope আপনি enjoyed my তালিকা ;)
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The dresses are ranked দ্বারা how they look and how they look on the princess

10. Ariel's পরাকাষ্ঠা dress
This one was contraversial because the dress it's self is pretty but with Ariel's hair it clashes. if the sleaves weren't as puffy and the dress was a different color, it would be much better

9. Ariel's Blue dress
Even though this dress could be better in design, it complaments Ariel and her skin tone.

8. Rapunzel's Purple dress
this dress was simple and looked comfy. i like this dress, the only reason it isn't higher is it makes her look even আরো like she isn't 18. however it complaments her eyes and...
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Seeing as Moana will probably one দিন become a ডিজনি princess, I figured I would write everything we knew about her film (due 2018)

Moana is an upcoming computer-animated comedy film produced দ্বারা Walt ডিজনি অ্যানিমেশন Studios and distributed দ্বারা Walt ডিজনি Pictures. John Musker and Ron Clements (Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog) are working on a Polynesia situated computer-animated musical film, Moana. It is described as "mythic adventure set around 2000 years পূর্বে and across a series of islands in the South Pacific." . The film is expected to be released in 2018. Mark Mancina...
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This is the first countdown that I have successfully completed in months, and this was an interesting concept. Thanks to everyone who participated in the countdown. Some films will age forever (or for hundreds of years), while some will die out in a decade.

Timeless:1. unaffected অথবা unchanged দ্বারা time; ageless
2. eternal

11. Aladdin

This one was the obvious first choice, and to be honest, is the only film that is not timeless out of the bunch. This film was praised especially for the পপ সংস্কৃতি references coming from Genie but 20 years later, it is working to it's disadvantage. A lot of the...
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Ever since my mother decided to buy my first movie when I was the measly age of 3, and which so happened to The Little Mermaid in VHS, I was forever doomed.

And when I say forever doomed, I mean forever doomed in the best of ways... If that makes any sense?

After that, I basically became a ডিজনি addict. Disnerd to be exact. I loved pretty much every ডিজনি film that I came to encounter. Sure, the early 2000's ডিজনি চলচ্চিত্র were kinda off for me, and to be honest not all that memorable (Except Lilo and Stitch, God how I প্রণয় that movie.) but my immense প্রণয় for the past ডিজনি films never died...
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 Belle carried him away on her horse through the falling snow. As she silently walked with Beast behind her, she couldn’t help but wonder who that monster was.
Belle carried him away on her horse through the falling snow. As she silently walked with Beast behind her, she couldn’t help but wonder who that monster was.
পূর্ববর্তি Part: link

Belle carried him away on her horse through the falling snow. He had been hurt দ্বারা the monster who attacked him, but luckily he had somehow been in his beast form which had saved him. Belle wondered why he was in that form when she knew her প্রণয় for him had broken the curse. Still, she was grateful he had his claws and পশম to keep him safe. As she silently walked with Beast behind her, she couldn’t help but wonder who that monster was.
    Tears filled her eyes as she felt the pain of almost losing her প্রণয় to the monster. Still confused as to why he...
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My completely new, updated পছন্দ princess তালিকা is coming soon, I promise. In the meantime, since it is ডিজনি princess songs month, I decided to do an প্রবন্ধ on my পছন্দ ডিজনি song from each ডিজনি movie. Just a quick, fun প্রবন্ধ - I hope আপনি like it!

Snow White & the Seven Dwarves - I'm Wishing/One Song
I adore this song - it would probably be on my শীর্ষ 10 পছন্দ ডিজনি songs if I had an organized. It's so sweet, I প্রণয় Snow White's little solo at the beginning with the well echoing back to her, but the Prince's voice is just gorgeous & I প্রণয় the way he sings to her. It's...
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