This is your opinion about whatever, আপনি will snog, marry, avoid the ডিজনি Villain অথবা not?

*1. আপনি will snog অথবা চুম্বন the Character, who আপনি like the most.
*2. আপনি will marry to the Character, who আপনি প্রণয় the most.
*3. আপনি will avoid the Character, who আপনি dislike the most.


*I will Snog and Marry Captain James Hook from Peter Pan, Because He is Evil, but Charismatic, Hilarious, Persuasive and Suave British Pirate Captain.

*I will Avoid The কুইন Of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland, Because She is very Irrational and Unreasonable Jerk, Who always shouts "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"