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পূর্ববর্তি প্রবন্ধ in the series;

Disclaimer: Character Profiles (copy and pasted) from link

New Update edit: I wasn't happy with Belle, জুঁই and Pocahontas' new backgrounds so I changed them to something a bit আরো funny.

Ariel's Background

"Ariel is an independent, headstrong and determined young mermaid. She spends most of her time outside the palace walls of Atlantica singing, daydreaming, and adventuring with her best friend রাঘববোয়াল the guppy fish, and sometimes Sebastian the কাঁকড়া who is also the royal adviser to Ariel's father. Ariel is the youngest of Triton's seven daughters and...
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I finally worked out how to do this. My mistake was mixing too many languages together which made it impossible to translate it back into full English. That's why Snow White's paragraph came back with only one sentence. I've done a remake of it with funny results including সিন্ড্রেলা and Aurora's stories.

Disclaimer: Character Profiles (copy and pasted) from link

Snow White's Background

"Snow White was born into the royal family. Her mother died shortly after her birth. After some time, Snow White's father remarried a vain and cold-hearted queen. Not long after their marriage, the King, Snow White's...
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posted by deltabannermen
A ডিজনি Tale: A young girl is forced into drudgery দ্বারা her step-family, only to win the হৃদয় of the kingdom's Prince and live happily ever after.

Disney Hero: Ostensibly, the 'hero' of সিন্ড্রেলা is the Prince (never actually referred to as Prince Charming, despite that being what he is generally known as today. Some sources have him named as Henry.). It is he who romances সিন্ড্রেলা and desires her as his wife after the ball. But, actually, the real নায়ক of সিন্ড্রেলা - for me - are Jaq and Gus, Cinderella's mice friends. They are the one's who rescue সিন্ড্রেলা from her attic room. Jaq...
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posted by SarahCorine
Voted over a মাস ago, the results are in. Keep পাঠ করা to find out what holiday each princess represents. I had fun do this and was thinking it would be fun to redo this with princes, and maybe villains. মতামত down below and let me know what আপনি think about that idea.

Mother’s দিন is an easy choice for Snow White as she is so motherly. She takes care of the dwarfs. She cooks. She cleans. I know that sounds cliché. But beyond those traits, she cares about people the way a mother would. Unconditionally. But she still has her limits much like a mother would. She bonds with her dwarf...
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Hi guys! Very much inspired দ্বারা deedragongirl’s post, I decided to write this প্রবন্ধ coz বড়দিন is fast approaching. I am so thankful to deedragongirl for letting me use the idea, this is an excellent concept! Now let’s start this প্রবন্ধ right away

Cooking – Snow White, Tiana and Rapunzel
Snow white can whip up a pie and make some সুপ in no time at all! She is an excellent cook! We can leave the বড়দিন pie to Tiana, although we would enjoy her beignets and delicious gumbo! And Rapunzel can cook well, she’ll prepare tasty আপেল pie and some চকোলেট chip cookies! Yum!
Writing a...
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 লন্ডন Eye Fireworks!
London Eye Fireworks!
Hi guys, since I had done for বড়দিন already, here is their New Year's Eve activities.

1. খাবার Organisers

Once again, Snow White and Tiana will organise the খাবার presentations.

2. New Year's Decoration Themes

সিন্ড্রেলা will decide on how the the castle's decoration will look like, it will be fabulous!

3. New Year's Dancing

Princess Aurora choreographs the dance with some classical সঙ্গীত set দ্বারা famous composers.

4. Sea Life Party

Ariel will invite all of her বন্ধু and her family from the sea, she will ask Sebastian to be the conductor for the orchestra.

5. Games

Belle will organise the games...
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Hi guys, I notice that there is no Viking princess, so here are my suggestions on how a Viking (or Norse) princess will look like.

1) Maria Lucia Rosenberg (Denmark)

The Danish Elsa, I personally think that she has the looks for a Viking princess, she has a bubbly personality and she's pretty too!

2) Trine Lundgaard Nielsen (Denmark)

Another Danish beauty here, She actually looks like Princess Aurora with that blonde hair and long bony face of hers.

3) Lisa Stokke (Norway)

Another Elsa from Norway, she has a very cute personality like Maria Lucia and she could be the third Norwegian princess after...
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Notes: ফ্রোজেন and ব্যাটম্যান are not owned and created দ্বারা me. This story is for both Fanfiction.net and Fanpop. This story is dedicated to Adam West (my পছন্দ ব্যাটম্যান and my পছন্দ mayor).

Princess Anna came into the living room with excitement. Anna screamed "Elsa! Elsa!"

Queen Elsa ব্যক্ত "What's up Anna?"

Anna ব্যক্ত "I have big news. Gotham City's 2 most dangerous villains have come to our city."

Elsa ব্যক্ত "You seem oddly excited about that."

Anna ব্যক্ত "Oh I sure am. Since Gotham's villains are here that means that Gotham's hero is also coming."

Elsa ব্যক্ত "Do আপনি mean Batman?"

Anna jokingly ব্যক্ত "No....
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 The Irish Lads
The Irish Lads
Hi guys, since I had done for Enya and Kenny G, here is another তালিকা of ডিজনি princesses favourite Pop songs, only this time it is Westlife songs.

1) My Love

Snow White, Aurora and সিন্ড্রেলা will definitely sing to this to their respective princes. I absolutely fall in প্রণয় with this song, and the lyrics is perfect for the 3 princesses.

2) Obvious

Talking from Prince Eric's point of view, he first meets Ariel and she could not talk due to a deal with Ursula earlier on. Eric finds her obvious first until her voice came back at the end!

3) Soledad/ If I Let আপনি Go

Again, talking from the Beast/...
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Hi guys, here is my theory on why Gaston insists on marrying Belle.

Childhood Sweethearts

Okay, this was my first reason on why Gaston insists on marrying Belle. The fact that he comes from an arrogant and snobbish family, he has this arrogance stuck in his head and Belle initially thought him as handsome from young until they grew up that Belle saw the light in him that he has a supersized ego and grew out of it!


As mentioned, Gaston has a supersized ego due to his body build thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger! He reminds me of a High School bully অথবা Brom অস্থি from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
Speaking of him, maybe Brom অস্থি and Gaston are cousins অথবা close friends!

Do আপনি Agree?

Another ডিজনি Doppelganger moment, do আপনি agree that Brom অস্থি and Gaston are relatives অথবা close বন্ধু অথবা is it???
 Massaging my feet?
Massaging my feet?
 Greetings Brom Bones.
Greetings Brom Bones.
 Enchantress in disguise!
Enchantress in disguise!
Hi guys, I did a মতামত earlier and a sudden realisation about the Enchantress had struck me. So, I will write an interesting theory about her!

Beauty and the Beast

We first seen her in the Prologue as an old woman, when Prince Adam spurned her. Her true nature is shown and in retaliation, she turned him into a beast and tells him that only true loves can redeem him inside, as well as the outside.

Cinderella (2015)

Upon re-watching this, I just found out that the Fairy Godmother is actually the Enchantress herself. Only this time, when she turns into her true self, she changes her appearance and that she must have been watching Ella the whole time, I suspect that she doesn't want Ella to suspect that her beloved Fairy Godmother might have cursed Prince Adam!

Do আপনি Agree?

I was really surprise দ্বারা this theory, considering that it is set in France! অথবা is it just another ডিজনি doppelganger?
 Her live action from সিন্ড্রেলা
Her live action from Cinderella
 Her সেকেন্ড form.
Her second form.
 Her true form with Adam.
Her true form with Adam.
 2. Fighter dress
2. Fighter dress
Now it's on to my least favourite princess Merida. I've never seen ব্রেভ but I feel that she is strict and quite horrible at times. However we are here to discuss her outfits but before we begin, there is just one Rapunzel dress I forgot to mention that is her পরাকাষ্ঠা dress she wears with short hair il explain that quickly.

1. Rapunzel পরাকাষ্ঠা dress
WI think short hair rapunzel wears a smarter, prettier all পরাকাষ্ঠা dress. Like Auroras formal dress except with আরো features such as ফুলেরডালি on the dress and really nice Tiara to wear I feel that this is a better dress than her first dress she wears. 9/10...
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I made no secret of mine that Frozen's "Let It Go" is my পছন্দ ডিজনি song of all time and one of my পছন্দ songs of all time. From my analysis of the song, to putting it as Number 1 on my "Top 5 পছন্দ ডিজনি Songs" article, to referencing in many articles, but I never talked about which version I liked the best.
Back when it premiered "Let It Go" was everywhere and even the বছর after it was released it was very popular, which paved the way for numerous artists and to parody অথবা make their own cover for the song. I'm honestly surprised that Weird Al hadn't made a parody of the song,...
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This native American princess has just one dress through out the film, just one. So this may not take long. If I have missed out on a dress that's not mentioned please মতামত below and I will definitely cover it on the পরবর্তি article.

1. Native dress
This is for a nice dress and is pretty. It's a light brown dress, a blue নেকলেস and that's it. It's not really exciting but for and i would not wear it, but its OK. 5/10

Since we are half way through my প্রবন্ধ of ডিজনি princesses (6 left to do the পরবর্তি being Mulan) i will now explain the best scores so far on my opinion মতামত and see if আপনি would...
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~PART ONE~The girls I respect
~PART TWO~The girls I love

The final two on my তালিকা consist of the girls I adore because they represent qualities of what I want to have. They are my পছন্দ but they have flaws that I can't stand of them. What's funny about these two is that while one, has always been my favorite, the other was once my least favorite. For a while, I couldn't decide how to rank them. Who to put first. Who to put second. Then I realized I didn't have to rank these two. They are tied because I প্রণয় them both that much.
I did something a little different with this part. I love...
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I প্রণয় shopping! It's one of my favourite hobbies. I once did this for a poll, a couple of years ago. I thought I'd take it a step further. So this is completely in my opinion. This about choosing shops that match their personalities and other little details about them like how they decorate a প্রথমপাতা অথবা what their hobbies are for example. The shops that I've chosen are the ones I visit, have walked past, visited online অথবা have actually shopped in.

Here are my পূর্ববর্তি ones
Part 1: link
Part 2: link


 All the cookware Tiana might want
All the cookware Tiana might want

Kitchenalia Ltd sells the very best cookware from your...
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posted by deedragongirl
 আনাস্তেসিয়াa and Drizella, is that you?
Anastasia and Drizella, is that you?
Hi guys, since I had read that Belle was originally going to have two sisters in early developments of Beauty and the Beast. But were ultimately cut because the story will be like Cinderella, here's my reason on why and what if they are in the movie instead.

Belle as an Only Child

This is mainly because I kind off feel bad for Belle and her dad, especially the former because she has nobody except for her dad to talk to. Especially if আপনি have no mother অথবা sisterly support.
If they were included in, the filmmakers will definitely tone down their characters to distinguish themselves from Anastasia...
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 Team Miss Universe
Team Miss Universe
Hi everyone, since nobody পোষ্ট হয়েছে this up, I thought it would be interesting to write this তালিকা if all of the Princesses are judges in both Miss Universe and Miss World, two of the oldest Beauty Pageants ever and what will their প্রশ্ন be.

1. Snow White

"Describe yourself, are আপনি an optimistic অথবা pessimistic person?"

2. Cinderella

"If you're married into a member of a Royal Family, are আপনি willing to follow in the footsteps of Princess Diana অথবা Kate Middleton?"

3. Princess Aurora

"Do আপনি believe in a Damsel in Distress moment?"

4. Ariel

"Which species do আপনি want to be? A human অথবা a fish?"

5. Belle...
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 ভান্দার til আপনি drop ladies!
Shop til you drop ladies!
I প্রণয় shopping! It's one of my favourite hobbies. I once did this for a poll, a couple of years ago. I thought I'd take it a step further. So this is completely in my opinion. This about choosing shops that match their personalities and other little details about them like how they decorate a প্রথমপাতা অথবা what their hobbies are for example. The shops that I've chosen are the ones I visit, have walked past, visited online অথবা have actually shopped in.

I've added one extra for Jasmine. One of my বন্ধু mentioned it. I checked it out online and I'm very happy with it. I hope আপনি will be too.


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posted by Renegade1765
 I think this is self-explanatory.
I think this is self-explanatory.
If আপনি ask why I'm making this,it's simple.A few days পূর্বে I checked out my very first প্রবন্ধ "Why Elsa is my পছন্দ ডিজনি character",I saw that it was already 12 months old.Because of that,I decided to do something special for it.
To me,this will be the ultimate defense for anything ফ্রোজেন related I've ever done.
I've seen people criticize the movie to no end and while I respect people's opinions,that doesn't mean I have to agree with them.And since this is an "anniversary article" (sorry if it sounded stupid),this will be a special and meaningful প্রবন্ধ to me,so it will be long.
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