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Tiana- The Under-rated

When Princess and the Frog came out it got people talking. Not only is Tiana a trailblazer for being the first African American Princess, but she was the first princess to independently have jobs and dedication to pursue a realistic career, I get that not every little girl dreams of having a business and they’d rather have the sparkly গাউন, gown but I had hopes that Tiana would inspire them to come up with realistic goals. But .......she was not as loved as I thought . Also , some people ( SOME ONLY ) dislike her for her color tone !!!!!!!

Mulan- The Very Underrated

Now , she...
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posted by Annabethandco
Part 1 - link
Part 2 - link
Part 3 - link

Anna - Chapter 9

Anna stood দ্বারা the side of the সিংহাসন of Arendelle, wearing a long white dress with জরি sleeves that resembled a wedding গাউন, gown and a নেকলেস of pearls, horribly aware that it was missing its usual occupant. Kristoff was to her left and she could tell he was itching to drape his muscular arms around her in support. Unfortunately, the rules of royal protocol restrained him. Before them was the head of the খুঁজুন party Anna had sent out. পূর্ববর্তি attempts had all been futile.
“Did আপনি find any trace of her?” she enquired, and she flinched...
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 OH Princecatcher93 has made আরো rules for this world!
OH Princecatcher93 has made more rules for this world!
Okay so a lot of আপনি guys are new to ফ্যানপপ some of আপনি are old. So many of আপনি may অথবা may not know of অনুরাগী of the Month. Well FOTM happenes at the end of each মাস where we owner those অনুরাগী we believe made an impacked on the অনুরাগী club. দ্বারা posting article, images, making polls, doing quizes and so on. This is how we honor them back for their good deeds. But I don't go through the অনুরাগী to pick who I think would earn it (I mean princecatcher93 every মাস guys?) আপনি guys picks দ্বারা going to this ফোরাম link and মতামত which users আপনি believed truely earned it sadly it আপনি guys didn't really read...
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posted by starlight77
"Lizzie!" At some points, Lizzie could hear Ben's voice just barely coming through, like she was underwater, and then it would come out so loudly and sharply it would hurt her ears. She kept trying to tell him that she was all right, that she just needed to rest for a moment, but no words would come out of her mouth. Then Ben started to yell another name, but দ্বারা then Lizzie was back to feeling like she was underwater and couldn't make out who he was calling for. Everything became clear for a moment. She had somehow ended up in Ben's arms and she could hear him crying, saying "Don't leave me....
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Well, it's part two of my songs article: পছন্দ singers. It is really hard to pick put after a lot of thought I picked my favorite.

10. Snow White
Her voice is cute and it's sweet but it hits some very weird notes. It is so dreamy and it is always happy and makes me happy so it's hard to put her this low.

9. Aurora
It's a good voice for an opera singer, but it sounds weird for a sixteen বছর old. I mean really I do not sound like this when I sing and I don't know anyone that sounds like this when they sing.

8. Belle
There is just something in her voice (and I cannot pin it to save my life)...
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I haven't finished my DP Movie Marathon, but since my opinion on one princess changed strongly and some other princesses has switched places too I decided to give আপনি my updated পছন্দ princess list. I just want to point out that I প্রণয় all of them so even though your পছন্দ is low on my তালিকা it doesn't mean that I hate her, I just don't like her as much as the other princesses!

10. Ariel

I have a neutral feeling for her. I don't like her so much when she's a mermaid, but as a human she's interesting and hilarious. However my পছন্দ thing about her is that she's very curious over...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I fell in প্রণয় tonight.
He took me on a magical flight.
We flew around under the stars,
We could do anything; the night was ours.
I fell for him right there on that magic carpet.
I know this is a feeling I will never forget.
I finally found a handsome Prince.
Now everything in my life makes sense.
With him is where I belong.
I know what I’m feeling isn’t wrong.
I want to be with him for always.
When I’m with him I’m in a daze.
My future is beginning to unfurl,
All because he introduced me to a whole new world.
In the last part Alexandra met her সেকেন্ড princess Tiana who worked as a waitress. In this part we're going to experience the চুম্বন that transformed the frog into a prince, but does it do it here too?

The মাস্ককুরেড ball was fantastic, there where many people there that where dressed as many things like sheep, horse and much more. The horse happened to contain of two men, they ব্যক্ত that Tiana could lose her resturant if she didn't paied until Wednesday. She tried to tell them that they couldn't do it, but instead she feel into the টেবিল with beignets. Thankfully পুডিংবিশেষ helped her!

Erica and...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Tale as Old as Time
Tale as Old as Time
Hi guys, I managed to see the 2017 reboot of Beauty and the Beast despite the initial boycott over the alleged gay moment for the Malaysian release, as I promise here is my review on the awesome classic!

The Story-Line

While the majority of the film is the same, I was very happy with a number of changes. Like we get to know আরো about Belle's and the Beast/ Prince Adam's backstory. To which I will write আরো about in another প্রবন্ধ soon. Speaking of the Enchantress, I always thought that it is the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella!
The Prologue gives আরো details than the 1991 version, which...
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I haven’t written an প্রবন্ধ in ages…. Ah, well. Doesn’t matter. Since there has been a great frou-frou and a tizzy storm over Disney’s সাম্প্রতিক live action Beauty and the Beast 2017, I thought I would be remiss if I did not watch it. And watch it I did. So here, below, I’m sharing my thoughts on Disney’s revamped Beauty and the Beast 1991 as a live action feature circa 2017. Please don’t read this প্রবন্ধ if আপনি haven’t seen the movie yet, and don’t want any spoilers!

Spoiler Alert!
The Prologue
    The first scene featuring the prince’s hosted party was...
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posted by misscindyspice
Before we start out, a big thank আপনি to the 34 users that দাখিল হয়েছে their lists! All of your opinions were integral in making this an accurate representation of the club’s collective thoughts.

11. Merida (Points: 273)
Sadly, though not surprisingly, Pixar's princess is still considered the least attractive of the DPs. Though a growing group of people have begun to appreciate her looks, most users ব্যক্ত that they didn't like her round face shape and lack of distingushable eyelashes. In fact, the only thing many people liked about her appearance was her long, curly red hair- though even...
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Thank আপনি to everyone who participated in this countdown! I had lots of fun organizing this, and I hope আপনি had fun voting and commenting. :)

11. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Walt's first full length animated film was a technological masterpiece during its time, but unfortunately it doesn't hold up so well 80 years later. অনুরাগী didn't like how stiff the characters look অথবা how inconsistent the অ্যানিমেশন is.

The অ্যানিমেশন looks odd and stiff, the রঙ are dull, and not much attractive as others have. ~Sparklefairy375
I agree with MaidofOrleans & Sparklefairy375. For the time it was made in,...
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নমস্কার everyone! This is my সেকেন্ড countdown in the series, and it was a short one since there are only three yellow dresses and one কমলা dress among the DPs. Despite that, I thought it was a good countdown.

Previous Articles

4. Tiana's কমলা dress

I don't think this dress is ugly, but most users agreed that it was very plain, and some didn't like the color on Tiana very much.

It's not as cute as the others and it's not iconic like Belle and Snow White's dress. ~SarahCorine
It is also nice, but others are just better. ~hirohamada
Orange is not a flattering color on Tiana. ~wavesurf
Not interesting....
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posted by AaronHaley4ever
Happy Fathers’ Day, fanpop! To those of আপনি who are fathers অথবা are celebrating the father figure in your life, I hope you’re having a wonderful দিন (and I hope the rest of আপনি have a wonderful দিন too)! Here is the companion piece to the DPs as Mothers প্রবন্ধ I wrote last month. Some of these guys were very hard to place due to lack of screentime অথবা their personalities being similar to others in the lineup, so I hope you’ll forgive me if some of my reasoning sounds repetitive. As with the last article, I’m including the unofficial members of the lineup (John Rolfe, Kristoff, and Hans)...
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I know this is a touchy topic, so I've tried to tread it in the best way I could! It is not my intention to offend anyone অথবা misrepresent this topic, so if I did I'd প্রণয় to improve on it and fix my mistakes. I hope আপনি enjoy reading!

For a group of people that claim to be supporting of all women and their ventures, the mistreatment that the classic princesses very often get from them is rather surprising. To a majority of feminists, the women they are catering to is the new-age, I can do it all superwoman. They believe that all women should fit into that box and if they don't, they're deprived,...
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posted by dclairmont
In lieu of my 3 বছর anniversary on this site (which actually took place sometime in February), I decided that I would write an প্রবন্ধ looking back on what this site has প্রদত্ত to me and how grateful I am to have come across it. While I haven't frequented this site in months, it still holds a dear place in my heart, as well as those who I have met through this site. Well, here I go. For those of আপনি who don't know me, this will probably be a pretty mundane article, so I wouldn't be offended it আপনি stop পাঠ করা now. If anything, this প্রবন্ধ is really for me to get out my pent up প্রণয় for this...
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Charm-the Real Feminine Mystique:
"A girl need not have perfect features nor an outstanding figure to be popular. But she should have charm. As Sir James Barrie had Maggie say in his play, What Every Woman Knows, 'If আপনি have it, আপনি don't need to have anything else; and if আপনি don't have it, it doesn't much matter what else আপনি have.'

Once আপনি have acquired charm, you'll probably never lose it. Especially after আপনি have discovered how much happier your life is because আপনি are considered to be that charming girl down the street.

To be charming আপনি need not to be any particular age, weight অথবা height...
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I wanted to write an প্রবন্ধ on things and concepts from DP চলচ্চিত্র that struck me with awe, left me speechless, inspired me and made me believe that magic is for real. The things that truly symbolized all the charm of magical world.

10. Cinderella's transformation and waltz with Prince:
This is what the dreams should be made of, this is what heavens feel like. Everything poor and dirty will change to new and shining, on flick of a wand. That silvery blue গাউন, gown and crystal white carriage and moonlit path to a দুর্গ makes me sigh. And the waltz was so pure magic, with unbelievably gorgeous moonlit...
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posted by AaronHaley4ever
So here is the companion piece to my পছন্দ DP mothers article. Let me preface this দ্বারা saying that I don’t dislike any of the DP fathers; I just prefer some over others. There were several factors I considered when making this list, so it’s not necessarily my ranking of the best and worst fathers. Just like the last article, I’m sure I’ll have some unpopular opinions. I don’t expect everybody to agree with me, but please don’t leave any rude comments.

11. Cinderella’s father

I প্রণয় the live action version of this character, but the animated version unfortunately falls...
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Last time I wrote about songs that I thought suited Rapunzel, now I'll write about songs that I think স্যুইটস্‌ Anna, hope you'll like this প্রবন্ধ :)

link - Counting Crows
Totally স্যুইটস্‌ her, she fell in প্রণয় with Hans which ended up being a bad decision

link - Céline Díon
This song really স্যুইটস্‌ Anna, she didn't really want to be alone

link - Britney Spears
Doesn't suit her perfectly, but if আপনি change some of the lyrics it could suit her when Hans reveals his true self

link - Sara Lumholdt
Doesn't suit her as good as the other songs on this list, but she fell in প্রণয় with the villain of her movie and...
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