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 New 2016 Hasbro DP পুতুল
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You'll notice that characters created around the same time as each other tend to share traits that are জনপ্রিয় at the time অথবা big with the artist/director/etc who works with them.

However, I'm not here to talk about personalities. Those have already been covered দ্বারা many interesting authors who explore the topics far আরো effectively than I could. What I want to talk about is common overarching themes I have noticed in each generation of princesses.

Classic Princesses

A common theme with the first three ডিজনি princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora) I think is maintaining hope and optimism...
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 The receiver
The receiver
I know this is kinda a weird countdown, but here ya go.

10. The Prince
I don't see him giving any wedgies at all. If anything, I think he'd be the one receiving them from everyone else.

9. Prince Charming
Just like with the Prince, I don't see Charming giving any wedgies. He might give the occasional wedgie, but only to the Prince.

8. Prince Phillip
This guy would give so many wedgies to the other two classic princes that it's not funny.

7. Shang
He doesn't always give wedgies, but when he does, আপনি better believe that it'll being excruciatingly painful.

6. Adam/Beast
Beginning-of-the-movie Beast...
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I was bored today, and really wanted to do something, so I decided to start a series of analyzing the DP Couples in depth (and later, the other ডিজনি Couples). আপনি can recommend me which couple to do পরবর্তি in the couples section. So here is how it is going to go. I will first explain my সামগ্রিক statement about the couples in a paragraph, and then I will analyze each scene to look at the inner and outer feelings of the characters individually an the couple itself.

First thoughts right after watching the Movie
Right after watching Pocahontas, I do not believe that Pocahontas and John Smith were...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
 What, someone's actually going to defend me?
What, someone's actually going to defend me?
People have been doing these kinds of প্রবন্ধ for their পছন্দ princesses lately, so I thought I’d do this for one of my পছন্দ characters from a DP movie. She is a character I feel is really underappreciated and gets a lot of unfair hate. আপনি can read some of the negative things people have to say about her on milky-way’s link. I really প্রণয় Nakoma and feel a desire to defend her.

First of all, I want to defend her against something I’ve seen ব্যক্ত about her (it wasn’t in that article, I’m not sure where it was, but I know I’ve seen it) that is just blatantly unfair and untrue....
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 Let's see who of these two that really is better
Let's see who of these two that really is better
I saw that KataraLover had written an প্রবন্ধ about Ariel and Merida and who of the two that was a better character, I decided to do the same, but with my two পছন্দ princesses Snow White and Aurora, but also because they're imo the two most similar princesses, but anyway here we go

They have a lot of things in common, they both প্রণয় animals, they have the same dream, they're both considerd beautiful দ্বারা people around them and they both had to be saved দ্বারা their princes

One of the biggest differences between them is that Aurora is pessimistic and Snow White is আরো optimistic,...
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Sorry it's long. I have a lot of beliefs about these three to respond to! May get preachy!

I really hate all the hate the old princesses get, especially Snow White. She has a lot আরো personality than she is প্রদত্ত credit for (more than many of the সাম্প্রতিক heroines have, too). she’s got a sassy sense of humor, she’s unbelievably emotionally strong despite the horrible abuse and near murder she went through twice (the victim blaming she and সিন্ড্রেলা get is rather disgusting and hypocritical), she never gave up hope about meeting her প্রণয় again, she didn’t need to run around chasing boys...
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Facts About Snow White
1.Snow White is the first ডিজনি Princess, being the main character of Disney's first animated feature film.

2.Snow White is one of the five ডিজনি Princesses to be of royal blood.

3.Snow White is the only Caucasian ডিজনি Princess to have brown eyes.

4.She is the first ডিজনি Princess to communicate with wildlife who can understand humans, the সেকেন্ড being সিন্ড্রেলা and the third being Aurora.

5.Snow White is the youngest Princess, being 14 years old.

6.In The Muppets at Walt ডিজনি World, Snow White was the ডিজনি character who had the biggest part in the story, besides...
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Snow White: Color: red; Symbol: আপেল ; Song: Someday my Prince will come; Prince: the Prince

Cinderella: Color: blue; Symbol: glass slipper; Song: So this is Love; Prince: Prince Charming

Sleeping Beauty/Aurora: Color: pink; Symbol: spinning wheel; Song: Once Upon a Dream; Prince: Prince Phillip

Ariel: Color: purple /aqua; Symbol: sea shell; Song: Part of Your World; Prince: Prince Eric

Belle: Color: yellow/gold; Symbol: rose; Song: Tale as Old as Time; Prince: Beast/Prince Adam

Jasmine: Color: aquamarine/lavender; Symbol: magic lamp; Song: A Whole New World; Prince: Aladdin

Pocahontas: Color: tan/orange;...
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Here are the results about positions 41-48 of the ডিজনি Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown, voted দ্বারা public.

48. Jasmine: Peacock Outfit (Disney Princess: এনচ্যান্টেড Tales – Follow Your Dreams)

I was a little surprised to see that people hate this outfit so much; it's true, the নকশা is horrible, but personally it's not my least পছন্দ dress. Well, as we know, জুঁই also very despises this outfit.
 Position #48 Jasmine's Peacock Outfit
Position #48 Jasmine's Peacock Outfit


THIS IS A LITERAL CRIME AGAINST FASHION! It's SO hideous! I would have chosen one...
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I'm on a heroine kick, the female, not the drug. After doing that প্রবন্ধ about Jane and Kida, I decided to make my own official line-up of ডিজনি Heriones and rank them while I'm at it. So this is sort of a তালিকা and sort of a plain article. Anyway, I kinda set afew rules for myself.
1.She has to be human, but even then the only big losses are Lady and Nala.
2.She can be any age.
3.She has to have some similarities to at least one of the official princesses.
4.Two can be from the same film.So let's get started.

Counterpart: Aurora-long blonde hair, actually a princess
I watched her...
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Last but not least, Rapunzel. Finally, I'm done. A honourable mention for Taylor Swift. People say she should play সিন্ড্রেলা but I say Rapunzel.

5.Kaley Cuoco
She looks like an older version of Rapunzel, at least in terms of facial features. Kaley can obviously do well with male co-stars and has that comedic edge to play the role.

4.Kristen Bell
A perfect example of an actress who did a great tv series but now does awful movies. Kristen is a very talent actress who can certainly bring life to Rapunzel.

3.Hayden Panettiere
An actress who seems to be eternally young. Hayden could...
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Okay, so here are the নায়িকা for Belle, it was pretty easy. Let's get started. This is the first তালিকা that doesn't have any "Teen Stars".

5.Leighton Meester
She probably looks the most like Belle out of all the actresses. The facial structure, the hair, everything is exact. So why is Leighton only #5? Well the পরবর্তি 4 নায়িকা have to proven to be much আরো talented and can do twice as good of a job.

4.Christy Carlson Romano
Some of আপনি may not know her অথবা just don't remember her. She played Ren on Even Stevens, voiced Kim on Kim Possible. And she actually played Belle on broadway,...
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I figured I'd make my তালিকা of my পছন্দ ডিজনি princess sequels since most people who make these just hate on them while I like them all. First of all I wanna say এনচ্যান্টেড Tales isn't a sequel. It's just a special for little girls the ages of 4-8. It's just something to teach girls lessons and is too short to be an actual movie. It's cute but nothing to be compared to the sequels. Please মতামত but keep in mind this is just my opinion, enjoy.

10.Pocahontas 2: Journey To A New World

Use to I hated this movie with a passhion but now I like it. It has some good songs, especially where...
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It took a long time to finally decide the full lineup of my পছন্দ চলচ্চিত্র because I just প্রণয় them so much! Well, here's the countdown of my পছন্দ Princess movies.

10. Pocahontas
I didn't see this movie as a child, so it never really connected to me. I saw it a few months পূর্বে and thought that it was quite boring and dull. It was a great movie of course, but could not compare to the other princess movies. The plot is not very exciting, and the climax of the movie when they were about to fight, really didn't get me emotional অথবা excited. The ending was one of my পছন্দ though. That was...
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